Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 5

Olla guys!! So i’m here with the next part, hope it would come out good. A full swasan part!! Thanks for all the comments!!

Here is the link of part 4: http://www.tellyupdates.com/dil-mil-gaye-swasan-short-story-part-4

Part 5

Swara’s home:

Swara was laying on the bed, thinking about sanskar..how they danced, sanskar catching her..!! Don’t know why but these days he was not leaving her mind..

She was in a confusion whether to call him or not..finally she decided that she will call him..sanskar picked up the call..!!

Sanskar: Hello..who is it..??!

Swara: Hello..its me..swara..

Sanskar:(shocked at first)Oh acha..tell swara..any work..??!

Swara: Actually no,just wanted to talk to you so called..!!

Sanskar: Acha, so you are getting bored…

Swara: Yes!Let’s meet somewhere tomorrow..

Sanskar: (hesitates at first) Ya sure..Where..?!

Swara: At the beach..

Sanskar: OK..!!(happy)

They talked a bit after that and then slept.. Seriously, it was the starting of a new bond..!! Sanskar was happy one side, and swara was going through unknown feelings..!!

Next day:

Swara was waiting for sanskar outside her home..actually they had decided that sanskar will pick her up..but he was nowhere to be seen..anger was reaching its peak!!

After around 10 minutes he arrived and came out of his car..he was looking very hot and handsome​ in blue jeans and leather jacket..!! Any girl would have gone flat over him, but our swara was not like that who would fall easily..!!

Sanskar(coming near her): Come on let’s go..!!

Swara : Sure..!!(angry and making faces)

Sanskar: Arrey..??! What happened now??

“You are late!!” Swara said keeping her hands on her waist!! “Ok, i’m sorry!! I apologise..!!” Sanskar says surrendering..!!

Swara: Ok ok, stop your natak now!!

They both sat in the car and drove away to the beach..!! The journey was a silent one, no body spoke anything..

Swara(coming out of the car): Wow sanskar..!! Finally i’m here..!! Come let’s go towards the water..(held his hand)

Sanskar nodded and they both went towards the water..their legs were half under water..both were enjoing a lot..both felt it was the most beautiful time of their life, without any worries!! Swara was never so happy, as she was here..suddenly swara splashed water on sanskar…!!! Sanskar’s face was full wet and his mouth was open..!! How dare she!!

Sanskar: Now you are gone Bandari…!!!

Swara: You can’t catch me..(showing her thumbs down)

Saying this she started running with her sandals in her hand..!! She was so so happy, she wanted nothing else!! Sanskar was behind her, running after her..

Suddenly he caught hold of swara and his chest crashed on her back..swara was lost in his touch, how it affected her!! She was going through a different which can’t be explained in words..shivers went down her spine and made her numb..she turned her face and looked at him lost, sanskar smirked as knew she was lost and took the opportunity and splashed water on her..!!

She was fully shocked!! It was all his plan to take revenge..!! But how could she leave him?? She also has to take revenge!! She started tickling him in return to which he started laughing out loud..!!

“Ha ha ha swara…no no..haha ..bas bas” sanskar said controling her laughter..

Sanskar’s balance was disturbed suddenly and they both were on the ground..!! Swara was on top of him and they had a beautiful eyelock..!! Her hairs were falling on his face and he tucked her hair behind her ear..again she was getting intoxicated by his touch but she could not help it..!! His hands were on her waist which made her numb..

Sanskar came in sense and got up and helped swara to stand..both were looking at eachother..suddenly swara started laughing and sanskar too..!!

Sanskar: Why are you laughing ha..??!(himself laughing)

Swara: You tell why you are laughing..??!

Sanskar: look at you..mitti ka dher!!..??

“You are not looking like greek god even!! Pani ka pond ban gya hai tu!!” Swara said pointing at him!!

After another nok jhok session, both fixed their clothes somehow and then both went towards an ice cream stall..both bought there icecream and sat on the bonnet of the car.. both were having there ice cream while talking randomly..!! Both were happy, enjoying their day to the fullest..!!

Swara: (licking her ice cream) : So, sanskar what to do next..??!(raising her eye brows)

Sanskar: You tell..!! Tomorrow is the marriage..so have to reach home before 11 ..

Swara: Umm..First let’s go to a restaurant and let’s have lunch..!! And will go to floating restaurant..!!

