dil ne tujhko hi chayya pt 1


Hey guys its zoya here! Some of you might be reading my other fanfiction khatti meethi love story but I decided to make one only on the show swaragini. I hope you will enjoy it and I will disclose the pairs soon it will be suspense until then but please enjoy

Laksh: a very handsome boy with some attitude…he likes every new thing he likes perfection…he likes bold, classy, and fashionable girls but with a soft heart…he has attitude but he is very loving from the inside
Sanskar: a very cute and innocent and shy boy who has just returned from New York after studies…he is mature but very innocent. He just wants simplicity and family…he wants a simple sweet girl just like him in his life…
Sanskar and laksh are brothers (same as serial)
Swara: a very stylish bold but very caring and loving
Ragini: personality is very sweet and innocent and cute and shy….she never thinks about herself
Swaragini live in Lucknow with Shekar, sharmista, dadi, dada, and dida. They are living happily…ragini’s mother is dead and ragini lived 19 years without a mother’s love as swara lived without her papa for 19 years. Swaragini then got to know that their parents remarried so now they are living with their maa and papa and are very happy. Like I said ragini is shy so she doesn’t tell anyone what she wants but she is still happy. Ragini always tells swara everything so she knows almost everything about ragini. They always share secrets with each other which makes their bond stronger.

@early morning
All the family members are trying to wake up laksh because today is the day his elder brother is coming from New York after studying. Laksh is very excited but he is also very lazy in every work.
Laksh: his eyes are still closed while he is walking out of his room and says “mom look I’m awake now come let’s go get my brother” but he couldn’t complete saying what he wanted to because of the noise. He then opened his eyes and says all the family members are working everything very fast.
Sujatha: kaka I told you to do one thing and you still couldn’t do it right. You know na that my son likes the color red then why did you put these white flowers. Take them off and decorate the house with my son’s favorite color red.
Uttara: oho maa everything will be done. Don’t take tension and look from here to all the other places it is red.
Ap: oho Uttara today don’t say anything to sujatha. You don’t know when a mom’s son is in front of her eyes then there is no limit to happiness. Now look after so many years sanskar is coming and this time forever. So today for him we all will together make this day memorable and unforgetful for him because he is this house’s elder son but for this we need laksh present and it is important for laksh to be here.
Dp: ap you didn’t wake him up yet
Ap: I’ve been trying for so long to wake him up. You don’t get angry, he is also very happy but I think he got a little late. I’ll just go and check
Dp: not after a while ap you know na that your love and affection towards him has spoiled him. Go wake up your prince and tell him we have to go get sanskar or you know na if he doesn’t go himself to pick up sanskar then he will put the blame on us and say we lacked to wake him up.
Laksh thinking: arrey yaar when will I mend my ways. Okay this time bhai is coming na so he will wake me up every day. I cannot tolerate this family’s talkies anymore. Now that I have woken up late then I also sleep at 3 in the night but no my family doesn’t even see this difference. They only know how to pass on taunts. (Back to reality and shouts) maa tell dad that I am awake and I am getting ready and I will go to pick up bhai only. You serve breakfast I will just come.
He gets ready very quick and then leaves to pick up sanskar at the airport
The big door opens and sanlak enter the house. Sujatha is crying and sanskar runs and hugs sujatha and then all the family members. Everyone is so happy. The day finally came to an end where the whole day sanskar only spent time with each family member and had a great time!

Sanskar is reading a book when laksh came in a t-shirt and jeans…both look very happy and sanskar knew right then that laksh had come there to spend some quality brother time.
Sanskar: finally my little brother came to meet me. I knew that the whole day you were hiding from me then you would definitely come to see me
Laksh: arrey my big brother m…
Sanskar: quiet…look laksh I’ve told you many times that either call me sanskar or bhai not big brother. I came here so I only want to stay in India. Not there where I get the feel of New York. I am troubled by that thank god I’m finally back at my own home forever.
Laksh: arrey arrey my senti bhai don’t say like that and then he hugs him with tears of happiness…sanskar is also happy and has tears in his eyes while hugging still laksh says bhai I missed you a lot. Why do you keep going away? You know na that besides you no one else understands me here. My stubbornness and my likes are all known by you. You know na that today for you I myself woke up early for you. You won’t go away this time na
Sanskar still hugging: so what do you think? I go by my wish away from you? You don’t know laksh how my condition is after going to such a place where I don’t have anyone of my own there. There is always this emptiness feeling within our self. Is it necessary to tell you how much I must have missed you when I was away from you?
Laksh: no bhai, I know that no one knows me better then you. I just got scared that now you will not leave me again na.
The hug breaks and laksh says okay now promise me that you will not go anywhere leaving me.
Sanskar: I promise
Laksh: so let’s have some talk. You sit and I’ll go bring some coffee

