Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 16

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Part 16

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A day before mehndi and sangeet:

Sanskar’s home:

“Mom please! Apne bhagwaan ke khatir swara se milne do?! Mom mera jeena mushkil ho gya hai?!!” Sanskar said with a puppy face looking at Sujata, who was melting slowly slowly..!! ??

Sujata: Ok ok, fine..!! You can meet her?!! Stop eating my brain??…!!

Sanskar kissed her cheek and ran outside as everyone was smiling looking at his eagerness..

Swara’s home:

Swara was sitting on her bed reading a book, not at all interested in meeting Sanskar??!!

But she was damn happy by their wedding, they would be together forever and no one could separate them??!!

Finally she was getting the biggest happiness of her life?!!

Her phone started to ring suddenly flashing the name “LOVE” on it??!!

Swara shook her head unbelievingly and picked up the call smilingly..!!

Swara: Hello..

Sanskar: Come out i’m standing outside!!

Swara: But you know na Sanskar..

Sanskar: But mom granted the permission, you can ask her..!!

Swara got up from her bed and moved towards her window..!! She was standing their but the curtains were still there..!!

Swara (smilingly): sachi mein na..

Sanskar smiles seeing her shadow on the curtains still holding the phone in his hand..!!

” Muchi..tum curtains toh htao..!!” Sanskar said being impatient..!!

“Ok..!!” Swara said blushing a little, smile never leaving her lips..!!

Swara removed the curtains and was looking at sanskar admirably..!! He just couldn’t live without seeing her..!!

She smiled whole heartedly??!!

Sanskar was also smiling looking at her and indicated her to get ready and come out..!! She nodded smilingly and ran inside..!!

It had not been more than 5 minutes when she came out running out of the house wearing a capri and a baby pink shirt looking simple yet elegant??!!

Sanskar was bowled out by her beauty but controlled himself?!!

She was looking so beautiful even without makeup and hairs tied up in a pony tail..!!

She saw him leaning on the bonnet of the car, looking dashing! She came running towards him running and threw herself in his arms hugging him from the neck..!! He stumbled a bit due to the force but immediately wrapped his arms around her waist protectively??!!

She was feeling so much good which can’t be expressed..!!

He took her towards the passenger seat still hugging her and her feat above the ground??!!

He made her sit and sat on the driver seat starting the car..!!

“But where are we going..??” Swara said confused, tucking her arm with his resting her head on his shoulder..!!

“Her baar nhi btane vala main..!!” Sanskar said chuckling!

Swara immediately withdrew her arm pouting..”you didn’t told me last time also..!!”     Swara said turning towards the window angrily..!!

Sanskar(feeling like kaha sir maaru main apna??): Arrey swara..is mein gussa hone vali konsi baat hai..??!

Swara looked at him narrowing her eyes and again turned towards the window??!!

After 10 minutes of drive:

“Swaraaaa..” sanskar said very sweetly with extra sugar and honey after 10 minutes of silence while trying to put his hand on her hand..?!!

Swara immediately withdrew her hand..”koi achi si jgah leke chlo toh manugi??..!!” Swara said showing full attitude..!!

“Ahaan..Ok madam” sanskar said smiling concentrating back on the road as he knew, where he was taking her she would surely like it??!!

After 1 hour:

“We have reached..!!” Sanskar said stopping the car!

“Here..this deserted hill??..!!” Swara said pointing towards the side..

“Arrey come on let’s go and a surprise is waiting for you..!!” Sanskar said holding her hand and bringing her out of the car while swara stood confused?!!

Soon after a walk of around 10 minutes, Both Swara and Sanskar were standing on a hill top where the preparations for  paragliding was going on??!!

(My dream??)

“Sanskar..!! How do you know..??!” Swara said being amused as she never thought anyone knew her this secret!!

“Bhabhi told me..!!” Sanskar said holding swara’s shoulder from the back and smiled..!!

Swara:(extremely happy) Thank you Sanskar! I loved it…i always wanted to do this but nobody allowed me..!! (Hugged him) Thank you for fulfilling my each wish, thank you for bringing so much happiness in my life..!! Thank you for coming in my life..!! Thank you..(interrupted)

Sanskar was listening hugging her back when he parted away..

Sanskar: Arrey bas bas..!! Itna thank you..dukkan ka sara stock le aayi ho kya..???? Come let’s get ready..!!

Both went towards the trainers and instructors who were going to guide them..!!

As they were wearing the clothes for protection, the girl who was helping Sanskar was not left unnoticed by Swara’s gaze who were looking at them keenly..!! Her expression was a million dollar one..!!

One girl was not enough, two more came to help him??!!

