Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 11

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Part 11

Swara’s home:

Shekhar was in the living room, reading his newspaper when the doar bell rang. He opened the door and was shocked to see Mr and Mrs. Gupta standing there. Actually shekhar and Mr.Gupta were business partners and they were the parents of Sahil.

Shekhar: Why are you standing there?? Come in Mr Gupta..

Mr Gupta: Haha ok come..

They all sat down on the sofa and shekhar told shomi to serve them..

Shekhar: So what was the cause you came here..??! About the business deal..??

Mr Gupta: Shekhar, today I’m not here to make any business deal..main yaha hamari dosti ko rishtedaari mein badalne aaya hun!!

Shekhar: What!! I did not understand what are you talking about Mr Gupta..

“Call your daughter Swara here..!!” Mr Gupta said to Shekhar in a calm voice which left Shekhar confused..

“Swara…!!” Shekhar shouted from downstairs and came down..”Yes dad..!!” She said after entering the living room and wishing Mr and Mrs Gupta..

Shekhar: Mr Gupta wants to talk to you..!!

Swara turned towards Mr Gupta..

Mr Gupta: Swara beta, you are a very nice girl and I got to know about your and Sahil’s relationshilp..i don’t have any problem with it and i want that you both tie the knot as soon as possible with the approval of your parents..i want you to be my daughter in law..!!

Swara was so shocked by all this that she didn’t uttered a word. She loved Sanskar, this was all she knew. She wanted time for Sahil but it all was going so fast. She was not ready for this. Tears started to form in her eyes. Her life was becoming a mess. It was just like the fate has turned its face from her..!!

Shekhar and Shomi were shocked by this. But they were open minded. If their daughter loved him, they would have no problem.

Shekhar: Is it true Swara..??!

Swara: (almost crying) Yes Dad..!!

Shekhar: That’s a good news. Are you ready for this..?!(stroking her hairs)

Swara: No dad, i’m not ready for marriage right now..!!

Mr Gupta: Then it’s not a problem beta..you can just do the engagement and then marriage after your college..!!

Shekhar: Is it fine Swara..??!

Swara had no other option..her parents were happy and she had to do this. But her heart was not at all ready..

Swara: ( in a very low wife)Yes..!!(a tear slid down her eyes which she wiped immediately)

Mr Gupta: That’s great!! We will conduct the engagement the day after tomorrow..

Shekhar, Shomi and Swara all were shocked..!!

Shekhar: But ..itni jaldi!! Preparations..

Mr Gupta: You don’t worry about it..!! And it’s better that the engagement happens soon..!!(smirks)

Shekhar: Ok then..we will be alone now Shomi!!(emotional and looking at Shomi)

The trio hugged eachother..swara cried silently on her fate..!! She was frustrated..

Swara’s Room:

“Why…God why..?? Why i am in such a situation..?? Neither i can’t forget Sanskar nor i can marry Sahil..!! Why this marriage now!!” Swara cried out sitting on the floor of her room..seriously, fate was not in her favour..

She got up and layed on the bed still crying..!!

The dark clouds were still there..

At the college:

Swara and Sahil were standing together..

Swara: What was that Sahil..?? How could you do that..?? You did not ask me..and sent the alliance..!! Are you mad..i agreed just for my parents..i will not marry you so soon..i need time..

Sahil: OK..i’m sorry..forgive me..(keeping hand on her shoulder)

Swara(removing his hand): Please Sahil…(damn angry)

The canteen:

Sanskar was still in the same situation!! He was alone without his Swara. Tears were still in his eyes..!! But his past..

Soon swara and sahil came in the canteen hand in hand..it irked sanskar to the core and he closed his eyes and turned to the other side..!!

Sahil: Hey guys..!! As you know me and swara are in a relationship, but now we are going to be one soon..!! Yes, we will marry after college and our engagement is tomorrow and everybody is invited..!! Do come (smirks)(looks at Sanskar)

Sanskar felt his whole world crashed in front of his eyes..!! He saw his best friend, his LOVE in some one else’s arms..!! It was the time!! Yes, it was the time to realise..he realised how much he loves swara..!! She is his life and his heartbeat and he can’t lose her. He smiled painfully..His past is past and he have to focus on his present..!! Finally, his brain started to work..he knew swara would not agree here..he have to do something tomorrow..he can’t lose her.. he can’t..!!

Swara and his eyes met and they had a painful eye lock..sanskar wanted to tell so many things to her but he just couldn’t..he still had hope..

Things were back on track!!

Sanskar’s Home:

He was moving to and fro in his room thinking what to do..?? He can’t lose Swara at any cost..she was his, only his..!! He accept that he had a mistake by rejecting but he was not aware of his feelings..!! He regret it a lot..hurting swara was the biggest sin he commited, and now he has to overcome the mistake. She will not forgive him easily and it was only fear he had that if she rejected him and would be abandant on marrying Sahil..!!

Pari was passing by his room and saw him tensed. She got worried by seeing him like that and entered the room. She kept her hand on his shoulder and he turned. He was surprised for a bit seeing her here, but than sighed sadly..pari was noticing his each and every action and was confused!

Pari: What happened Sanskar? Why are you so tensed..??! (Worried)

“Wo bhabi actually..vo..” sanskar stammered and pari could notice his nervousness. She smiled.

” You don’t need to be nervous Sanskar. I’m your family and you can share anything with me. Don’t hesitate and tell me what it is.” Said pari comforting him.

