Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 17

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Part 17

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The Sangeet Day:

Sanskar was trying a lot to look through the ventilator that what was going on inside, but everytime he failed miserably??!!

“Abey yaar..seedha reh..why are you dancing..??!” Sanskar said standing on Ajay’s back while sanskar was trying hard to get a glimpse of his shona??!!

“Ek toh mujhe stool bnaya hua, and showing attitude..!! Why do you go to gym when can’t control your weight..??!??You are so heavy..” ajay said making faces..!!

“Ajay..!!” Piya shouted while moving from there..Ajay tripped hearing a shout and he fell backwards with Sanskar beneath him..!!??!!

“Ho gya kaand..” ajay murmured under his breath with Sanskar still beneath him??!!

“Oye..get up..!! Everything will come out..huh..!!Aaahh..!! What the hell..?! ” Sanskar said trying to get up..

Piya:(laughing) What were you both doing..??!

Ajay:(getting up) You know na..he can’t live without seeing Swara..so..as sujata aunty said till henna is being applied, no boy is allowed and after that there would be Sangeet in which they can come..!! Oh my god..what a long speech i gave??!!” Ajay said smiling idiotically looking at Sanskar..who gave him ‘come-to-my-room-and-i-will-see-you’ look..!!

Piya: Ok ok..now go..!! Get ready..Sangeet is going to get started..!!

Piya went inside saying this and Sanskar slapped the back of Ajay’s head..!???

“Come now..!!” Sanskar said going inside..

Ajay went behind him making faces??!!

Inside the venue:

“Whose name do you want to write in your mehendi mam..????” The henna designer asked Swara..

Swara smiled whole heartedly..”Sanskar..!!” Swara said being extremely happy..!!

The whole family was watching her being happy and what else they wanted??!!

Finally whose name she had printed on her heart was now on her hands also??!!

“Oye hoyye..” piya said nudging swara from side teasing her which she was doing from morning??..!!

“Stop na..let me see where it is written..if he asks what I will tell??..??!” Swara said laughing as she concentrated back on her mehendi..!!

Piya: (full nautanki) How could you..??

Swara(shaking her head): What happened now..??!

Piya: You forgot we were friends..!!?

“It’s done mam..!!” The henna designer said getting up as she completed it..!

Swara: Oh please..!! Stop it..!!

Henna designer: (scared??) What happened mam..??

Piya: Swara you are changed..!!

Swara: Ok thank you..!!

Piya: What…??? Thank you??!!

Henna designer: What happened mam..????

Swara: (full confused?) I am not changed you are over reacting..!! (Pointing her finger towards henna designer??)

Henna designer: What i did..??(almost crying??)

Piya: I’m over reacting huh..!!

Swara: Bassssssss..!!! Huh..i’m so confused right now??!! You both continuously speaking and speaking??!!(To the henna designer)You can go!!
(She runs away??)  And papita??!! Stop now..!!

Piya: Oh god Swara..now you forgot my name too??!!

Swara: I will go mad here..in fact I have already gone??!! (leaves)

Sangeet time??:

Swara was getting ready in her room, in a pink and golden lehenga looking breathtakingly beautiful??!! Piya was there helping her a minute ago but as a cal came, she had to go..!!

Swara was standing in front of the mirror, irritated..!! “Oh god..this dori??!!” Swara said trying hard to tie it but again she failed??!!

“I can help you..!!” A voice rang in his ears, she turned only to find her Sanskar standing there with a mischievous smile on his face, leaning to the door closing it..!!

Swara was shocked would be an understatement..!! She was surprised seeing him and he was looking devishly hot in a golden sherwani..she was loosing control now??!!

“No need..!!” Swara said smiling teasingly as she looked back in the mirror?!!

Sanskar thought his charm can’t neglect anybody and here, this girl was refusing him?!! No, ego is also important?!!

“But i will..!!” Sanskar said walking towards her..!! She pulled him like a magnet every time and made him lose his control?!!

“Abbi se he haq jtana shuru..!!” Swara said looking towards him through the mirror as he was tying the thin thread..!! Smile not leaving both of there lips, happiness surrounded them..!!

It could not have been better..!!

His cold fingers brushed her back making her shiver..his touch always made her numb and it was the best feeling she ever felt in this world?!!

“Tomorrow we will be together forever and no power would be able to separate us..we will be together till eternity..!!” Sanskar said smiling looking at her as he tied the thread..!!

Sanskar was not less happy, he back hugged her as they watched their perfect picture in the mirror but this happy wala moment was not long lived??!!

“I’m back Swara..oh sorry sorry..!!” Piya said entering the room, and turning back immediately??!!

