Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 9)


Episode 9:
The episode starts with Ragini leaving as she sees Lakshya and Swara hugging. Tears escape her eyes and she wipes them.

Swara and Lakshya break the hug and smile at each other. AP and DP walk out with Adarsh, RP and Sujata. Sanskaar turns around and sees AP. He then hugs her and she hugs him back.

“I’m sorry Maa… I missed you a lot.” Sanskaar says.

Swara and Lakshya hear and look there. Rehan leaves.

“I missed you too…” AP says.

“I can’t believe Mukesh did this…” Sanskaar angrily says and breaks the hug.

DP looks at Lakshya but Lakshya looks away.

“Talk to him… it wasn’t his fault… this was all planned by that Mukesh.” Shekhar’s voice is heard.

Lakshya turns around and reflects on his words. DP walks up to Lakshya and touches his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Lakshya… I… I couldn’t become a great father…” DP says.

Lakshya hugs him which makes DP happy. DP hugs Lakshya back.

“I understand…” Lakshya plainly says.

Swara smiles and Sanskaar looks at her. Lakshya and DP break the hug. Shekhar looks at DP and both smile at each other.

Scene shifts to Ragini, she is walking down and wipes her tears as they continuously roll down.

“Why am I feeling bad?! I was gone there to warn him but ended up crying?! Do I actually…?” Ragini thinks and taps her head.

She sits down on the bench in the park and reflects back.

“I don’t like Lakshya… Swara likes him and he can stay with her… Haa.” Ragini says and stands up.

She explains that to herself and continues starts thinking.

After a while, Lakshya, Sanskaar, DP, AP, Adarsh, RP and Sujata are standing and watching the bodies of KP and Amartya burn as DP and RP done the last rituals. Sujata cries and AP consoles her. Swara and Shekhar are also present there.

Lakshya decides to meet Ragini and tell her his feelings. So he leaves and Sanskaar looks on.

“He doesn’t even care.” Sanskaar thinks.

After putting their ashes in the river, they head MM. Swara and Shekhar join them. AP goes up with Sujata. RP and DP talk with Shekhar. Sanskaar and Swara are walking around in the house.

There is silence between both.

“Sanskaar…” Swara says but gets blanked.

Sanskaar walks ahead while
Swara stops and thinks.

“Is he ignoring me?” Swara says.

She gets a little angry and follows him. Sanskaar enters his room and Swara enters too.

He turns around and she pushes him.

“Swara…” Sanskaar says but gets pushed again.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Swara says and pushes him again and this time Sanskaar can’t go further as the wall is behind him and he is completely pinned to the wall.

Swara holds his shirt and pulls it.

“How dare you ignore Swara?!” Swara asks.

Sanskaar is shocked and looks on.

“What do you think… Swara will bare you ignoring her? Well no! She will not!” Swara says and goes more closer to Sanskaar.

Sanskaar starts feeling something and is stunned.

“Well for your information, I’m not going to let you ignore me!” Swara says and goes more closer.

“These words seem familiar.” Sanskaar thinks.

Swara moves closer and puts her arms around Sanskaars neck and looks at him.

“Listen… you’re…” Sanskaar says but stops as Swara places her finger on his lips.

He is stunned and can feel his heart beat faster than ever. Swara can also feel his heart beat and moves her lips near his ears and smiles.

“Shona ko tum itni aasani se Nahi Bhool sakte!” Swara whispers.

Sanskaar realises and is shocked.

Scene shifts to Lakshya calling Rehan but he’s not picking up.

“Why isn’t Rehan picking up? Is he alright? I haven’t seen him since last night and…” Lakshya says but stops as he notices Ragini on the bench.

“Ragini?” Lakshya says to himself and walks up to her.

She sees him and stands up.

“Ragini.. tum…” Lakshya says but Ragini starts walking away.

Lakshya gets confused and starts walking after her.

“Ragini… what happened?” Lakshya asked.

“Nothing.” Ragini rudely says.

Lakshya holds Ragini’s hand to stop her but she jerks it away and angrily turns.

“What?!” Ragini angrily says.

Lakshya is surprised at her behaviour.

“Ragini… will you marry me?” Lakshya says.

Ragini gets shocked.

“Will you become mine?” Lakshya continues.

Ragini’s eyes fill up with tears.

“Ragini… I love you and will always love you. When I first saw you, I kept on staring…” Lakshya tells and looks at Ragini.

Ragini controls her tears and remembers him hugging Swara.

“But I don’t love you.” Ragini says and turns to leave.

Just then Rehan is shown behind the tree listening.

“What? Why did she say no? Now my 2 Lakhs…?” Rehan sadly says and looks on.

Lakshya was lying down and Rehan enters the room.

“Where’s my 1 Lakh?” Rehan asks and sits on the bed.

“Which 1 Lakh? Kaun si kamayi kar li tune?” Lakshya asks.

“Beymaani! You said you will never fall in love and put a bet on for a Lakh and I won, you fell in love.” Rehan says.

Lakshya remembers and looks on.

“You’ll only get that 1 Lakh if Ragini also says she loves me.” Lakshya says.

“Hey, this is not fair. I want my 1 Lakh now!” Rehan says.

“Everything is fair in Lakshyas world.” Lakshya says.

“To Jaa mar kahi, you did cheating, I know why you’re doing this. But I want two Lakhs then.” Rehan says and pouts.

“Manzoor.” Lakshya says with confident.

Rehan gets happy and looks at him.