Sanskar: But that restaurant is not so near yaar..

Swara: So what..(dragging him) come on let’s go..!!

Both swara and sanskar sat in the car..now swara was in full mood..she was talking non stop..!! Expressing her happiness??

Sanskar: Bas bas..

Swara : What happened..??!

Sanskar: My ears are paining..

Swara fumed in anger and ruffled all his hair by her hands..now she was smiling sheepishly ..sanskar looked at his face through the rear view mirror..

Sanskar: Yeh mera baalo ka kya hui gva..!!??

Swara; (laughing) Chidhiyon ka khosla ban gva..!!?

Both laughed non stop? and continued their journey..☺

Soon they were at the floating restaurant..!!

There was a big lake and in between there was a beautifully decorated restaurant..!! It was connected to the land by a bridge…

Both swara and sanskar went inside..they sat on a corner table and ordered their food…

A waitress came their and served the food…she was being quite friendly with Sanskar..in short she was sticking with him..this irked swara..she didn’t know what happened to her but she was not feeling good..!! How could she flirt with her friend!!

Swara: (to the waitress) You may leave..!! (Mockingly)

The waitress went from there making strange faces..sanskar was looking at her with o-shaped mouth..

Swara: Why are you looking at me like this…eat..!!

Sanskar nodded as he understood the situation..he knew that swara was getting jealous but he didn’t said anything..!!

After that they had a walk around the lake..and went back to the city it was already around 7 pm..

Swara: Let’s go to a night club na..

Sanskar: No no, i’m a sanskari bcha …!!

Swara : I got to know it by your name only..!! Come on let’s go..!!

Sanskar: OK fine..!!

They both went to the night club and sat on the drinks counter..!!

Sanskar: Juice or a drink..??!(smirks)

Swara: (smirks too) Drink..!!

Sanskar: Then don’t blame me if anything happens..!!

Swara: Why would I blame my best friend..?!

Sanskar: Kal friend, aaj best friend ho gya..!!

Swara: You don’t consider me your best friend..??

Sanskar: (smiles)You are my best friend..!!(to the bartender) Two drinks please..!!

The drinks arrived and both gulped it in one go..!! The bartender kept on serving and they kept on gulping..!!after around 30 minutes, they were fully drunk..!!

Swara: (raising her hand with the drink in her hand) Let’s enjoy the night..!!

Saying this she went on to the dance floor..!! She started dancing without caring of the world..!! Sanskar saw many boys ogling her, he went near her and dragged her outside the club..!!

They both were walking on the road or you can say stumbling..??

Swara(childishly): Now where we will go sanskar..??!

Sanskar(acts like thinking);Let’s run from here..!!

Swara: (slapping his head lightly): Sanskar, you have got a prediction of running..?? in beach you were also running..

Sanskar: It’s addiction not prediction?

Swara(laughing): Sahi pakdhe hai..!!

They both ran towards the main streets..!! It was a kind of market..!!Beer bottles were still in their hands..!!

Talli hai yeh zameen..
Talli hai aasmaan
Sab talli hai yahaan
Yaa phir saara jahaan, vaise ka vaisa hai..
Hum talli hai yahaan?

There was a group of people standing and drinking there..Both swara and sanskar went there and took cups from there and sat on a bench drinking..sanskar put the cups in his mouth and left his hands swara upturned his cup and the whole drink was on his lap!!

Swara:(pointing finger towards him) Look at you!! First water now drink!!

Swara was laughing on him and he was looking at her like how this happened..!!??

Mujhse baahein na chhuda [Ek main]
Kahin kho naa jaa [Ekk tu]
Jo bhi hoga I am with you [I am with you]
Yun naa ghabra [Ek main]
Thoda muskura ? [Ekk tu]
Jo bhi hoga, I am with you

Both were having swings in a park!!??

Swara:(childishly) Sanskar..!! Give me swing na..

Sanskar came at back of her and pushed her..in no minutes she was on the ground as her grip was lose..!!

Swara: (childishly)Aaaaahhhh!! Sanskar!! Yeh tumne kya kiya?! It’s hurting!!

Sanskar:(sits beside her on the ground )Sorry shona mona..where it is hurting??

Swara:(stands up) Leave it..i was just pretending??

Sanskar: Hawww!! Go witch!! I’m not talking to you!!

Swara: (holding his arm) Arrey!! Listen Mr. Crocodile!!??