@the gallery in sanskar’s room
Laksh and sanskar are smiling and talking
Laksh: okay bhai leave all this talk and all. I’m going to sleep you take rest.
Sanskar: why are you saying like this? You don’t sleep early na then why today? Are you not in the mood to talk?
Laksh: bhai it’s not like that. You know na what day it is tomorrow so I don’t want to be the reason to ruin your day tomorrow.
Sanskar: arrey what is there in tomorrow’s day? I didn’t understand laksh?
Laksh: WHAT!!! Are you serious? You don’t know what day is it tomorrow?
Sanskar is now getting irritated says what do I not know? Say clearly na
Laksh: oh my god tomorrow
But sujatha enters and interrupts the conversation
Sujatha: I’ll tell you…then ap, dp, and rp also enter the room
Dp: sanskar beta I need to talk to you about something
Sanskar: yes bade papa come in you don’t need to ask me ever to talk about something. Just talk to me about it
Ap: so beta without wasting any time I want you to get married as soon as possible
Sanskar gets shocked and laksh is just staring at him seeing his reaction
Sujatha: yes sanskar beta. Look you know na what happened to you before but ap interrupts and says sujatha…you too na
Ap: sanskar beta it’s not about the past but it’s just that everyone knows that I did bad with you. First I sent you away for studies and then I again sent you away for business. We all know that I am at fault here but sanskar interrupts and says
Sanskar: arrey no bade maa. What are you saying?
Ap: no beta let me speak today. We three have come here to ask for your forgiveness for all that we did. We sent you away so you can become a good person and learn what all is happening in this world. 8 years living away from us all is not so easy. Everyone including me have snatched your childhood from you. (Everyone has tears in their eyes) I have also been unfair to you knowing and unknowingly. I didn’t give you the love you deserved that all kids deserve and all family deserves. Sanskar beta you have seen a lot in this life of yours and you have been through the phase too but now you are with us all.
Sujatha: yes sanskar. Look this is all for you. This time we have found such a girl for you who is just like you. All her habits and everything are the exact same as you. She will keep you very happy.

Sanskar is just listening to everyone, his expressions are kind of like a deep ocean because somehow all the things are true and it reflects on all that they are saying.
Sujatha: look son we all want the wellbeing of you. We all want you to get married this time and settle down. Also it’s your age to get married too. You know na that we all love you in this family.
Dp: sanskar beta we will not force you. If you want to take time then take it but you know na that whatever we will do will be for your wellbeing and sanskar looks at dp
Sanskar: bade papa don’t say like that. I know that you all love me very much and I know you all sent me away from you all for me. If you are saying I should get married then I am ready. Wherever you want to take me I’m ready but this time I don’t want anything to go wrong. The way I am, the way I dress I will go as myself and I don’t want any modern girl not this time. If again any girl leaves me on my engagement then you will never force me to get married.
Dp: okay beta I understand but this time the diamond I have chosen for you will be proven more than a diamond to you.
Sanskar: okay papa I will be ready in the morning. Where will I have to go?
Ap: oh yes beta this I forgot to tell you. We need to go to Lucknow tomorrow morning. The girl we have chosen for you stays there. Actually the thing is that we met her here a few days back. She is very beautiful. Sanskar I think she came here with her maa and papa for some sangeet show and she won it. Her voice just made me speechless. None of us here want that girl to be someone else’s wife except for our sanskar. So we are going also we already became friends with her maa. She is also a very generous person so we talked to her and we are going there tomorrow.
Sanskar: okay maa, bade papa, and bade maa I will only do what you all wish also something like a shaadi is what elders have to decide on. I am ready
Dp with a smile says okay beta and holds sanskars shoulders and says I know that what I will tell my sanskar he will obey me. I am proud on my kids and my upbringing. Sanskar and laksh both hug dp. Everyone then goes and sanskar and laksh talk

Laksh: bhai your heart is really very big. How did you agree and today what maa said she said right. Everyone did badly with you. Bhai why did you separate from all of us? Only for us you were ready to take up the business. Quietly you obeyed to everything they said. Bhai if I were in your place I would’ve definitely thought about my wish first.
Sanskar: laksh it’s not like that. I had to go to learn. It was important and only for myself I was sent away. I love my family members a lot and about my previous engagement being broken I don’t feel any regret about it because panchi left me I didn’t leave her. I have always lived up to my promise as long as I was connected to it. Besides she loved someone else. She didn’t leave because of me nor of any of my mistakes. So I have no regret for it and I don’t care about it anymore. Let the world say whatever but I’m happy and as of now then maa and papa has said that they have selected a nice girl for me so she is probably a good girl and I will eventually like her too.
Laksh now in a better mood says arrey wahhh bhai abhi ladki ka naam na sunna aur laddo bhi phootney laggy achi hogi and all hmmm arrey ghar waly toh kuch bhi bolte hain kya patta aachi na hui moti si baddi si kali si hui toh? (Wow bhai you didn’t even hear the girls name and your wings came out. She’s good and all hmmm. The family members say anything. Who knows she is not good looking at all but is fat, big, and dark then what?)

