Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 8)


Episode 8:
The episode starts at the police station. Swara breaks the hug and looks at Sanskaar who was in very much of a shock.

“Sorry…” Swara innocently apologises.

Sanskaar looks away.

“So, what happened?” Swara asks.

“What do you mean?” Sanskaar asks.

“How did you get framed?” Swara asks.

“I… I was walking past Dadaji’s…” Sanskaar starts telling.

Sanskaar was walking past Dadajis room, he heard some noises and came inside. He got shocked seeing Amartya lying in blood of pool next to Dadaji who is breathing his last. Sanskaar bends down to Dadaji and is in shock along with heart broken.

“Dadaji… what happened? Who did this?!” Sanskaar cries.

“Lakshya… is y…your b…biological b…brother… I… I made a…mistake!” Dadaji says and finds it hard to breath.

“Dadaji… who did this?!” Sanskaar asks.

“P…please f…forgive me.” Dadaji says and breathes his last.

Sanskaar gets shocked.

“Dadaji!!” Sanskaar shouts.

The police come inside and are shocked, they arrest Sanskaar.

End of Flashback.

Swara is surprised.

“But who would want to kill Dadaji and Amartya?” Swara asks.

“I don’t know…” Sanskaar says and thinks.

Lakshya has heard as he was standing outside the cell. He then heads out and thinks.

“Tomorrow is your hearing… don’t worry Sanskaar. I’ll prove you innocent…” Swara promises as she keeps her hand on Sanskaars.

He looks at her, she looks at him and gives a faint smile. Both have an eye-lock.

A tune plays in the background.

“Times up!” The constable shouts and whacks his stick on the gate.

This breaks SwaSans eye lock and Swara stands up.

“I’ll be back…” Swara says and walks out slowly.

She turns around while walking away and glances and Sanskaar. He waves bye and she waves back.

She turns around and looks on worriedly.

“How can I let anything happen to you Sanskaar? You’re my childhood friend. You might not remember me but I remember you…” Swara thinks as she walks out.

Sanskaar smiles thinking about Swara and scratches his head.

Scene shifts to Lakshya, he is standing outside Maheshwari Mansion. The police wouldn’t let him go in.

“You don’t know who you stopped, this will cost you.” Lakshya says as he looked at the inspector.

“Why? Who are you?!” The inspector asks.

A constable comes out and gets shocked seeing Lakshya.

“Lucky?” The constable says.

The inspector gets shocked.

“He…he’s Lucky?” The inspector stammers.

The constable gulps and nods yes quickly. The inspector looks at him with a worried smile.

“Sorry, but what will you do inside there? I mean…” The inspector says but Lakshya cuts in.

“I’m here to help you all collect proof.” Lakshya says.

“Um… but…” The inspector says but stops as Lakshya glares at him.

“For me, my brothers life is more important.” Lakshya says.

The inspector and the constable gasp and gulp.

“Teek hai…” The inspector says and let’s Lakshya help them.

Lakshya walks inside the gate and looks around.

“Are there no cameras?” Lakshya asks.

“Hai Na sir… there’s one there and there.” The constable says and points at the garden area and the exit of MM door.

“What about the inside?” Lakshya asks.

“Maybe…” The inspector says.

“Where’s the security arrangements?” Lakshya asks.

“In the basement.” The inspector says.

“Take me inside the crime spot!” Lakshya says.

The inspector and the constable look at each other. The constable signals the inspector to say alright.

“Ji… come.” The inspector nervously says.

“Who’s in charge of this case?” Lakshya asks.

“IPS Officer Shekhar Gadodia.” The inspector says as they walk inside.

“Where is he?” Lakshya asks.

“Inside…” The constable says.

“Arey wah… Sasur ji is very fast… when did he reach here?” Lakshya says and asks.

“Hein?? Sasur ji?” Both inspector and constable ask as their both confused.

“Tum Dono abhi Bachche Ho… you two won’t understand.” Lakshya says and walks up the stairs.

“We’re not too childish, we understand everything…” The constable says.

“Aur Nahi toh Kya, we understood that you have a lafda with his daughter.” The inspector says.

Lakshya slaps the inspector across the face, the inspector looks up while holding his cheek. The constable is shocked and hold his cheek.

