Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 6

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Here is the link to part 5:-Part 5

Part 6

Swara’s sleep was disturbed by the sun rays and she got up holding her head!!

Swara: Ughhh!! This great headache!! My head will blast into pieces!!?? But why is it here??

Just then Swara remembered some flashes of yesterday night..she did not remember everything but did not forget everything!!

She held her head with her hands and closed her eyes..!! A disprin was needed!!

Pari entered her room with a glass of lemonade..swara opened her eyes and looked at her and pari smiled angrily passing the lemonade..!!

Swara:(taking the lemonade) Di what happened yesterday..??

Pari:(glaring at her) You don’t remember..??!!

Swara: (drinking it)Tabhi toh puch rahi hoon!! Thora thora yaad hai!!

Pari: Why would you remember haan!! Enjoying in night clubs just before a day of your sister’s wedding!!(starts beating her with the pillow) You must get punishment!!(hits her) Yeh le!! (Again hits her) Ab phir jana hai bahar??! Pagal!!

As pari was continuously beating Swara, she started running in the whole room!!

Swara:(running) Sorry na Di!! Maaf kardo..!! Muje pta he nhi maine kya kiya!!??

Pari(running behind her): Kyu maaf kru!!

Both fell down layed on bed and started laughing..!! The whole room was a mess!!

Shomi entered the room and was shocked!! Anger was clearly evident on her face..swara and pari looked at her and gulped in fear and then looked at each other!!

Shomi: (angry)What the hell you have done with this room ha..!! Clean it fast or shadi cancel!!??

Shomi said this and left the room!! Swara and Pari looked at each other and started laughing again!! Mad sisters!!

Will this happiness prevail for long..??!

Sanskar’s Home:

Sanskar was sleeping and adarsh was waiting for him to get up..suddenly sanskar turned and hugged Adarsh!!

“Oyeee!! Leave me !! I’m not a boy you are thinking i’m..i’m going to get married today!! Teri abhi tak nhi uteri!!” Adarsh said trying to get out of his grip!! He was so shocked and started panicking!!

Sanskar got up and left adarsh..”Why are you shouting bhai??” Sanskar said and stared at Adarsh who was looking at him like he will kill him by his glares only..!! He had done a work which no brother would forgive??

Sanskar: What happened??!

Adarsh: This happened!! You were going to snatch my dignity!!??

He pulled out a bat from behind his back and started beating him !! Sanskar started running in the whole room holding various parts of his body!!

Sanskar(running): Bhai..!!! Aaahhhh!! Please na bhai!! Leave me..!! Maine kiya kya hai..?? Mummyyyy!!! Aaaahhh!!

“You don’t know what you did ha!! Idiot!! Stupid!! I’m going to get married today and a day before you want me to feed you..!!(hits again) Mad person!! And now meri izzat pe bhi teri nazar hai!!” Adarsh said angrily running behind him!!

“Bhai sorry na! Leave me!! Dard ho rhi” Sanskar said pleading..

Adarsh: Leaving you now!! Don’t repeat huh!! Stupid!!

Sanskar:(murmurs) Khadus!!

Adarsh:(raising his eye brows) What you said..??

Sanskar: Nothing..umm..i was thinking about fan..yes! Fan..kitni kam hva deta hai yeh ab!! (Acts like fanning himself)oh ho!! So much garmi??

Adarsh: Have you lost it??

Sanskar: no no..!!

Adarsh: I’m sure you have lost it and will never find it again!! (Leaving the room)

Sanskar: What!!

Adarsh: (shouts from outside) Your Brain!!

Sanskar: Hain?

And the fun continued!!

Marriage Hall:

There was full hustle bustle around the hall..a girl came inthe hall running..

Swara(breathlessly): Mom, the outside decorations are still not done..!!

Shomi: Offo, i told them to do it fastly..(leaves)

Suddenly some one nudges swara from behind..she looks back at the right side there was no one..again some one nudged her but from the left side..she turned but there was no one..!! She stood straight again can could see the prankster..!! Sanskar was standing there..!!
Swara was very happy to him smiling, but she didn’t knew what was happening to her..!! At the same time sanskar was also happy, but the flashes of his past made him shoo away his thoughts..!!

Swara: Hey..!!

Sanskar: Heya..!!

Swara : You remember what happened last night..??!

Sanskar; Thora thora..!!

Swara: I remember dancing with the inspector..!!

Sanskar; And i remember stealing his hat..(both gave hi-five to each other..!!)

Suddenly swara hugged him making him all shocked..he was not at all ready fir this..but he felt damn happy in his heart..!! He hugged her back, hesitatingly. Swara was extremely happy..!!

Swara: Thank you for yesterday bestie..!! ( Still hugging)

Sanskar: Welcome swara..!!(broke the hug)

Gadodia and maheshwari family watched this and they were happy..both the families liked swara and sanskar as a pair a lot but had this relation reached the heights of being a pair..?! No they hadn’t.

Pari and adarsh was sitting in the centre on a big sofa and pictures were being clicked..soon dance – music also started..!! Swara had performed once and sanskar was standing beside her…both were talking normally when a girl came and hugged sanskar..!!

Swara was boiling in anger, how can someone else hug her best friend..?! The biggest question in her mind was – Who is this buddhu..??! Swara was about to break their hug when they themselves departed themselves.. “chipkali” swara muttered under her breath..

Sanskar: How are you sonia..??

Sonia: Nice(keeping hand on his shoulder which irked swara more) Let’s go for a dance..!