“I swear to god, agar tu mukar Gaya na to main mardoonga tujhe, and I will make Ragini hate you.” Rehan warns.

“I won’t back out and vo sab karne Ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.” Lakshya says and closes his eyes.

End of Flashback.

“Do Lakh Gaye haath se.” Rehan says and feels dizzy and falls back.

Ragini walks away leaving Lakshya shocked and dejected.

“But I don’t love you.” Ragini’s words echo in Lakshya’s head.

Rehan comes out from behind the tree and stands near Lakshya.

“Yeh Kya keh Gayi?” Lakshya sadly says.

“Don’t worry, she said it in anger, she loves you.” Rehan assures.

“Lekin…” Lakshya says but gets cut in between.

“Lekin Vekin kuch nahi! I want my two Lakhs and she will definitely say I love you too.” Rehan says and looks at Lakshya who looks at him with sad expression.

“Khara kya hai? Go please her…” Rehan says.

Lakshya looks that way and starts thinking.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion. Sanskaar is surprised and moves Swara back.

“Shona?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods yes.

“Tum Shona ho?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods yes again. Sanskaar smiles and hugs her, she smiles and hugs him back.

“I can’t believe you’re back and you’ve grown so big.” Sanskaar says.

“I’m only two years younger to you.” Swara says.

“Pata hai, lekin mera Matlab tha Ki you’ve grown fat.” Sanskaar teases.

Sanskaar breaks the hug and looks at Swara who glares at him.

“Haww, Sanskaar, you’re so mean!” Swara pouts and crosses her arms.

Sanskaar laughs, Swara then hits him on the shoulder playfully. Shekhar, DP and RP are watching this from outside. Shekhar and RP smile while DP nods okay. After a while, Shekhar, RP and DP are in the study room talking.

“Kya hum yeh Rishta Pakka samjhe?” Shekhar asks.

“Haa, Pakka…” RP says and looks at DP while DP nods yes.

On the other hand, Parineeta is nervous to walk inside Maheshwari Mansion. She is sweating and is struggling.

“Kya Jawaab doongi mein unko? Kyu aaye hoon mein yaha?” Parineeta worriedly says to herself.

“Pari Aunty!” Satya shouts and runs towards her with a ball.

Parineeta smiles seeing him and bends down. She pecks his forehead and tries to control her tears.

“Satya… how are you?” Parineeta asks.

“I’m fine Pari Aunty, how are you?” Satya asks.

“I’m also fine.” Parineeta says and places her right hand on Satya’s cheek.

She is adoring him and looking at him, a tune plays in the background.

“Satya! What are you doing here?!” Adarsh shouts and Pari stands straight.

Satya turns around and sees Adarsh behind him who’s glaring at Parineeta.

“Papa, I’m here to meet Pari A…” Satya says but gets cut.

“Go inside.” Adarsh shouts.

“He’s a child, you should talk to him with love and kindness.” Parineeta says and looks at Adarsh.

“Ab tum Mujhe sikhaogi?! Will you teach me how to talk to my son?!” Adarsh angrily says.

“Don’t forget that he’s my son too! Aur agar mere bete se Iss tarah baat karoge toh what made you think I’ll keep quiet!” Parineeta argues and says angrily.

Satya is shocked.

“Maa? Kaise maa? You left him as soon as he was born!” Adarsh says.

“That was my majboori! And I did give him to his father and second mum, I didn’t leave him on the roads or orphanage!” Parineeta says.

Adarsh was speechless.

“Yaha Kya Karne aayi Ho?” Adarsh asks while lowering his tone.

“Apne bete se Milne ke liye aayi hoon.” Parineeta says.

Satya formed tears in his eyes after listening to their words. Parineeta looks at him.

“He doesn’t want to meet you.” Adarsh says.

Parineeta then looks at Adarsh.

“Why? Why can’t I meet my son? Maa hoon mein uski… 7 years Adarsh… 7 years ke liye mein use door rahi… aur vo bhi tumhari vajas se.” Parineeta says and tears roll down her eyes.

“Meri Vajas se? It was you who left him.” Adarsh shouts.

“Because you left me! You promised you will get married to me but you left me alone in the mandir! You married someone else! I chose to give birth to Satya but my Maa and Papa wouldn’t let me keep him, they were planning to send him to an orphanage but I decided to give him to you!” Parineeta reveals.

Adarsh is surprised, tears roll down Satyas eyes. AP happens to hear this and tears form in her eyes, she then walks inside.

“At least I secured my sons future.” Parineeta says and turns around.

Tears roll down her eyes and she walks away but stops and turns. She sees Satya holding her hand and looks at him emotionally.

“Mamma, please don’t leave me and go.” Satya requests.

Parineeta couldn’t control and hugs Satya tightly, both Satya and Parineeta cry. Adarsh looks on. DP comes out with AP and looks on.

“Yeh Kya ho Raha hai?” DP asks.

Parineeta looks up and breaks the hug. Satya and Adarsh turn around and see DP and AP.

“Parineeta is Satyas mother.” AP exposes.

DP gets shocked.

“Kya?!” DP shockingly says.

He looks at Adarsh and Adarsh nods yes, he looks at Parineeta and she looks down.

Episode ends.

Precap: Parineeta and Adarsh’s marriage. Sanskaar and Swara’s engagement and Lakshya and Ragini’s confession…

Satya – Shivansh Kotia

Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri (DEAD)

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth. (DEAD)

Mukesh – Chandresh Singh (CULPRIT)
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

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