The trio were just helping Sanskar but he was flirting with them seeing Swara.. which was not at all liked by swara..!!

Sanskar: Hello girls..may i know the name of these beautifuls..!!

Girl: Hi..myself abc??..

Sanskar: What a beautiful name..??

Swara looked at them and threw daggers at them..!! She could not tolerate any other girl near her Sanskar, and here this abc was introducing herself..!! He was hers, only hers!!

She went towards them and pulled Sanskar out from the there..!!

“You can go..!!??” Swara said rudely to the girls as they went from there making faces..!!

After they went, Swara was just going to go away when he pulled her back and she crashed with his chest..!!??

She was looking at him lost..again she was loosing control but not this time!

Swara:(angry) Leave me..!!

Sanskar(smirks): Aise kaise jane du jaaneman?!!

Swara looked at him angrily as he cupped her face tucking a strand of hair behind her ears..!!

Swara: What was she doing with you..??!

Sanskar twisted his lips indicating he doesn’t know and he received a flying slap on shoulder immediately??!!

“She was standing with you and you don’t know what she was doing..!!” Swara said angrily turning her face..!!

Sanskar started delivering kisses on her face slowly forgetting where they were and they had to do paragliding also??!!

She just went numb by his touch, closing her eyes she was just loving it..!! But suddenly she pushes him..

“Ok ok, maaf kiya! Mauke ka fayda mat uthao..!! Meri paragliding ka kya..” swara said chuckling..

Sanskar irritatingly went towards the instructor as she spoiled his whole mood..!!

“Let’s begin..!!” The instructor said as they were going to start the journey towards the plains..!!

Sanskar was at the back and Swara was at the front highly afraid..!!

Swara(afraid): Sanskar what if i fall down..??

Sanskar: Nothing will happen don’t worry..!!

Soon the journey began and they were flying??!!

Dhaani si dhaani si
Sharbati paani si
Dheere dheere se
Teri chahat chadhti hai

Swara: Aaaaaaaaaaaa..!!(shouts in excitement)

Smile never leaving their faces, both were enjoying it to the core..!!

Thodi naadaani si
Thodi shaitani si
Dheeme dheeme se
Teri aadat badhti hai

Sanskar was so happy seeing her lady love so happy, he did not want anything else..!! She was so happy, and he was proud that he was the reason!!

Tu hai toh mere ru-ba-ru
Par kya karun
Yakeen hi nahi aata
Shaam se subah karun
Dekha karun
raha bhi nahi jaata

He was holding her tightly from the back, their bodies glued to each other..!! His breath fanning her nape, giving her goosebumps in air also..??!!

“I LOVE YOU..!!” Both shouted at the same time and smiled looking at each other..

Afeemi afeemi afeemi hai yeh pyaar
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar
Ho.. Afeemi afeemi afeemi hai yeh pyaar
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar

Both clicked so any selfies in the air, crazily??!!

Soon they were on the ground, smiling endlessly as she hugged him till the eternity..!!

Khumari khumari na aaye re karaar
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar..

Thodi pighalti hoon
Thodi phisalti hoon
Ghash khaake teri hi
Baahon mein girti hoon

“Best thing ever happened to me is you..!!” Swara said closing her eyes finding solace in his arms??!!

He hugged her back with the same passion enclosing her in his arms protecting her from the evil eyes if the world??!!

Soon both reached towards the car and swara was standing leaning towards the door of the car while his both hands were on the either sides of her, not letting her run away this time..!!

“So i should get my rewards na..” sanskar said nuzzling in her neck and caressing her neck with the tip of his nose and leaving his hot breath on her face??..!!

“Sans..sanskar..!!”swara said moaning as his touch was making her senseless..!! She closed her eyes feeeling his touch on her again..!!

Sanskar leaned towards her kissing her both crimson red cheeks??making her to clutch his shirt tightly??!!

He leaned further and smashed his lips over hers kissing her softly sgowing her that she is his and they will be together for ever..!! ??

She replied with the same passion and entered his mouth fighting for dominance..!! They were sucking the life out of each other’s soft petals, refusing to break the kiss??!!

Soon they parted away as oxygen is necessary for life??!!

They rested their fore heads against each other and smiled whole heartedly..!!

In the car:

It was about half an hour after they had started the journey for going back home..!! Sanskar’s phone started to ring all of a sudden..he picked it up..

Sanskar: Hello..

Other side: —-

Sanskar: Arrey no no..(not agreeing)

Other side: —-

Sanskar: But i…(interrupted)

Other side: —-

Sanskar: Ok ok..don’t shout..!! I will..

He cuts the call and looks at Swara who was looking at him confused..

