Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 4

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Part 4

Swara had just returned from the party and opened the door of her room…but suddenly buddy jumped on her and started licking her face…

Swara : (keeping him down) wait buddy let me get fresh and then we will play..OK!!

Buddy just stood there wagging his tail from left to right..!!

Swara came out of the washroom..and someone knocked her window..!! Swara was hell scared, who could be there at this time..?? Sweat was clearly evident on her face and she took a vase and started moving towards the window..she had just opened the window..and someone caught her hand and threw the vase away..

Who could be it..??

Sanskar’s home:

Sanskar was standing outside his home for the past 20 minutes but there was no sign of him..Yes..!! He was there after 2 years..his brother adarsh was back..!! Sanskar was beyond happy..adarsh came out of the car and sanskar hugged him tightly..

Sanskar;(hugging him) I missed you bhai..!!

“Me too sanky” said adarsh teary eyed, after all he also missed his family and his brother a lot..

“But how the plan changed..?? I mean you were coming the next week na..??” Said sanskar confused..

Adarsh: Actually i my work got over there earlier, so came back early..By the way, you tell..how are you..??

Sanskar: I was fine but now you are back, i’m damn good..!!

They both went inside and when annupurna and durgaprasad saw them, their jaw dropped to the ground..what a big surprise it was for them..!!

Annu: Adarsh..!! You are back..(hugged him) I ‘m so happy..

Dp: Adarsh you came without telling us..?? You must have informed na..!!

Adarsh: (coming near dp) Actually dad..i wanted to surprise you…!! Sanskar knew about this..

Dp: (hugging him) Indeed it was a great surprise ..

Ap: (holding sanskar’s ear) Why didn’t you tell us han?

Sanskar: (holding his ear with pain): Aaaahh!! Mom it was a surprise na..

Ap: (leaves him) Ok, now i’m leaving you..

Ap and dp started talking with adarsh and forgot that they are at the entrance only!!

Sanskar: Now you both will allow him to rest or not han??

Ap and dp laughed and adarsh went to his room to take rest..sanskar came back to his room..he layed on the bed and started thinking about the day..indeed he was extremely happy today..

He thought about swara and he was happy as they had their first dance together..!! He slept thinking about swara..

Swara’s home:

“Parineeta diiiiiiiiii OMG OMG” said swara turning her di round and round..

“Stop swara..bas bas” said pari controlling her sister’s happiness..!!

Swara: you were coming next week na..

Pari: Yea, but i could not control..

“And this is the way to come..??!” Said swara pointing towards the window..

“Oh this..arrey we have to give surprise to mom dad na..” said pari enthusiastically…

They both went down and met shekhar and sharmishtha…they both were so shocked to see their daughter here that tears started to flow down their eyes..

Shomi(hugged her): I’m so happy that you are back..!!

Shekhar; Your studies completed..??!

Pari: (coming near shekhar )Yes dad and i missed you all so much..!!

Shekhar:(hugging her) We missed you too..!!

Shomi: But at least you should have informed na..!!

Pari: Yea, but actually it was a surprise that’s why..

Shekhar: Ok, come on let’s go..have some food..

They all spent family time together talking about various things..at last everybody went to their own rooms..swara entered her room and started thinking about Sanskar..A wide smile spread on her lips..she shooed away her thoughts and went to sleep..!!

What a day it was!!

After a few days:

Swara’s home:

Shekhar called everyone in the hall..they all arrived..shekhar went near pari and stroked her hair..

“You are getting married pari..!!” Said shekhar looking directly into pari’s eyes..

“But it’s so early” pari said refusing..

Shekhar: Everything has a right time and this is the right time..i have talked with the groom’s family and the engagement is tomorrow..And you can meet him today, if you don’t like him then you can refuse pari..no compulsion..!!

“Hain..!! Itni jaldi!! ” Pari said sadly..

“Iske baad koi bhi acha shubh muhrat nhi hai..!! The marriage is after 3 days..!!” Shekhar said teary eyed..

Pari(hugging shekhar): I don’t want to leave you all so soon..!!