“Kya?!” Lakshya asks.

“S…sorry sir… I meant that you love his daughter…” The inspector says and is frightened and has made a crying face.

“Haa…” Lakshya says and walks inside the room.

Shekhar is standing inside talking to the doctor. He gets surprised to see Lakshya there.

“You and here?” Shekhar asks.

“He’s here to help…” The constable hurriedly says.

“Oh… and why are you holding your cheek?!” Shekhar asks.

Lakshya looks at him, the inspector gives a worrying smile.

“Kuch Nahi sir… my jaw hurts.” The inspector lies.

“Achcha…” Shekhar says.

“But there’s no evidence here…” Shekhar says.

Lakshya looks around the room. He sees the outline drawn of Amartya and Dadajis body.

“Sir… the CCTV footage has been deleted. The criminal is very smart.” One of the inspector says as he comes inside.

“Criminal bhale hi smart Kyu Na Ho Lekin ek galti zaroor karta hai.” Lakshya says and smirks.

Shekhar gets confused and looks at Lakshya.

“Kya Matlab hai sir?” Constable asks.

“Criminal ko pakadne Ke liye ek criminal Ki tarah sauchna padta hai…” Lakshya says.

“And?” Shekhar asks.

“It’s obvious that the culprit is known… meaning someone within the family…” Lakshya says.

“How can you say that?” Shekhar asks.

“How can that culprit come from the door without anyone objecting? If he wasn’t a known person then the curtains of that window would’ve been messy but their clean… why?” Lakshya points out.

Shekhar turns around and looks at the window.

“And the window is closed and most surprisingly locked…” Lakshya says.

Shekhar, the inspector and the constable look on.

“If I was here to kill someone then I would’ve came from the window or came in a different avatar… like a servant or someone.” Lakshya says and gets everyone thinking.

“But that proves that Sanskaar sir had done it.” The other inspector says.

“But he hasn’t…” Lakshya says.

Shekhar looks at him.

“Like I said, the culprit made a mistake…” Lakshya said.

“What?” Everyone asked.

“Zara painting Ke upar dekhiye…” Lakshya says.

All look up at the painting. They see a small circular black microphone and look on surprisingly.

“Microphone?” Shekhar asks confusingly.

“Aur Camera is in one of the eye of the painting!” Lakshya says.

Shekhar signals the policemen to check, they nod yes and remove the painting and see wires camera and look on.

“This can prove Sanskaars innocent and unmask the real culprit.” Lakshya says and smiles.

All look at him and start clapping, including Shekhar, the constable and the inspector he slapped.

“I must say… impressive.” Shekhar says.

“Criminal toh criminal Ke tarah hi sauche ga Na…” The inspector says.

Lakshya looks at him and the inspector holds both of his cheeks.

“We need to present this tomorrow.” Shekhar says.

Lakshya glances around again and gets suspicious.

“Has anyone checked the bathroom?” Lakshya asks.

“No… why?” Shekhar asks.

Lakshya then hears footsteps sneaking away and turns around and grabs the hand and pulls that person forward. All get confused.

“Check the bathroom.” Lakshya says.

Two of the inspectors check the bathroom.

“Why have you pushed…” Shekhar says but Lakshya cuts in.

“Sneaking after listening to everything is a snaky move… you’re caught! And that too red handed!” Lakshya says.

All are shocked.

“What are you saying?” Shekhar asks.

“This person is also your culprit.” Lakshya says.

The two policemen exit the bathroom.

“Sir, we found a ring…” One of the policeman said.

Shekhar looks on.

“Two people planned this murder… it was a planned murder that went wrong… now I get it.” Lakshya says and looks at that person.

Scene shifts to Swara, she is walking outside the police station. She is thinking and walking. Suddenly she feels someone cover her mouth and looks on. She screams and shouts but some men pull her to the side.

Ragini was walking down.

“Where are the autos?” Ragini thinks.

Ragini then hears some sounds and sees some men kidnapping Swara. She looks on.

“Arey… those men’s are kidnapping that girl.” Ragini thinks and rushes there.

The men are forcefully putting Swara in the car. Ragini picks up a stick and hits that mans head. The man faints.

“Police! Police!” Ragini shouts as she hits the men’s with the stick.

