Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Summary (English)

A summary in english..!!

Hello guys, this is not the next update..!! This is just a try to rectify my mistake, i had been doing unknowingly..!! Through my reader Shara, i got to know that after chapter 6, i started writing more hindi dialogues and lost the charm..!! I got to know many of the readers would have left as they didn’t knew hindi..!! I’m really sorry sorry guys for doing this blunder, i should have given subtitles in english..!! But now, time to rectify the mistake. Chapter 7 to 18 are a problem i know, so here you go with a short summary of each chapter, so you catch up with it again..!! I will avoid using hindi dialogues from now, and if i use, i will give subtitles..!!

Hope, #Shara you are reading this, and a big big big thank you for making me realise my mistake.

Chapter 7:-

As the truck had hit Sanskar, he was being taken towards the operation theatre..swara was equally shattered, she could not save him. On the other hand, only one thing was revolving in her mind that who could do this..?!

Soon, sanskar was declared fine by the doctor and everyone went to meet him when he woke up except Swara, she was in a deep guilt as she thought she could not save him, everything happened in front of her eyes.

Sanskar called Swara in and she let her heart out. She cried seeing his condition and sanskar pacified her and assured her that there was no mistake of hers.

From the next day, the fun had begun again..!! Sanskar was getting bored in the hospital had Swara had called a special doctor for his treatment..!! Actually, he was a comedian..they had a galla time and swara had also prepared a cake in the celebration of Sanskar’s wellness. The fun had begun!

Soon, he was discharged..

Swara had realised her love for Sanskar that day..!! Seeing him in a pool of blood was impossible for her..!! He had become her life..!!

Chapter 8:-

Swara’s numerous attempts to catch the culprit were going in waste..even the police was unable to trace him1her..!!

It had been a few weeks from the incident and SwaSan’s bond had only increased. Swara had planned to propose him soon..!!

That day, the all four, had planned to go to a movie..!! They had fun there, putting popcorn buckets on each others head??!!

Then they went to a pani puri stall..there swara tripped and sanskar caught her..!! Both were just lost..!! Then they had ice cream..

Swara called Sanskar to a beach where she had prepared everything. She told him her feelings..and confessed her love.

Chapter 9:-

Sanskar was shocked by her proposal and denied her saying that he never believed in love leaving Swara in tears..!! He broke their friendship too and left from there.

Swara cried miserably cursing her fate..!! Both were equally sad.

From the next day, they were not sitting together. Sanskar was missing Swara a lot..in this span of time, Sahil, SwaSan’s classmate increased his friendship with Swara. He always admired her and wanted her to be his.

Sanskar burnt in jealousy seeing them together and missed Swara like hell. He felt pain, anger, jealousy and what not.

It was revealed that Sahil is addicted to Swara, and can do anything to get her. He burnt Sanskar’s photo and laughed evilly.

After a few days, he proposed Swara and swara was just numb. Sanskar was equally hurt.

Chapter 10:-

Swara accepted the proposal thinking he truly loves her and will keep her happy. Sanskar felt that someone stabbed his heart. Swara was with Sahil physically with Sahil but her mind was left with Sanskar.

Sanskar was deeply hurt and started imaging himself at Sahil’s place. He decided to talk to her.

That day in the locker room, he told her to leave him and she bursted out her anger. She was deeply hurt as he had made fun of her love. He didn’t value it.

Swara didn’t allow Sahil to touch her as his touch made her feel uncomfortable.

He thought of a plan and went to his dad.

Chapter 11:-

Mr.Gupta, Sahil’s father had arrived in the gadodia mansion for Swara’s alliance. Swara was deeply shocked by this and her heart broke into pieces.

Mr. Gupta told Shekhar that both love eachother andshould get married. Swara said she is not ready for all this. She can’t marry now.

So, the engagement was decided soon and marriage after the college. Swara was all pale and she had no energy left.

Swara shouted on Sahil the next day in the college for sending the alliance. But he was least bothered.

He announced their engagement in the canteen and it was when he realised his love. Sanskar could not see her marrying someone else. He decided that he would get her back.

Pari got to know about Sanskar being in love with Swara, and supported his decision. The engagement was on the next day and he had decided to get her back at any cost the next day.

Samskar sang a song for Swara on the engagement and confessed his love while tears were flowing down her eyes. He apogised for his mistake.

She slapped him hard.