Sanskar hesitatingly agreed as she was his childhood friend…!! Swara’s expression changed as he agreed to dance with her..she herself don’t know what was happening to her..!! Chipkali kahiki!!

A romantic number was playing..sanskar kept hand on sonia’s waist and it added fuel to fire..their hands were intertwined and her one hand was on sanskar’s shoulder..

Soon the dance ended and swara was no where to be seen..!!

Pari went in search of her..she was actually worried for her and left to find her…she was passing by a room when she saw swara moving to and fro in the room and anger clearly evident on her face..!! she went near her and tapped her shoulder..

Pari: Shona..(caringly)

Swara turned and looked at her and sighed sadly and sat on the bed.. pari could sense her worried..she was extremely worried for her..her sister who was so strong was sad..!!

Pari:(sitting beside her) What happened shona..?!

Shona: I don’t know di, but whenever i see a girl near sanskar, i can’t control myself di..don’t know what happens to me..!! And that chudail was sticking to him so much!! He is my bestie di!!

Pari: So, my sister is why so worried..?! Is it love..??!

Swara was so shocked hearing this as she stood numb..she had never thought of this as love .. was she ready was all this?? Her heart was so so confused!!

Swara: But di, this is not love but it’s only friendship ..!! No ..it is not..!!

Pari: (stroking her hairs): Take your time swara..Don’t stress yourself..!! Come let’s go, you want to me to be late in my own marriage..!!

Swara smiled but inside she was very confused, but she shooed away her thoughts and decided to enjoy her sister’s wedding..she came and stood beside sanskar..

Sanskar: Where you were..??

Swara : just roaming ..

Sanskar(not satisfied by the answer): Ok.!!

The wedding rituals proceeded and adarsh and pari were declared married..!!

Now it was time for the bidaai and gadodia family was very sad as their lovely daughter was leaving them..swara was crying hugging her as she was her best friend and guide, her support system and what not..sanskar had never seen swara so vulnerable before..she was a strong women but here, she was so weak..he went near her and consoled her…shomi and shekhar hugged her and maheshwari family went from their..!!

After a few days:

University of Mumbai, Mumbai

Swara and sanskar’s bond had only grown in these few days. They were the bestest of friends and now the whole college knew about their friendship. Girls were obviously jealous, but what can they do now instaed of glaring them. On the other side, one person was also very angry seeing their friendship..!! He just wanted to keep swara away from sanskar..!!

Swara never thought of love again as she thought it was not love, but little did she know what it was..She controlled her feeling and started to enjoy their friendship..!! She did not wanted to think about it anymore. Everything was going good and she wanted it to go this way only. Piya was always there with her whatever it might be.

At the canteen:

Swara, ajay, sanskar and piya were sitting together..!!

Ajay: Swara, you stole our sanskar ha!(winks)

Piya: Yes, you are right, they forgot their long time friends..!!(fake cries)

Sanskar: Bas bas,otherwise flood will come ..!! (Gave a hi-five to swara)

“Let’s go come on, the class is about to start..!!” Said swara picking her things..

At the class;

“He is just a sleeping pill..!!” Swara murmurs in sanskar’s ear to which he just chuckled..he knew how she hated the maths class..!!

“Concentrate swara..!!” Said sanskar chuckling, and swara glared at him..!!

After the class ended, swara and sanskar was standing at the gate of the college..both were just randomly talking..sanskar went on the either side of the road to get something..when he was coming back and crossing the road, swara saw a car rushing towards sanskar…she ran to save him but before she could reach, the car came and dashed him from the right side..!!

Swara saw sanskar lying in a pool of blood on the road..she could not even react. Her whole world crashed in front of her eyes and she couldn’t do anything..!!

Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin (x2)

Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina…

She ran to him and kept his head on her lap..and was crying miserably..

“Sanskar…!! Get up na..open your eyes sanskar..!! You can’t leave me like this..!! Sans..sanskar get up na..ok..so you are angry on me for calling you mr.rude right..??!! (Stroking her hairs)I…i will not say anything to you now…you are listening na..??!open your eyes sanskar..!! Get up na…you always keep on talking look now!! Why are you not getting up??! Open your eyes..(crying miserably)Now who will fight with me ha..?!(cupping his face) Who will take me to night clubs..??(touching her forehead with his) Get up na sanskar..!!” Said swara cryingly with sanskar’s head still on her lap and tears from her eyes flowing down her cheeks and falling on his face..!! (Looking around) Someone help please!! (Crying)Please!!

Kaat’ta hoon laakhon lamhein
Kat’te nahin hain
Saaye teri yaadon ke
Hat’te nahin hain (x2)

Sookh gaye hain aansu teri judai ke
Palkon se phir bhi baadal
Chhant’te nahin hain

Khudko main hasaaun kaisi
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..

“SSSAAANNSSSKAAARRRR” swara shouted looking towards the sky…her tears were falling from her eyes in a never ending flow…she felt so guilty and helpless that she couldn’t save her best friend..her best friend was lying unconscious and she was responsible!!

Soon, sanskar was taken to the hospital.

To be continued!!

A/N: So, a unexpected twist..!! Do comment!! Do read and comment on part 5 if you have not read it!! The link is at top. And the next chapter would be on Sunday!! Chlo ab jutte chappal marne hai toh maaro!!??Main toh bhagi yaha se!!??Agla chappy bhi toh likhna hai!! Do support me on wattpad too!! My id is @prachithaman

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