One of the men holds Ragini by her neck. Ragini couldn’t breath. The inspectors come out and look on.

They rush there and the man lets go of Ragini and tries to escape but gets caught by the police. The inspectors arrest them.

Swara looks at Ragini.

“Thank you for saving me… but why did you risk your life?” Swara asks.

“Saving and helping people is my duty… I couldn’t let injustice happen in front of me.” Ragini says.

Swara and Ragini smile.

“Hi, I’m Advoctate Swara, Swara Gadodia…” Swara says with a smile and forwards her hand.

Ragini gets shocked. She looks at Swara.

“Swara Gadodia? Shekhar and his other wife’s daughter?” Ragini thinks.

“And you are?” Swara asks.

“R..Ragini, Dr Ragini Singhania.” Ragini says and shakes her hand with no smile.

“Thank you once again.” Swara says.

Ragini plainly smiles.

“Do you need any lift?” Swara asks.

“No… I’m fine…” Ragini says.

“No, it’s okay, you saved my life ab Meri Bari Hisaab Barabar karne Ki…” Swara says.

“Lekin…” Ragini says but Swara cuts her.

“Please…” Swara requests.

Ragini nods okay. Swara and Ragini then sit inside Swaras car and Swara drives off.

After a while, Swara drops Ragini off home.

“Thank you…” Ragini says as she gets out.

“No problem…” Swara says.

Ragini leaves and so does Swara.

Ragini enters her house and walks inside her room. Just then Janki walks in.

“Ragini… the food is ready.” Janki says and turns.

Janki doesn’t hear any response and turns back around and sees Ragini sitting down and is thinking.

Janki then sat next to Ragini.

“What happened?” Janki asks.

“I met Swara…” Ragini says and looks at Janki.

“Swara…?” Janki confusingly asks.

“Swara Gadodia.” Ragini says.

Janki realises.

“Shekhar’s other daughter.” Ragini says and looks away.

“Beta… I know your upset with your Papa but it doesn’t mean you can be upset with their daughter… you should talk to your Papa…” Janki explains.

“Maa, why did Papa leave you?” Ragini asks.

Janki looks on.

“Papa never loved us or you and you expect me to talk to him?” Ragini asks and looks back at Janki.

“You just said it… your Papa never loved me… our marriage was decided by our family… your Papa only stayed with me because of his mum but he never loved me but he loves you.” Janki explains.

“Love? If he didn’t love you then what makes you think he would love me? That’s why I hate the word Love!” Ragini angrily says.

“Ragini… just because me and your Papa didn’t love each other it doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist… he loves Swaras Mum and that’s why he’s happy… their happy… Love is… honesty and truth… and when you accept a person for who they are… not by looks but their heart… love is a connection of the hearts… if someone loves you for who you are then you shouldn’t let them go… love is when you can do anything and even sacrifice your own happiness for that person who you love…” Janki explains.

Ragini’s eyes moist.

“You love still love Shekhar Na? That’s why you left him because he wasn’t happy with you?” Ragini asked.

Janki was speechless.

“So what? I didn’t receive love but my daughter can… your heart must’ve chosen someone by now… your soulmate will come and love you and maybe he has already entered your life but you don’t see him.” Janki tells and aims Lakshya.

Ragini confusingly thinks.

“Always listen to your heart Ragini… and if you love someone then you shouldn’t be ashamed… do look around you and you will see that person near your heart. Close your eyes and see whom you see…”Janki says and stands up.

“Maa… thank you…” Ragini says.

Janki smiles and leaves. Ragini closes her eyes. She gets shocked as she sees Lakshya smiling, fighting. Ragini opens her eyes and stand in shock.

“Nonono… this is impossible!” Ragini says to herself while looking on.

Court Room:
AP and Adarsh are sitting down. Swara comes inside with a packet. The judge is ready and Sanskaar is brought inside. Shekhar is standing there.

“You may proceed.” The judge says.

DP also comes inside and sits at the back. Mukesh comes and sits besides AP. RP and Sujata are sitting on the other side, Sujata is crying.

“Sir… we don’t have to argue much today but Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari is innocent and here’s the proof.” Swara says and gives the packet to a man and he gives it to the judge. Mukesh looks on. The judge opens the packet and sees a CD. Lakshya comes inside and stands at the back.

