Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 8

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Part 8

After a few days:

Swara was trying to find the culprit behind the accident but she could not anything accept failure..!! But she had not gave up, infact now her determination increased more to protect sanskar..

At the police station:

“What the hell inspector..!! From so many days you are saying me the same thing, this is not done!!” Swara shouted as the inspector denied about any progress in finding out the culprit..!!

Inspector: Miss Swara please be calm..we are trying our best level to find the man behind this..!!

Swara came out of the police station and sighed in frustration..she was full irritated..she wanted to protect Sanskar at any cost and here, everything was ruining. He was her breath and she can’t lose him.

But one thing was good, sanskar had recovered and now she could propose him..!! She was very very nervous and wanted it to be the best..!! Afterall, how could she let it be a dumb proposal..

Excitement has it’s own fun..!!

At the college:

Swara is head over heels in love with Sanskar..!! He has just occupied her mind..Swara was not concentrating on the class but on sanskar more..sanskar turned towards her and saw her lost and shaked her..!!

Swara : Haa..haa kya hua ..??

Sanskar: Where are you lost..??!

Swara:(murmurs) In you..!!(aloud) Nowhere..

“You are impossible..!!” Sanskar murmured shaking his head..yes, she was just impossible..

At the canteen:

After the class, all were sitting in the canteen chit chatting..piya notices some strange behaviour in swara and decided to talk to her alone after the college..!!

“Ahhh..!!” Sanskar said holding his head which still had a band aid..”What happened Sanskar..??! Is it hurting..??..i told you not to take much stress..!!” Said swara worried..she was not at all in her senses when she saw Sanskar like this..!! Piya, Sanskar and Ajay was looking at her confused.!!

“I’m fine Swara..don’t take this much stress or your head will blast instead of mine..!!??” Sanskar said giving hifi to ajay..

Swara was throwing daggers at him at it looked like she would kill him by her gaze..!!

“So swara leave all this, how about bunking the next class..??”pia asked swara raising her eye brows..!!

“Let’s do it..!!” Said ajay being over excited..??” ya ya ok..don’t stare me like this..” said ajay..

“Ok done, so we would be bunking the next class and would be going for a movie..!!”said sanskar, getting up from the chair..

“Ok done..!!” Said everyone in unison and taking their bags..

After an hour:

All four were standing in front of the PVR. A fight was going on for which movie to watch..!!

“No no horror only..!!” Said sanskar on which swara gulped..her only fear was horror movies..he was taking advantage??

“Nhi nhi kuch aur..!!”swara said being afraid and sanskar chuckled hearing her..

After five minutes the decision was done..!! The would watch anushka sharma starrer phillauri..

In the cinema:

Piya, swara, sanskar, ajay..this was the seating plan..!!

Piya had just forgot that she had to talk to swara..lazy bones??

The movie had begun and everyone was engrossed in the movie holding their popcorn bucket in hands..!!

The climax was going on..swara was so much involved in the movie that she did not know when piya hit her on her back..”Ahhhh…mummy mummy bhooooot…!!!” Swara shouted being fully afraid..!!

Ajay was laughing uncontrollably holding his stomach and piya also joined him..!! Swara saw in the direction why they were laughing and she too started..!!

“Ha ha..sanskar..oh no..sorry sorry..this..!!” Swara said looking at him..

“Yaar teri toh faltu mein lag gyi..!!” Ajay said holding his stomach..!!

When swara shouted..the popcorn bucket landed on sanskar’s head ?? and the popcorns on his lap..his face could not be seen and his face was in the direction of swara..!!

When swara removed the bucket, sanskar was eating one of the popcorns..!! “I thought why to waste them..!!” Sanskar said and started eating popcorns picking up from his lap..!!

The trio again started laughing and sanskar also joined them..!!

The fun continued but would it last for long..?!

In the car:

“So where to go now..??!” Swara asked making all of them to go into deep confusion..!!??

“Let’s go to eat ice cream..!!” Piya said excited!!

“Girls and their ice cream cravings..!!” Sanskar and Ajay said in unison..

Swara and Piya were glaring them and they gulped that they will again start their scolding session..!!

“Let’s go for pani puri..!!” Swara said changing the topic as sanskar and ajay sighed in relief..!!??

“Yes yes..good idea!!” Sanskar said smiling..!!

Pani puri stall:

Sanskar was looking angrily at Swara..”Will not leave you this time..!!” Said sanskar and started running behind Swara..!!

Matargashti Khuli Sadak Mein
Tagdi Tadak Bhadak Mein
Aule Girre Sulagte Se
Sulagte Se Sadak Mein
Chatri Na Thi Bagal Mein

Both were running around the whole stall while piya and ajay were seeing the tamasha show..!!

Aaya Hi Na Akal Mein
Ke Bhaage Hum Ya Bheege Hum
Akkad Mein Toh Socha Phir

Actually, piya and swara were fighting over some seen in the movie but swara had lost her patience and threw the puchka which was in her hand on piya..!!