Sanskar and Swara immediately parted..Sanskar was highly irritated..!!

“Ho gya..ho gya ab mera romance??..!! Sanskar said glaring Piya, who had just turned looking at both of them confused..!!

Piya: At Least lock the door!!

Sanskar: When I don’t close the door, you ask to close it..but when I close it..you say to lock it?..!! The main problem is you!

Piya glared at him and turned her face..”Come on Swara, let’s go..the sangeet has begun..!! We will only win..!! (Making faces)

She dragged Swara out of the room..!! Sanskar looked at her disappearing figure and sighed..”there is a competition lined up..??!” Sanskar said and went out confused??..!! (Kuch nhi pta??)

The hall:

The stage was all set..!! The host had took there places and the cheers and claps were no less..!! How it could be less..??! Our SwaSan were going to get married the next day..!!

Both the families were standing together and chatting, their bond had grown much deep in these days..!! All were happy..the environment was perfect..just perfect..!!

Swara and sanskar were made sit facing each other and ob Swara’s side there were the ladhki wale and on Sanskar’s side..the ladhke wale had their goggles on??..!!

Pari: You know i will rock it today..!!

Adarsh: Gir vir mat jana??!!

” What’s happening over here??..!!” Sanskar said in Rahul’s ear,one of Sanskar’s friend..!!

Rahul: (shocked) Have you lost it..?? There will a competition between the girls and boys..!! You are going to get married and still a dumb head?..!!

“Then tell na..now let’s see..kis mein kitna hai dum..!!” Sanskar said smirking looking at Swara, who was also giving him the same smile??..!!

Ajay and Piya were hosting the show..!!

Ajay: (smiles) So let’s begin guys..!! The boys will perform first..!!

Piya: Oh hello..how can you guys perform first..??

Ajay: By dancing..sill girl?..!!

Piya: Oh please…(interrupted)

Shomi: Stop and start the sangeet?..!! Fighting on the mike only?..!! No competition! Dance together..Pari ki shadi mein kiya tha na..!!

Both smiled sheepishly..the boys along with Sanskar  and the girls with Swara came forward??..!! Many had their goggles on being inside the hall?..!!

Jo bhida tere..
Jo bhida tere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Jo bhida tere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua

Swara was standing in front of the girls and sanskar in front of the boys..!!

Tune sharma ke window se jhanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Aa sun o ri gori
Mohabbat mein tohri
Na jaane kab June se December hua

Sanskar started dancing around Swara first and she was showing the attitude??!!

Tune English mein
Tune English mein jab humko danta
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Pyar se maara gaalon pe chanta
Toh aashiq surrender hua

Jo bhida tere naino se..

Swara showed thumbs down to him and went from there..!!

Hey look mera ye awesome
Adayein beautiful hai
Jaanti hoon main tujhe
Tu kitna blo*dy fool hai, oye!

Hey look mera ye awesome
Adayein beautiful hai
Jaanti hoon main tujhe
Tu kitna blo*dy fool hai
Tu kitna blo*dy fool hai..

Now swara came forward and started dancing..!!

All there friends and cousins joined them and started dancing together on the beats??!!

Are shadiyon ka season
Na April Fool hai
Kaise hum keh de
Ki haan ji haan qubool hai

Innocency se face maine dhanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Jo bhida mere…
Jo bhida mere naino se tanka
Toh aashiq surrender hua
Surrender hua…

Swara and Sanskar started dancing together and were enjoying their wedding rituals to the core..!!

Ajay: So let’s begin the couple dance..!!

Sanskar forwarded his hand towards Swara and she accepted thinking not even once..!!

Ye aa ya-ya ya-ya…

Dil ki maange thodi thi kam
Har duaa bhi thodi maddham

Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaaya jab
Jaise dargah pe baandhe dhaage tab
Bina maange hi mill gaya hai sab
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan.. hua

He pulled her closure looking deep down in her eyes??!! Smile never leaving her lips as her hands found their way towards his shoulder..!! He was gently caressing her waist, moving with the beat??!!

Ye aa ya-ya ya-ya…

Haathon ko tere apne
Haathon mein le leti hoon
Ke taqdeerein apni saari padh loon

He twirled her and then again pulled her closure..!! Their hands intertwined..

Aankhon mein tere chhupte
Armaan main dhoondhta hoon
Bas tu soche, aur poore main kar doon

He picked her up and she smiled whole heartedly..!! He just loved her this smile, and it was much better when he was the reason??!!

