Dil Mil Gayye (Introduction)

The story revolves around 3 main characters.

Armaan Malik

Age 24, rude and arrogant.. only cares for himself, for him the other people never exists in the world except for his twin, Sidhant Malik, whom he loves unconditionally. A man who owns most of the hotel’s of Europe and Asia. Loves to work and can do anything to get sucess😎. A Devil for the one’s who make mistakes.

Ridhima Gupta

Beauty with brains, age 20.. loves to dance and sing. Innocent and pure hearted. Loves everyone around and  cares either for known or unknown, but once hurt you can never get her back to her own self. Believes in true love and is waiting for her prince charming.

Sidhant Malik

Twin of Armaan Malik, total opposite of him. Loves to joke around and a funny person. Kind hearted, save people from his brother’s anger. A singer by profession, hates to work much and loves to live his life. One thing common between the brother’s is love for each other.

Scene 1

A man is shown sitting on the chair sitting in front of a projector.
Ridhima’s pictures are being played on the screen.

A smile is playing on his lips.

‘You are my obsession. I will make you mine. You are mine and only mine.’ Thought the man.

Scene 2

Another man was standing in the garden hiding behind the bushes and seeing Ridhima standing and chatting with her friends, laughing and smiling.

A smile crept on his lips and his heart started to flutter.

‘I love you. Only you. I just wish someday I will be able to say this to you and you will take it positively.’ Thinking this he sighed and again started to admire her.

Anyone liking this??

Should I continue?

Even I dont know which is the final couple, we will see as the story proceeds but maybe you will get both the couples somehow😉.

My first ever love triangle😅😅. This is the toughest task for me. Please do support if you are reading and liking this. I am hell nervous before starting this. I will try to wrap up in the minimum possible episodes😅.

Do suggest a name for the fiction too.
The best name will be chosen..

Thank you

Love you all❤


  1. Dia


    |Registered Member

    i like it……its nice….though i would love it if u also show anjali, atul, sapna, rahul n muskaan….cz i love their bond……but its ur wish….i will love it in either way…..lots of love

  2. Ayesha22


    |Registered Member

    please please please do continue it and please AR are meant for each other so please keep them as the final couple,please please please.do continue soon.

  3. SidMin23


    |Registered Member

    It beautiful Intro hope it end up in sidhant and Ridhima even in show they separated them but hope in your ff u will make sidma at end not with arman

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.