Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 7

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Part 7

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Sanskar was lying on the stretcher and was being taken towards the operation theater..swara was holding his hand and was crying continuously…!! He was a fine a minute ago and what happened to him!!

“Nothing will happen to you Sanskar..!! I am here with you..get up na..!!” Swara said to sanskar cryingly…

He was taken to the operation theatre and his hand left swara’s..swara sat on the chair outside the OT and thought how her life changed in a moment..her best friend, her sanskar was lying unconscious in the OT..she was standing right in the front but she could not even save him..she covered her face with her palms and cried her heart out..!! “But who could do this..??” Swara said to herself..her trance was broken by a tap on her shoulder..

It was her mom, shomi..she hugged her and cried uncontrollably..”mom, san..sanskar..mom..vo accident..!!”swara said crying and shomi hugged her again..”Shh..shona..you have to be strong for sanskar..how can you be so weak ha..??(wiping her tears away) Come on, nothing will happen to him..will he be happy to see you like this..??! Wipe your tears..!!” Shomi said to swara in a very caring voice..!!

Till now the whole gadodia and maheshwari family had reached there as swara had informed them..ap was crying uncontrollably and adarsh and pari were standing in a corner with tears in their eyes…

” My sanskar will get alright na..?? Bolo na..” ap said to dp crying..”yes he would be perfectly fine..” assured dp..inside he was also worried..

Soon, the doctor came out and swara rushed to him..the whole family was just behind her..

“Doctor..doctor..how is sanskar ha? He is fine na..why are you not speaking anything..how is he..??” Swara said panicking without letting the doctor speak..pari came forward and hugged swara…”swara be calm..let the doctor speak..(to the doctor) How is sanskar doctor?” Pari asked..

“He is fine and out of danger now..you can meet him after we shift him in the normal ward..” saying this the doctor left..everybody sighed in relief..swara was damn happy now as sanskar was fine..!! She got her breath back..!!

Soon everybody went to meet sanskar..but he was still unconscious..gadodia family was standing outside the room and the maheshwari family was inside..soon everybody except ap came out..

“Swara, come on see sanskar once..” pari said teary eyed to Swara..

Swara: But i can’t di..after whatever happened i can’t face him ..no..i could not save him..i can’t face him with this much guilt..i was just in the front and a car dashed him..i could not do anything..(crying)

Pari: (caringly) Shona..look(interrupted)

Shomi interrupted pari and gestured her to let swara think herself..she needs time..pari nodded..

After some time sanskar gained consciousness and ap informed the doctor and everyone..

“He is perfectly fine and needs rest, don’t give him much stress..” the doctor said and left the room..!!

Everyone was standing in sanskar’s room except swara..

Ap: (stroking his hairs)Are you fine sanskar..??

Sanskar: Yes mom, don’t worry..(smiles)

Every body smiled at the mother-son duo..

“Where is swara..??” Sanskar asked scanning the whole room..

“She is sitting outside.” Pari replied sadly..”But why..?? Is she not ok..??” Sanskar asked confused..

“She thinks herself as the reason of your condition..she was there only and couldn’t save you..!!” Replied pari sadly..

A sudden pain passed through sanskar on hearing this..his best friend was this much guilty ..?? There was no cause of Swara behind this!! No, he can’t let this happen..!!

“Please call swara and i want to talk to her alone..!!”sanskar said calmly..everybody left the room..!!

“Sanskar is calling you inside swara..!!” Pari said to which swara’s eyes widened ans she gulped..she stood up and with baby steps she went inside..!!

Sanskar saw her coming inside and he saw her face which was pale and tear marks could be clearly seen..she had suffered so much..she was looking down and avoiding eye contact..she was so hurt!!

Sanskar: (rudely) Come here..!!

Hearing sanskar’s rude tone swara thought she is gone now..she went near him and sat on the stool nearby..

“I’m sorry sanskar..i know i have done a mistake but what could i do..?? My mind went blank at that time and..” she was speaking continuously and was interrupted..

“How could you do this..??” Sanskar shouted at the top of his voice which left swara shocked..”who gave you the right to do this..?? Who allowed you to hurt swara ha..?? Tum aisa kaise kr skti ho??” Sanskar said arrogantly leaving swara shocked..she was so so confused..

“Swara look at yourself..how weak and pale you are..why did you do this..??..and you think you are the cause of my condition..??! No swara, it’s not at all your fault..you tried to save me right but I was not crossing the road carefully..you are my strength swara..don’t cry..!! I can’t see you like this Swara..!! Galti toh meri thi na!!”..said sanskar cupping her face and wiping her tears with his thumb..

Swara just hugged him tightly..” I..i was worried for you..i didn’t know what was i doing i’m sorry..!! I was worried..muje nahi samaj aa rha tha main kya karu..”..she said crying and letting her heart out ..she tightened the hug..sanskar hugged her back tightly closing his eyes..

Next Day at the Hospital:

Swara came running in the hospital with a bag on her shoulder!! She entered Sanskar’s room and saw him just sitting..!! His face was full of anger !! Swara just chuckled..she can understand his position..!!