Abhi abhi toh hum adhoore thhe
Poore ho gaye tere roobaroo
Oo.. ye bhi deekhe na
Kahaan main khatam, kahaan tu shuru
Aankhein teri (aankhein teri)
Girti hain jab (girti hain jab)
Ab to neendein aati hain tab

Humko lagta hai kuch dino se ab
Tu ibaadat hai, tu hi hai mazhab
Bewajah kaise, kyu, kahaan aur kab

Meherban hua hua
Meherban hua hua
Meherban.. hua

He brought her down and the roars of whistles and claps brought them in reality..!!

But the song changed suddenly..!!

Ajay and piya dragged all the family members on the stage wearing black goggles and adarsh and pari were at the front..!!

Tere naa’ diyan dhooman pe gaiyan
Tu chandigarh tohn ayi ni
Tenu dekh ke hoke bharde ne
Khade chowkan vich sipahi ni

Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Jyon daag ae chand de tukde te
Tenu kala chashma

Swara and Sanskar were looking at them confused..!!

Tenu kala chashma
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te

DP came forward wearing black goggles with bald head??!! Even SwaSan could not control there laughter..!!

Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe humein
Jhooti liar!

All the members were dancing on the same steps as the song and Swara and Sanskar were watching them amused! They didn’t told them that they could dance so well..!!?

Kala kala chasma jachta tere mukhde pe
Jaise kala til jachta hai tere chin pe
Apni adaaon se zyada nahi to
10-12 ladke to maar hi deti hogi tu din me
Tujh jaise 36 phirte hain
Meri wargi aur na honi ve
wargi aur na honi ve
wargi… aur na honi ve

They dragged Swara and Sanskar with them too and the whole environment could not have been much better than this!

Kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te

The wedding the next day, and this much happiness the previous day..!! What else they wanted..??!

Swara and Sanskar were equally happy, finally they had got what they wanted and now they would be together for forever and ever..!!

Soon the guest went and the function ended..!! The elders were busy discussing the preparations for the next day and our love birds were on the terrace doing kuch kuch??!!

The terrace:

“Swara yaar..!! Where it is..!?! I’m not able to find it..!! Tell na..!!” Said sanskar irritated as he was holding Swara’s hand and was looking for his name on her henna..!! 

The colour was dark as it could be??!!

Swara was laughing seeing his condition..

“Don’t tell me you forgot it..!!” Sanskar said jerking Swara at first..!!

Swara (settling her between his arms again): Don’t move na..and yes ican see it then why can’t you..??!

Actually both were on the large swing and swara was on sanskar’s lap??!!

He was back hugging her as tight as he could??!!

Sanskar:(sighing in relief) I found it..!! Huff..

Swara (smiling) It was not as much as difficult like you had created it..!!

Sanskar: But just look at the colour (nuzzling in her neck??) I think you would be hubby loves you so much..!!

Swara (breathing heavily): Ya he loves me so much..!!

Sanskar smiled and started delivering kisses on her neck..she closed her eyes feeling his touch, it was devine and did magic on her body..!!

Shivers went down her eyes as his both bands held her’s, and made her turn..!!

Both were looking deeply in each other’s eyes where they could only find immense love for each other..!! He cupped her face and her breathing hitched at their proximity..!!

He leaned forward and she parted her lips in anticipation..!! He kept his lips on her’s and kissed her passionately, forgetting of the whole world??!! They were in the moment right in there, and this was magic..!! There was only one feeling there, love!!

Both sucked the life of each other’s petals lime there was no tomorrow..!!

Both broke the kiss and rested their foreheads against each other and smiled..!!

The next day, the WEDDING day:


The preparations for the haldi was going on in full swing..!!

Anupurna: Arrey choriyo jaldi jaldi kaam karo..!! Shadi karni hai mahre chore ne!

There in Swara’s room:

She was not looking less then a princess, in a yellow saree draped around and and all the ornaments made of flower..!!

Shomi: See Swara, as the haldi would show its effect, you will look more prettier and (interrupted)

Piya: Jiju will go flat on you??!!

Swara blushed a little and looked at herself through the mirror..!! Finally it was the day of her wedding, with her soulmate..!!

Sanskar’s room: (pkka koi tamasha kr rha hoga??!!)

“Arrey bhai what is this kapdhe ki than..?! I can’t even find its starting toh beginning toh dur ki baat hai??..!!” Sanskar said irritated??..!!

Adarsh: Oh God Sanskar! I should help you in this also..?! You are gonna get married man..huh..!!

Adarsh helped him and Sanskar looked at himself in the mirror wearing the so called DHOTI ??!!

Adarsh: Now don’t come to me ok when they would apply haldi on you and you would feel irritated..!!