Swara:(whispering in pari’s ears) Arrey jiju ka naam toh puchlo..

Shekhar: Adarsh..his name is adarsh..

Pari all of a sudden started blushing and left the hall smilingly. ..

Swara was definitely very happy to see her sister happy and it was her dream to enjoy her sister’s wedding..!!

On the other side, sanskar was also damn happy that his brother was getting married to a nice girl..!! He would enjoy it to the fullest..!!

That evening pari and adarsh met and accepted the alliance..the marriage was fixed and happiness prevailed!!

Next day:

The engagement hall was decorated like a bride..guests had started to arrive..

Adarsh was sitting at the big chair..all dressed in a peach coloured sherwani..pari came down the stairs along with swara wearing a peach  lehnga with embroidery..!!

Swara was also not looking less, she was wearing a light blue gown looking extremely beautiful..!! The bride and groom’s family mingled with each other very well..!!

Swara was very happy seeing this but somewhere in her heart she had a feeling that someone close to her heart was here …!!

Sharmishtha called her and she went to her.

Shomi: Shona go and bring the basket of flowers with is kept beside the stairs..!!

Swara: Sure mom.(smiles)

Swara went beside the stairs and picked up the basket..as she was just about to turn, she dashed with someone..the basket fell from her hand and she was about to fall..but someone held her from waist on time..it was none other than sanskar..she opened her eyes and was shocked to see him there..his touch was creating butterflies in her stomach and the flowers from the basket were falling on them..Both were lost in each other’s eyes..just then sanskar came to senses and made her stand properly..

Sanskar: Umm..(avoiding eye contact)What are you doing here..??

Swara: Actually, it’s my sister’s engagement..!! By the way what are you doing here..?!

Sanskar; Vo it’s my bro’s engagement..!!

Swara : So you are jiju’s brother..!!

Sanskar: Obviously..silly girl..!!

Swara(pointing her index finger): Don’t start here..!!

Sanskar: (entangling his index finger with her’s )You are the one who always start ok..!! Admit it..(mocking her back)

Swara: (taking her hand back and turned to other side) Haa..toh..fighting day and night keeps a man healthy and wise!!??

“Haha..what is that..this was not the proverb” sanskar said laughing!!

“My creation” swara said chuckling..

“You are just impossible”sanskar said shaking his head..

Swara: You will not stop na!

Sanskar: What is the fun in stopping..?! Fun is in irritating you..!!(smirking)

Swara: Agghhhh!! It’s waste to talk to you!!

Sanskar: Acha sorry sorry…

By that time, both the families had arrived there..!!

Ap: You both know eachother..?!(surprised)

Swara: Yes aunty..

Dp: So, must be his college friend..right sanskar??!

Sanskar: Yes..

Both the families kept on chit chatting..now it was time for some nach gana!!

Piya: You know sanskar, swara dances very well..!!

Sanskar(smirks): Oh, but not more then me, dance toh mere khoon mein hai??

Swara : Let’s see..!!

The went dim and sanskar started dancing..

Sanskar:-Ladkon ki ungli pe naache hai zamana
Oh Ladkon ki ungli pe naache hai zamana
Simple yeh funda hai ladkiyon ko batana
Lute nahi lut jaaye, Jeete nahi pat jaaye
Kudiyaan hai jebon mein rakh le
Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Thag le thag le thug le
Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Thug le, thag le, thug le

Swara came on the dance floor and started dancing..

Swara:-Ladkon ko lagta hai easy jeet jaana
Ladkon ko lagta hai easy jeet jaana
Iss baar unko hara ke hai dikhana
Badi badi haanke hai
Yunhi hawa phaanke hai
Jebe bhari khali hai aqle
Mundeya nu thug le, thug le
Mundeya nu thug le, thug le
Thag le thag le thug le

Thug le …..
Na na na…

Both now started dancing together..