“Why are you laughing ha..?? I am getting so bored here sitting and you are coming now!! I asked the doctor that can i walk..?? (Imitates him) You can’t walk now!! Arrey this is not right na..mom came and also said to just sit..help me!!”said sanskar fully irritated while swara kept on chuckling!!

“What can i do in this yaar..!!”swara said to saskar with a pout..”just do something..!!”sanskar said angrily..!!

“We can’t to anything in the hospital room, right swara..??!” Said piya and ajay entering the room!! Swara hugged piya tightly..”where were you yaar..??”swara asked her still hugging..she hugged ajay too.

Piya: Tumne he muje notice karna band ker diya tha..!!

Piya and ajay asked about sanskar’s health and sat there..piya went after that as she had some work..ajay was there only..

Ajay and Swara were continuously talking ignoring Sanskar..!! He was very happy that ajay came but now he was getting on his head??!! Swara was not even looking at him making him angry ..he had to do something ??

“Ajay yaar chal ab gher chle ja sab wait ker rhe honge..” sanskar said smiling idiotically??

“I will go after sometime..!!” Ajay said and was again engrossed in talking to Swara..

“Aghhhh ja na!!” sanskar said in mind??

“They must be waiting for you..” sanskar said with puppy eyes looking at Ajay while swara was so much confused by his behaviour..somewhere he got what he wanted!!

“Ok bye guys..!!” Said ajay and left winking at Sanskar!!

“What happened to you Sanskar..??” Swara said to him confused…!!

“I told you na I was getting bored..and you started talking with him ignoring me..”sanskar said angrily..!!

“Ok ok be calm” swara said chukling!! “I hace called a special doctor for your entertainment who must be coming any moment..!!” Swara said excitedly..

Sanskar:(in mind) I know what will happen!! My entertainment will be less you would keep talking with him..!!

Just then someone entered in the room wearing doctor’s coat and all..!! Swara was damn happy seeing him!!

He came forward and went to Sanskar..

(Guys now most of the dialogues will be in hindi as the story was losing its charm..so sorry)

Doctor: (extending his hand foe a handshake) Myself Dr. Mashoor Gulati..YKAGM..

Swasan:(unison) YKAGM??!

Mashoor: (looking around) Yeh kaha aa gya main!!

SwaSan just laughed..??

“Aap jaldi se theek ho jaye Mr. Maheshwari..!!” Mashoor said in his typical tone..sanskar nodded..

Mashoor: As a doctor i want to know ki aap pure fit hai ya nahi..!! Main aapka citiscan krna chahunga!!

Sanskar: sure..

He took out a whistle and blew it and did Sanskar’s scan with the small machine used at malls for scan!! And the citiscan was done??

Sanskar:(laughing) What is the report doctor..????

Mashoor: As a doctor mujhe lagta hai ki aap bilkul theek hai !! (To swara) Swara ji kabhi hmare baare mein bhi sochiye??

Swara: Bilkul..!! Mere man mein aap he hai Dr. Gulati!!

Sanskar was shocked but knew it was just for fun..!!

Gulati fell down!!??

Swara :(making him get up) Uthiye na bhaiya!!

Gulati’s face was worth watching while Sanskar was laughing!!

Gulati: Aise kon bhaiya bnata hai bhai..??!

Then someone came inside with a cake..

Gulati: As a doctor I want to celebrate Sanskar’s wellness!!

They cut the cake and had it while talking..

Gulati: Itne rukhe sukhe tareeke se kon cake khata hai bhai??

And he took the cake and threw on own’s face!! He was not looking less then a joker!! Swara and Sanskar were laughing loud!!

Swara also put cake on sanskar’s face while he did the same! Another tom and jerry session on the way!!

And the fun had just begun!!

Discharge time:

“Thank you Swara..the way you stayed in the hospital with me and cared for me..and that Gulati surprise!! Will never forget it..” said Sanskar while moving towards the car with the support of Swara..

“Kya Sanskar!! Kitni baar thanks bolega!! Chal ab take care ok??!” Swara said while bidding him good bye and he smiled..

Soon he was discharged and swara was the happiest at that time..!!

Swara’s home:

Swara’s room:

Swara was sitting on her bed resting her head against the headboard..her eyes were closed and she was thinking how she fell in love with sanskar..!!

YES..!!! She realised it only when she saw him lying in a pool of blood…he has become her life without whom she is nothing..sanskar is her world and she will not lose him..she will confess her love before it’s too late.

Swara’s POV

I love sanskar..yes..!! I love him to the core..di was right..when i saw him struggling for his life, i got to know what he means for me..We were tom and jerry in the starting and could anyone think that a girl will fall in love with a person in the most unexpected place and the most unexpected time..!! I will surely confess my love for him once he gets fine. But now I have to find out who tried to kill sanskar..?? I know that it was not a accident, but it was a pre planned murder..!! Who can try to harm my sanskar..?? I will not let anyone harm sanskar..he is my life..!!

Swara’s POV ends.

Sanskar’s home

Sanskar was trying to sleep but sleep was far away from his eyes..the way swara cared for him was only revolving in his mind..he felt lucky to get swara as a best friend and will never lose her..after sometime sleep took over him..!!

To be continued..

So, Swara realised her love!! What about Sanskar..??! If you want any specific scene then do tell me as the story is picking up its pace..!!

Thank you!!

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