Sanskar stamped his foot in anger on the floor and his dhoti was about to drip??!!

Sanskar immediately catched it..!!

Sanskar: (holding dhoti with one hand and signalling adarsh to go from the other hand) Go bhai..i will handle??..!!

The venue..!!

Both Swara and Sanskar were sitting on the large stools and were being applied haldi one by one..!! The area was separated for Swara and Sanskar by a huge cloth..!!

Sanskar was making brilliant faces??..!!

All the family members applied haldi to them whole heartedly..!! Smile not leaving their lips??..!!

Sanskar:(whispering in ajay’s ear..!!) I want to see Swara yaar..!!

Ajay: Just bend a little backwards..

Sanskar looked bending backwards and there he saw his life laughing, enjoying☺☺..!! He smiled as she was happy..!! ?? He saw her as the cloth ended there..!!

Piya was the last one to apply haldi to swara and she was looking into her eyes mischieviously..!! Swara was looking at her each and every keenly but before she could realise, the whole haldi bowl was onher face..!!

Everybody was looking at her shocked and then bursted out laughing??looking at yellow yellow swara..!!

Swara(haldi dripping): You are gone..!!

They started running in the whole hall and everybody was admiring their bond..!!

Ajay was not admiring the bond, he was admiring Piya??..!!

Soon all went in their rooms..!!

Swara’s room:

Swara: Piya i want to see Sanskar once in Dhoti yaar..!!

Piya: Oho..then go..

Swara: But how can i..?! Everybody will see me..!!

Piya: Ok ok, i and ajay will keep them busy and you can go then..!!(ajay kaha se aaya pucho isse?)

Swara nodded at her and she was too curious to look at him..!!

Ajay and piya kept eveyone busy and Swara with baby steps went in Sanskar’s room..!!

Sanskar was shocked to see her there…

“Swara tumhe bhi meri lat lag gyi hai??..!!” Sanskar said smirking at which swara arked her eyebrow..!!

“Vo kya hain Mr. Maheshwari, muje aapko na dekhna tha..!! Vaise not lokking bad..” Swara said moving towards him and keeping her hands on his shoulders..!!

Sanskar: Oh toh yeh baat hai..

He pulled her closure by waist and she cupped his cheek..!! Sanskar took a minute to realise that she applied haldi on him..!! She was smiling looking at him as he smiled teasingly..!!

He moved further closure to her and rubbed his cheek with her’s..!! She had lost her senses when she entered the room and how his touch was making her senseless..!!

This was peace..both were just incomplete without one another??..!!

He pulled back and she opened his eyes..

“Now it’s complete..” sanskar said gazing swara intensely as she blushed..!! Then the screen blurred..(privacy do bhai??)

The WEDDING night:

“No no never..itne kam..na na..nahi chalega?..!!”piya said looking at Sanskar who had just arrived with the baarat and was seeking permission to go in??..!!

Sanskar:(folding hands) Sali sahiba..forgive us i have only Rs.10 ??

Piya: Na na..these much lies..!! Come on..you want to see Swara Bhabi na..!! Pull out the money??..!!

Sanskar sighed and pulled a heavy amount from his pocket..!!

Sanskar: Keep it..now let me go?..!!

Piya: yeh hui na baat..go go??..!!

Sanskar was made sit at the mandap and he was looking here and there to find his lady love..!!

Ajay: Keep patience..

Swara’s room:

Shomi: My daughter is looking devine..don’t forget us Swara..!!

Swara hugged her tightly and wiped her tears..”no more tears mom..!!” Swara said looking at shomi..!!

Soon swara was brought downstairs and Sanskar was just lost seeing her..she was looking breath takingly awesome in a bridal red lehenga??..!!

His eyes refused to leave her as she was made sit beside him..!!

Ajay and Piya and already started showering flowers on them looking at them admirably??..!!

Sanskar: Chudail lag rhi ho..?

Swara looked at him shockingly..”huh..jao maine nahi karni shadi..!!”

Sanskar: Soniyo, keher dha rhe ho..!!

Swara’s cheeks turned red in his intense gaza and the priest started chanting the mantras??..!!

Someone entered the hall covering his face with a mask andwent in a corner where no body could see him..!!

He pulled out his gun and aimed to shoot at the groom, that is Sanskar..!!

Swara saw the gun point and looked at the Sanskar terrified..!! She again lolked at the man and shocked to the core as he was just going to shoot..!!

The person shooted the bullet..!!

Swara: Sanskarrrrr..!!!!!(shouts terrified)

Sanskar: Swaraaaaaa..!!

Silence prevailed in the hall as fear engulfed them..!!

To be continued:

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