Dil Me Mere o Kanha tu hi tu (Episode 6) (kriyam) by jaspinder

After a while some ladies realise about discrimination.. krishna told them we are living in modern society so please don’t think about that.

rags said this culture is going on for harappan age when men started to develop themselves.. firstly Dravidian (south indian) living near north but Aryans defeated them and they settled to south..

till now lot of people are believed in racism and discrimination and all tht..so please stop this and after all we are human.

krishna nods.

the ladies were impressed by Rags words and they allowed their children to play with kamli and to participate..

everybody happily managed all and started to prepare for audition round..

but next delima was to choose the theme for play.

suddenly syiam gave the idea about romio juliet but krishna refused because nobody can understand that theme and apart from love we should adopt the choice of villagers..

bhavna gave idea about ramayan.. she said as villaegers love kanha and all god so we should play a part of ramayan..

everybody agreed.

the next part was to choose the candidate.. so everybody sat together to choose candidates. but for that they need proper planing for awareness among villagers..

sayiam got an idea..he said i need just 5 mints.. he came somewhere and took one rickshaw with him. everybody laughed to see sayiam on rickshaw..
krishna laughed and asked about what is this..why u coming with it..

he said we need a proper plan as villagers are desi or old fashioned so they must like our views of advertising our function..

everybody divided their work according to the plans and sayiam and krishna sat on rickshaw..

sayiam rides and kamli took place with krishna.. they hold mike and started to announced about the function of Ram seeta..

everybody mysteriously checking them and went back to their home..

suddenly music starts…

rags and bhavna came with some children and starts dance…


lots of children were gathered around..

suddenly sarpanch came there and asked them to stop this bullshit..

precap..sayiam made a plan to convince sarpanch as it is only possible with the help of sarpanch..sarpanch agreed. but what was the plan???
dekhte raheye… Dil me mere o kanha tu hi tu only on telly update…
thank you

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  1. Shaani

    Nice… Waiting for the next episode… Excited to know what is sayyam’s plan…

  2. So interesting ?

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