After another tom and jerry session, both were again on the roads!!

Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you
Tere peechhe-peechhe main
Mere aagey-aagey tu
Ek main hoon aur ekk tu…
Ek main hoon aur ekk tu
I wanna be with you

A police inspector stopped them..both were looking at each other..!! After 5 minutes;

Swara was dancing madly with the inspector and sanskar was doing sit ups holding his ear..!!??

He was looking at them annoyed and took the hat of the inspector from back and started dancing at the back of inspector..!!? He was showing tongue at him and swara was laughing seeing them..!!

Kitne ki hai zameen, kitne ka aasmaan
Bikte hai yeh kahaan!
Bhar lenge jebon mein
Dukaane woh sabhi
Chal chalte hai wahaan

The were walking on the road and sanskar was holding her shoulders from the back..!!

Swara(waving her hand to the people): Move,move!! Train is coming !! Sanskar was making the sound of chuk chuk chuk??

Mauqa aisa na ganwaa [Ek main]
Yunhi bewajah [Ek tu]
Jo bhi hoga I am with you (I am with you)
Yun na ghabra [Ek main]
Thoda muskura [Ekk tu]
Jo bhi hoga I am with you
Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you
Tere peechhe-peechhe main
Mere aagey-aagey tu
Ek main hoon aur ek tu…
Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you

Both were seen standing in front of a statue with the same pose as of the statue..Sanskar had held his beer bottle upside down and drops of alcohol was dripping from it..!!

Ek main aur ekk tu..
Ek main aur ekk tu….

Sanskar: Arrey swara..!! Iski tog lag gyi!!

Swara: (still standing in the pose): Kiski..??

Sanskar: Bottle ki..!!

Swara: Why..??

Sanskar: Iski toh leakage ho gyi..!!

Swara looked at the bottle and started laughing..!!

Swara: Buddhu!! Piche se supply zyada hai??

Sanskar :Dam khula reh gya shayad..!!?

They moved from there and started moving towards home doing strange things..!!

Both reached their home.

Swara’s home:

“Arrey di this door is so small..ittu sa..how will i pass through this..??!” Swara said looking at the window..pari can’t take her inside through the main door as shomi and shekhar will get suspicious..so she took swara towards the window of her room..!! Pari got to know swara has reached home as she was shouting outside..!!

“Swara come on,move!” Pari said annoyed …!!

Swara went inside through the window and sat on the floor..!!” Yo are very bad di, you every time scold me..!!” Swara said sweetly yet cryingly..!!

“Arrey mera shona mona come on sleep na..!! (Angrily) And if you not slept i will tell to mom and dad about your condition..!! Sir par hi chadhi ja rahi hai..!!??

Sanskar’s home:

“You know adarsh bhai, that police officer was so motu(fat) that he was looking like a gol gappa..!!?sanskar said to adarsh laughing while we was holding him..!!

Ap saw them outside the house through her window and came outside..seeing her sanskar stood straight..!!

Ap: Come on, let’s have dinner ..!!

Adarsh nodded holding sanskar..steadily..!!

Everybody sat on the dining table..sanskar was scanning the food and suddenly he pouted..”Daaru nhi rakhi aapne khane ke sath ..??!”said sanskar and adarsh spitted the juice out which was in his mouth..!! What the heck he was saying..??!

Dp looked at him him in utter disbelief..”Vo actually dad it’s nothing he was talking about something else..tongue twisted that’s it..haina sanskar..??! Adarsh said eying sanskar to say yes and sanskar nodded..

“Bhai aap apne haatho se khilado..??” sanskar whispered in adarsh’s ear..!! Adarsh was looking at him in disbelief..”Maaf karna” he said in mind..he took a laddu from the bowl which was kept as a sweet dish..and SMASH..!!! The laddu was directly hit on sanskar’s face..!! He was slowly slowly roaming his tongue on his face to eat the laddu as much as he can..??!! “I will make you eat like this only..!!” Adarsh said..ap and dp had no idea what was going on..!!

Adarsh made sanskar lay on his bed and while closing the door he shouted..”Don’t drink if you can’t handle..!! One day before your bro’s marriage and look at your condition!!”?

To be continued!!

A/N : How was the chapter?? Do comment!! Sorry guys, the next episode will be on friday as i’m a bit busy these two days..!! Stay tuned!!

Thank you!!

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