Swara: What happened..?! (Confused)

Sanskar fakely smiled and nodded in nothing and continued driving??!! He was very nervous and confused from inside..!!

( Btao ..kya ho sakta..????)

At evening:

Sanskar’s home:

“Ha yr.i’m just getting ready..!!” Sanskar said being nervous and cut the call??!!

“Koi gadhbadh na ho jaye bs..!! I don’t wanna lie to her..!!” Sanskar said in mind worriedly..!!

Just then again his phone began to ring..

It was Swara..?? Sanskar picked up the call gulping??!!

Swara(smiling): Let’s go outside for dinner Sanskar..!!

Sanskar(sad): Sorry swara but i can’t..i am a bit busy..

Swara(smiles): It’s ok..you can continue..will talk with you later..!! Bye..

Sanskar: Bye..

Sanskar cuts the call and sighs in relief..!!

He picks up his car keys and runs outside..!!

At night club:

“Finally Sanskar tu aa he gya..!!” Ajay said giving a hifi to sanskar as he nervously sat on the bar counter..!!

Sanskar : Areey dhat..!! I never lie to her..

Ajay: (keeps hand on his shoulder): Yaar this is the last day as a bachelor..enjoy it??!!

Sanskar thinks for a while..

Sanskar: You are right..last day..last night..let’s rock it??!! (Arrey buddhu, jab pta lge ga toh krna enjoy..!!)

All the boys gulp the shots kept in front and went on the dance floor..!!

They were dancing along the beats of the song..!!

All were dancing with hands up in the air, celebrating freedom??!! (Kaye ki freedom..!!)

Girls were also dancing around him, but he didn’t gave them a damn but they were chipkus??!!

Someone was seeing him the entrance dancing and was enraged in anger..!!  But she has to do it..!!

She called Sanskar from the entrance..

There sanskar’s phone budged and he came in a corner..

Seeing the collar ID again he was in guilt and the person seeing him from the entrance was smiling angrily..!!??(yeh kon si smile hoti hai bhai??)

(I know you know who is at the entrance..??)

Sanskar: Hello..

Swara: Sanskar i’m waiting outside..!!

Sanskar: I’m not at home Swara..!!

Swara: (looking at him) Turn..

Sanskar turned a bit surprised and was shocked to see her there would be an under statement..!!

He ran towards her and she was thinking of something mischievious..!!

Swara glared at him angrily and dragged him outside the club..!!

“Sanskarrrrr..you..!! ??I was so worried for you after the calm you received in the car..so I followed you and here you are doing bachelor’s party??..!! Dancing with..with..that skiny girls??!!” Swara shouted at him hiding the smile playing on the her lips..!!

Sanskar was thinking jis baat ka dar tha vahi hua..!!??

Sanskar: Arrey they were coming to me themselves.. what to do when i’m so handsome..!!??

Swara: Huh..handsome my foot..!! Sari ladhkiyan her time aage piche..!!

Sanskar: Pr meri kya..(interrupted)

Swara: Haha sanskar..!! Look at your face!! You are afraid of me so much..!! I know you did not do anything..!! I know..you were not doing anything..I TRUST YOU.. I’m proud that i have got you (smiles)..why to shout on you everytime??..!!

(Arrey, bohut daant khali usne?? aur vause bhi apna sanskar kisi aur ko dekh sakta hai kya..?? Trust bhi zruri hai na..!! Whats say..??)

Sanskar’s mouth was O-shaped by now pretending to think..

Sanskar smirked and held her from the waist and pulled her closer..!!

Her hands were around his neck and he was smirking teasingly..

Sanskar(smirks): You must get the punishment na..

Swara: I’m ready..(smirks)

Sanskar’s mouth was again O- shaped??

Sanskar leaned towards her and kissed her both eyes and then forehead..!! Shivers went doen her spine with his touch and was feeling blessed to have him..!!

She was loosing control over him again as he was delivering feathery kisses over her face..!!

Unable to control anymore, Swara smashes her lips over his kissing him widly this time..!! Both were pouring there whole love for eachother in the kiss..!! Swara’s hand went towards his hairs pulling him more closer..

He was caressing her waist slowly giving her goosebumps..??

Both were feeling the best in each other’s arms again,forgetting the world??!!

Truly, they were inseparable now..!!

To be continued..!! Do read?

A/N: I know it was not that good..!! Thank you for all the comments and do comment and share your views..!! This episode is dedicated to Tamil, Sus, a, Meera_s, Scooby, Anu, Seebu_s, Shrinjal, kat, Soujanya, Ritu, Mica, Vyshu10 and to all my readers..!! Sorry if i forget anyone..!! Love you all???

Thank you..!!

Stay tuned??

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