Chapter 12:-

All the guest was sent outside.

Swara slapped him two times more and let her pain out. She told him that she is going to marry him and he can’t stop her stop her. It was when there first kiss happened has Sanskar was going to go and Swara pulled him and kissed him..!!

How can she let him go..!!

Sanskar apologize for what he did and Swara forgived him. It was the starting of the new journey. Sahil’s family was equally Angry but Shekhar convinced them.

Sahil West Swara and Sanskar to be always happy and left.

The whole family was equally happy for the reunion and had no problem in their relationship..!!

At night Swara and Sanskar were talking on the phone and Sanskar had arrived on her home and they had their own midnight Romance..!! It was when they had kissed again and enjoying the magic both created on each other..!!


It was the day from which date love life had begun. The day Sanskar was hallucinating Swara everywhere and had went to a doctor??. The doctor told him that he was suffering only from love not from any major disease so he had no reason to be worried ??

He told Swara to get ready as they were going on a date. He picked her up in his car and went to the first place they were going to visit, it was the beach where Sanskar had rejected and he had planned that they will begin begin their relationship from here only..!! Swara was in tears by looking at his love and they enjoyed their spending quality time there.

Then we had gone for a Jet Ski ride enjoying it to the core. The next destination was the Hilltop and the Echo was the most attracting point there. They enjoyed a lot there and had their third kiss??.

On the way back home it started to rain heavily and the road was blocked. Sanskar went out and started enjoying in the rain and Swara went behind him. Both had their own romance in the rain feeling Each Other once again.

Each Other’s touch was magic for them.

It had its own excitement..!!

Chapter 14:-

Both were standing outside Swara’s house and Sanskar didn’t wanted to leave her. But soon she went and he went to his home.

Next day, in the college piya and Ajay head caught them romancing in the classroom..!! They told them that they both were together now and the problems had ended.

There was a leap of 6 months to their relationship which had only grown in these months.

They came to Sanskar soon as their family had called them there and was shocked to see preparations going on. It was revealed that they were going to get married in the next 5 days and the engagement was the next day.

Swara blushed hearing this and Sanskar was extremely happy..!!Finally, there love was going to get accomlished.

Chapter 15:-

Swara and Sanskar both were equally happy as they were going to be one. Sujata had reflected Sanskar to meet Swara. He had last chance to meet her this afternoon.

They went to a restaurant and had their had their restaurant and had their had their lunch. Awaited spilt Juice on Swara and both Sanskar and Swara had to go to the 5th floor to clean it as the room was free there. The lift stopped in between and it was when there elevator Romance started??.

There engagement was fulfilled with great enthusiasm and fun.

Sarkar was trying numerous ways to reach Swara and finally he reached her home and they had their own time there..!!

Chapter 16:-

Sujata had allowed Sanskar to meet Swara and he went her home..!! We went for a day out again as it was the last day as girlfriend and boyfriend..!!

They went for paragliding as it was the dream of Swara..!! Swara thanked Sanskar numerous times for this gift and they enjoyed a lot throughout the journey..!!

They went back towards the car and again their Romance started..!!

Sanskar had went for a bachelor party that night and Swara had caught him..!! But she didn’t shout on him as she said she trusts him to the core..!!

Both for inseparable now..!!

Chapter 17:-

All the rituals of the marriage had started and Mehndi was already done..!! The sangeet was also not less, full of fun and mischief..!!

That night Sanskar and Swara were on the terrace and he was trying to find his name on Swara’s hand..!!

Another Romance session was on the way..!!

The next day, that is the marriage day had begun.
!! Haldi was celebrated with great enthusiasm and now it was time for the wedding..!!

Both were a lot happy as they were going to be together forever..!! Swara saw a man entering in the hall and pointing the gun towards Sanskaar and she was terrified..!!

Chapter 18:-

Swara Sanskar Fullerton she was not lying in a pool of blood, the man was revealed to be Sahil and was taken to the police station immediately. Where was taken to the hospital and she was critical for the next 24 hours.

All were equally shattered and nobody could control themselves..!!

The most worst condition was of Sanskar..!! He could not see his life lying in such a Condition..!!

He was broken totally and hope was keeping himself together..!!

The next day doctor had told them that Swara had slipped into coma..!!


So, its done..!! I’m really sorry guys for my mistake..!! #Shara thank you so much..!!

Thank you..!!

Stay tuned..!!

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