Sanskar:-Jitni ghaas daalo, taarife nikaalo
Utne hai inke bhaav badhte hain

Swara:-Mauka taadte hain chauka maarte hain
Haath pajda do sar pe chdhte hain

Tode inke chaale shey maat de daale
Yeh maza maza le ke chak le
Mundeya nu thug le, thug le
Thag le thag le thug le

Ho Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le
Thug le, thag le, thug le

Now the song changed..it was not of rivalry, instead it was to celebrate..!!

Ho chug chug.. shagna wali thaal ve
Jagmag jagmag kadri khushiyan
Ho gaya kamaal ve
Tittar bittar nau sau chittar
Ho gaya bura haal ve
Nach nach per dukhan lage
Naa rukne ka sawaal

Kisi nu soun ni dena
Ae drama hon ni dena
Kisi se baat ni karni
Kisi ka phone ni lena

Swara and sanskar brought everybody on the dance floor..!! Every body was dancing, enjoying..swara and sanskar were really happy..!! What else they wanted..!!

Main kehna whats up
Kehde pauni ae khap
Te naal nachna

Karke bottoms up
Ajj hilne ne lakk
Te naal nachna

Aaj akkhan di taliyan
Te khil aayi kaliyan
Surma la akhiyan ch vekhe teri galiyan

Swara and sanskar were now dancing together forgetting about the world..she kept her arms on sanskar’s neck and moved with the music..!!

Hansdi o jachdi sohniya ve sachiyan
Nazran ne lagange khairan ne mangiyan

Ho lakh lakh vadhaiya ho
Tap tap bhangre vi poun
Wajdi sehnaiyan hun
Sang sang saare vi goun..

Main kehna whats up
Kehnde pauni ae khap
Te naal nachna

Swara was walking in the corridor when she heard a “shreek” sound but she ignored..sanskar was coming from back and saw swara’s back and his eyes popped out from his sockets he ran towards her and covered her back..she was talking to the guests and sanskar was revolving around her..!!

Swara: (To the guests) Hello..do enjoy the party..

Sanskar was sticking his back to her..”Hello..hello”..said sanskar smiling idiotically to the guests..

Swara:(murmuring)What are you doing Sanskar?? Don’t stick to me!!

“Swara vo…” Sanskar said still trying to hide her back..

Swara- What vo vo??

Sanskar: (in one breath) Swara your zip has sled down!! Aur vo dikh..

Swara: Kya!!

Swara immediately sticked to the wall and went inside the nearby room..sanskar was standing outside!!

Swara was standing in front of the mirror and trying to correct her zip but it didn’t..she had no option left now..she had to call sanskar as everybody was busy in the function..!!

Swara: Ab baher khadhe khadhe muh kya dekh rhe ho..??! Help kro..!! But ha kuch dekhna mt!!

Sanskar: Ok ok..

Sanskar came inside and she turned towards the mirror..Sanskar was going to look down to find the zip..

Swara: (moving away) No no..!! You can’t see anything!!

Sanskar: Arrey i was looking for the zip!!

Sanskar slowly slid her zip up and his fingers brushed her back..a beautiful eye lock took place through the mirror..swara was feeling so different under his touch..butterflies were dancing in swara’s body!!

Sanskar left her and swara broke the eye contact..both left the room..

The rings were exchanged and now swara and sanskar were standing together..!!

Swara: Thanks for the help..(smiling)

Sanskar: It’s OK..

Swara: Tuje pta hai tu pagal hai..?

Sanskar: Hain!! From where it came in between??

Swara: You are..so thought to tell you??

Sanskar: Haha..you and your talks??

Swara: (looking at him) You danced really well..!!

Sanskar: Thanks and tu bhi kar hi leti hai bandari..!!

Swara just looked at him and chuckled, she was in no mood of getting annoyed..!!

Swara: So, we are friends..right..?( Forwarding hand for a handshake..)

Sanskar: Yes sure..!!(gives in his hand)

Swara smiled whole heartedly..!!

They exchanged numbers and skype ids..!!

So friendship is done, what about love..??

To be continued..!!

A/N: So so so sorry if it was a boring one..!!?? Next part would be an entertaining one!! Do comment..??

Thank you and stay tuned!!

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