Sanskar: um actually um I was just and then he looks at laksh and he sees his naughty smile and then understood he is pulling his leg and says yes laksh if this happens then I will tell everyone that we should get her married to laksh. Everyone will listen to me and won’t be able to say no to me right
Laksh gets shocked and in an angry way says chi bhai I will say right away mujhe iss moti se shaadi nahi karni (eww I don’t want to marry this moti) and then run away
Both laugh and then hug

@night in the bedroom of swaragini
Swaragini are sitting on the bed
Swara: di are you ready for a shaadi like big decision? You know na that this isn’t some normal thing. You will go away from me. Those people are manali living people. Over there is really cold. You will not find the weather there like here. (She is actually scared of losing her sister.)
Ragini: swara I know that shaadi isn’t a small thing but if maa and papa have thought about my marriage then it’s okay besides my shaadi isn’t confirmed yet. I’m going to see them tomorrow and you do this come with me without no doubts in your mind and if you like him then only I will say yes.

@the morning
Ragini is dancing in the lawn and no one is awake yet. She is looking very pretty in her simple outfit (like the one in this serial) with a chotti. She is dancing very well on her song of hers. Then she comes inside home and gets ready and takes a bath she also finished aarti. Everyone is now awake except for swara.
Dida: ragini go wake up swara she is still not awake and today is a very big day.
Sharmishtha: yes ragini and today she should do all the work but she is still sleeping. You go wake her up and you take rest. Right now its puja and they might be here any moment.
Ragini feels shy and says okay maa I’ll just go

@swaragini’s room
Sharmista enters because ragini is washing some clothes
Sharmistha: swara, arrey my shomi aaj tu uth ja dekh teri behen aaj se shayad kisi aur ki ghar ki rani banney wali hai (hey my shomi wake up today it seems like your sister will be someone else’s house princess)
Swara is still sleeping and says hmmm haan maa meri behen pani bharney wali hai (yes maa my sister will fill up water)
Sharmistha can barely control her laugh and says arrey shomi wake up na just look it’s such a big day for your sister and we have to get lots of stuff can you just wake up and go get them please shomi
Swara is now awakened says okay maa I’ll just go but why didn’t you wake me up anyways from now on I will wake up on time and why am I sitting here still I’ll just go you just give me the list in my hand arrey give it na and says hmmm okay we need this I’ll just go and be back with it. You go I’ll come

@a Mumbai road in a car
There are four cars the maheswari’s came in but they are finding the godadia house. Laksh, aadarsh, and sanskar are in the same car.
Laksh: ehem ehem aadarsh chachu look someone’s cheeks are looking red
Sanskar looks at him angrily and says nothing like that chachu
Aadarsh: oh really sanskar when did I say you are blushing and feeling shy. Here your cheeks are getting red but we’re only talking about it
Sanskar feels really shy and uncomfortable at this and then says okay fine let’s just continue looking for their home. We’re just roaming on the road
Laksh and aadarsh at the same time say ohoooo someone can’t wait huh but they are actually still looking for the house. They stop their car and get out. Laksh and sanskar come out first and suddenly sanskar’s hand touches a girl’s arm unknowingly. This girl is going somewhere with her friend but then stops and is none other than swara.
Sanskar: I’m sorry for that actually I didn’t do it on purpose but
Swara interrupts and says but what huh?? I know very well about you guys. You didn’t even see the girl and came to give it a try. At least look at your face. You just came and are talking pattar pattar English (fluent English very fast) are you some big landlord from America, Paris, or New York?
Her friend Harsha says leave it na he was getting out of his car it probably hit by mistake also he only touched with one hand and is also apologizing na don’t get on him too much. Look whoever you are I am saying sorry on behalf of her. She just says whatever. (looking towards swara)
Sanskar: yeah it was just a mistake I said sorry na
Swara: okay okay its fine don’t be too innocent
Laksh is listening to the whole conversation and is really enjoying the sharp and fast replies the girl is giving
Harsha: yeah now let’s go
They go outside

Harsha: arrey you too na I don’t know how you start. poor man and did you see his face you just started talking and said at least look at your face if you saw his face then you would see how handsome he looked and when you said that to him you know how embarrassed I was. He was better looking than you. You don’t even think or even look
Swara: okay enough now okay and I didn’t even say much that could make him cry. It was his fault even by accident but he still touched me and lets agree he was cute so what do I do did you see his attitude. He was showing his sorry as if he was from America
Harsha: arrey just think what if he is from America? He looked like a white person to me. There are possibilities na
Swara: yeah I know na now stop paying attention to him and come home with me and focus more on ragini

@the main hall of the godadia house
All the maheswari’s are at the door. They entered the house and heard a very beautiful voice and all were mesmerized because the puja person’s voice is really beautiful. Ragini is singing
She completes her puja and all the maheswari’s are desperately waiting to look at the face whose voice and all mesmerizes them all. She is now giving aarti to everyone and she is wearing a dupatta on her head so everyone including sanskar is trying to see her but no use. Suddenly her dupatta slips due to air, she turns her head to look at the door and she gets shocked and on the other side the maheswari’s are amazed to see the beautiful ragini

Precap: ragsan engagement function

Guys just by looking at the precap and my story doesn’t mean that this is a ragsan raglak swasan or swalak fanfiction. I have the pairs and I will disclose the pairs soon. I just hope you guys don’t care much about the couples and just enjoy my story. I know this is way too much about family and there weren’t that many Jodi scenes but it was important I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again please tell me how the first part was?? I hope you all enjoyed it

Credit to: zoya

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