Geela Hua Hain Jo Sukhana Ho Ho Ho..
Chahe Janana Ya Mardana Ho Ho Ho..

Piya moved aside and what!! Sanskar was standing behind piya and SMASH!! Raita phael gya pura..!!

Phenka Naya Paasa
Phir De Gayi Jhaansa
Ainveyi Mujhe Phaansa
Teri Aisi Ki Ho Taisi Zindagi

Now they were running…

“I am sorry na..it was by mistake..!!” Swara said pleading..!!

Sanskar(mocking):Acha acha i know very much..!!

He caught hold of her pulled her towards himself..swara wanted to drown in those brown eyes..!! Both were just lost in each other and his hands were on her waist..!!Sanskar was a way more happy with her and he had never thought she would create a such impact on him!!

She was feeling the whole zoo in her stomach, as the person she loved was so close to her..!! Both were brought back in the world by the vendor owner??

“Bhaiya ji puchka..??!??” Said the vendor owner and they were back in reality..!! They avoided eye contact..

Ajay and piya knew something was cooking up!!

Again in the car:

“So what to do next..??!” Swara said excited..??!

“Let me clean my shirt first then we will see..!!” Sanskar said angrily looking at Swara as she cut her tongue and giggled..!!

“Ice cream ke liye chalte hai na..!!” Piya said fakely crying!!

“Bas ker yaar..!! Jab dekho ice cream ice cream ice cream..!! Tum..”ajay was interrupted as Sanskar playfully slapped him..!!??

“Have you gone mad..??!” Ajay asked spitting the water he wad drinking and keeping his hand on his cheek..

“We are going for ice cream and that’s final..!!” Sanskar said glaring ajay..he knew if you would not have stopped him, piya and swara would have eaten them alive only..!!??

Tum log pagal ho chuke ho pure!!” Piya said looking at ajay’s red cheek??

“Jo bhi kehlo..!!” Ajay said laughing..!!

Everyone was in mood now..!!

At the ice cream parlour:

Everyone was eating their own ice creams or rather you can say putting on each other’s faces!!

“Haha..look at you Sanskar!! Looking like a panda??..!!”swara said laughing as she put some ice cream on sanskar’s nose!!

“Now you look like a ostritch..!!” Sanskar said smirking, as he had put icecream on her head, nose and cheeks..!! What left??

They had fun their and went to their homes!! Now swara was planning to do something serious and important for her life!!

At the beach:

“You did all the preparations..?? Ok, ya ya..done..!!” Swara said on the call before disconnecting it..Yes..!! Today she was going to propose sanskar and she wanted it to be the best..!!

She was damn happy along with being nervous but she had to do this before its too late.

She had decorated the whole place with red and white balloons and clothes..and a table was set in the middle for a candle light dinner..a big heart was in one corner..!!

She herself was looking no less, wearing a red gown looking breath taking beautiful. She thought it was the best place for the proposal..the beach. The sound of the waves and the cool breeze flowing makes the environment more romantic. There was no one else. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes. Nothing can be better than this. Nothing.

After a few minutes she called sanskar..

Swara (happily): Hey sanskar..

Sanskar: Ya swara..

Swara: Please come to the beach, i want to tell you something.

Sanskar: But why there..?? Tell here only na..

Swara: Nhi na..come na please..

Sanskar: Ok coming!

Swara disconnected the call and went towards the entrance. Sanskar was there in no minutes and was spellbound seeing swara. She was looking absolutely gorgeous swara felt little shy due to his gaze on her..she went near him and covered his eyes with a cloth..

“Arrey swara..where are you taking me..?? Tell me na..” sanskar said confused..

“Wait na..you ask so many questions..”swara said..

Swara and Sanskar reached there and swara uncovered his eyes..he opened his eyes and was shocked to see the decorations..but he loved it..!!

Sanskar: What’s this swara..?

Swara:(keeping her finger on his mouth)Shhh ..how much you talk..?? Let me speak today. Umm..from where should i start..?? Let’s start from the begining. You know sanskar, when i met you first time, i thought you are so arrogant,so rude and you can never be anyone’s friend.(Sanskar glares her)Ok ok, stop giving me these looks.But you became​ my friend. In fact, bestest of friends. I didn’t knew when you became my first priority. That day seeing you in a pool of blood was like someone stabbed my heart. (Sanskar wiped her tears) (Swara goes on her knees) You have became my life sanskar, I can’t live without you. I can’t imagine a single minute without you..yes sanskar..I LOVE YOU..!! You are my everything, my heart beats for you. My identity is nothing without you. I don’t know when you became my life, without whom i’m nothing. (She forwarded her hand) I LOVE YOU TILL ETERNITY and will always love you. Will you be my soulmate for the rest of my life..??

To be continued!!

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