He smiled and moved towards the window as his back faced Pari. “I love her..” sanskar said looking outside..he had so much love in his voice and longing for Swara. It showed how much he missed her and their separation hurted him a lot. He was suffering equally. He loved her..deeply..

“Whom” pari said surprised..

“Swara” said sanskar..as her name left sanskar’s mouth, she couldn’t believe it. He was in love with her Sister and she also knew that Swara loved him. Both were perfect together. And moreover pari and swara would be in same home. But then reality hits her. Her sister’s engagement was tomorrow.

Swara had called her and told her everything about it and pari hesitatingly agreed as she really wants to marry Sahil. Swara also told her that she loves Sanskar. Pari stopped her several times but she did not agree. She believed he will keep her happy But pari did not liked him at all.

“But ..tomorrow engagement..!!” Pari said all worried and running lack of words. Her sister was going to get engaged to a wrong person who was never meant for her.” Stupid fellow..!!” Pari abused sahil in mind??!!

“Don’t worry bhabi, i will not lose her at any cost!! She is my breath and i can’t live without her. I know she also loves me and will forgive me..she loves me unconditionally and i was so stupid to reject her.. ” sanskar said with hope as the day ended..!! It will be the difficult and the most crucial day in his life..!!

Pari stood there smilingly, as everything was going to be okay.


Sanskar’s room:

A mongoose and a snake were fighting??!! The fight was going on in full swing, and snake was just going to win the battle, when Sanskar woke up panting heavily..!!??

“What was that..??!” Sanskar said in mind wiping his sweat when the scene of the dream came in his mind where the mongoose had the face of sanskar and the snake had the face of sahil????!! (Imagine..!!??)

“Sleep Sanskar..!! You are not going to turn to mongoose tomorrow to fight with him??..!!” Sanskar said and covered himself full with blanket!!

Engagement Day:


The venue was decorated and the guests had started to arrive. The whole Maheshwari family was also invited and pari was Swara’s sister. All were happy except the two souls – Swara and Sanskar.

Swara was coming down the stairs looking extremely beautiful in a lehnga. She was just looking devine.

Sanskar was cleaned bowled by seeing her..she was a wonderful creation of god and was meant to be only his. No one can separate them..they were meant to be SwaSan.

Her eyes met his and both were lost. Swara stared him with anger, pain and above all, love. He was hurt to her pale face, dark circles under her eyes showing her sleepless nights. He looked at her with affection and love and there was a shine in his eyes. He was hopeful.

The function was going on in full swing with various dance performances..!! Swa_Hil danced a bit as swara had withdrawn later.

It was time to exchange the rings..swara was so scared that her hands started trembling..she was not ready..on the other side, sahil was smirking evilly!!

But all the  lights went off making everyone shocked and a spot light came and focused on a person and it was none other than Sanskar..!!

Sanskar: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I just want to sing a song for someone very special..she is my heartbeat, i’m nothing without her and I just want to tell you how much i missed you..(smiles)

Palkein jeeye kaise aankhon bina
Mumkin hai ye kya O mere Khuda?
Kyun saans loon yun hi bas bewajah
Riha kar mujhe mere dardon se zara

Dil jo ibaadat kare ishq ki
Toh marke bhi zinda rahe aashiqui

He continued to sing it with full heart, passion and above all love..swara felt every word was just meant for her and her eyes became glassy with tears..both had painful eyelock..

Junooniyat hai yehi (x10)

Sanskar was staring her lovingly..

Tu nahi toh lag rahe hain
Raat jaise din
Aankhon ke mausam hain bheege
Aaj tere bin

Tu juda to ruk gayi hain
Seene mein saansein kahin
Haathon se bichdi lakeerein
Keh rahi hain bas yehi

He started to move towards Swara making her numb..she froze to her spot while he smiled painfully looking at her!!

Dil jo ibaadat kare ishq ki
Toh marr ke bhi zinda rahe aashiqui

Junooniyat hai yehi (x10)

He came in front of her and did not care for the whole world which was staring him..he went down on his knees and folded his hands..

“I’m very Sorry swara, very sorry..please forgive me. I know i have commited a big mistake which can’t be forgiven easily. I was a idiot to reject you. But i didn’t knew my feelings then..!! I don’t know any poetic lines but You are my heartbeat Swara..my day starts with your smile and ends with it..you are my life without i am just useless. I can’t live without you Swara..I LOVE YOU!! Yes Swara, i am madly, deeply, crazily in love with you..!! Please forgive me..

All present there was hell shocked and their mouths hung open!! Sahil was fuming in anger.. but pari was very happy, after all her sister was getting her love??!!

Sanskar was looking at her with hope still on his knees and swara was crying vigorously..what he thought of himself
.??? Everytime he would break her heart and would ask sorry..?? No ! She will not forgive him easily!! Sanskar was very sad seeing her tears and this time he was the cause of this..!! He got up and extended his hands to wipe her tears but before he could realise, their was a burning sensation on his cheeks!!

Swara slapped him hard and there he was standing with his hand on his cheek looking at her with shock while she had pain in her eyes and stared him angrily!!

To be continued..!!

A/N: So finally our dumb Sanskar realised his love..!! So there love story begins..!! Do comment and share your views!! I gave this episode quickly so the next episode will not come any time sooner??!! This is dedicated to all my readers as a treat!!

Stay tuned..!!

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