The Judge plays the CD and everyone are looking at the screen.

It shows:
KP waiting for someone. Sujata walks inside with food.

“Sasur ji, you haven’t ate anything.” Sujata says.

“I’m not hungry!” KP says.

“Lekin…” Sujata says but gets cuts.

“I said I don’t want to eat!” KP says and sees Mukesh entering.

Sujata puts the tray down and looks at KP.

“Till how long would you shout at me like that?!” Sujata asks.

KP looks on.

“Listen… today I’m directly telling you… name the property on Ji’s name.” Sujata says.

KP is shocked while Mukesh smiles. KP then looks at Mukesh.

“This is all because of you! Tell me, why did you lie?!” KP shouts.

Sujata looks at Mukesh.

“What do you mean?!” Mukesh asks.

“You feed all this to Sujata haven’t you?!” KP says.

Mukesh looks away.

“I know everything! Tell me why?! Why did you do this?! I trusted you a lot but you… you betrayed my trust!!” KP angrily says.

Mukesh gets angry.

“Yes, I did this! I was the one who lied to you and betrayed you! I was the one who fed this all to Sujata so it causes a fight!” Mukesh shouts.

Sujata gets shocked.

“I was the one who stole Annapurna and DPs son after he was born and gave him away to the orphanage and then I used him to create a rift between them!” Mukesh tells.

KP and Sujata get confused.

“Confused? Let me clear it all out… Lakshya is the third son of Annapurna and Durga whom you all thought was dead but it was me… who had paid the nurse to lie! I gave him away at the orphanage and after 10 years he came in handy! I used him and created suspicion in Annapurna’s mind so that she could suspect Durga… she done the DNA test and it came out positive because Lakshya is Durga’s son… they didn’t even know that that’s their real son! Annapurna thought he was Durga’s illegitimate son and she didn’t even use her brain and neither did he!” Mukesh revealed.

KP and Sujata are stunned.

“Ke?!” Sujata shockingly asks.

“And not only this, he was the one who created suspicion in my mind that Annapurna was cheating on Durga!” KP angrily says.

Mukesh smirks.

“Yes I was and it worked, you believed me and helped me in separating Annapurna and Durga!” Mukesh says.

“But now I regret believing you! You cheated us! You should get punished!” KP said.

“You’re telling the truth Sasurji but why did Mukes do this?!” Sujata shockingly says.

“Because I… I love Annapurna and I did since college but Durga… he came in between us!” Mukesh reveals.

KP and Sujata look on.

“You done a very cheap act!” KP says and takes out his phone.

Mukesh looks on.

KP dials a number.

“I’m calling the police!” KP says.

Mukesh takes a gun out that has a silencer. Sujata gets shocked as he points it at KP. Sujata stands in the way as KP looks up.

“Na Mukes… mein thare ko ye nah karne doongi!” Sujata warns.

“Why do you want to die?!” Mukesh asks.

Sujata glares at him.

“Fine, your choice!” Mukesh says and pulls the trigger.

Sujata and KP are shocked, the billet had hit Amartya who came in between to save his mum.

“Amartya!!!” Sujata shouts.

Amartya falls on the floor and Sujata is shocked. She bends down.

Sujata gets shocked as Amartya stops breathing after smiling at Sujata.

Sujata angrily stands up and faces Mukesh who was stunned.

“Why?! Why did you kill my son?!” Sujata shouts.

Mukesh shoots KP

“Sasur ji!” Sujata shouts.

Mukesh then hits Sujatas head with the gun. Sujata faints and Mukesh takes her to the bathroom.

Sanskaar enters the room and gets shocked. Dadaji is breathing his last.

After the police take Sanskaar away, Mukesh comes out and picks unconscious Sujata up. Sujatas ring drops. Mukesh takes Sujata out and she wakes up.

“If you say anything to anyone then next in line would be your husband!” Mukesh threatens and leaves.

Sujata cries her eyes out.

The TV switches off.

All are shocked and stunned.

AP looks at Mukesh who is stunned and shocked.

“This was all it…” Swara says.

Sanskaar angrily looks at Mukesh. Sujata and RP do too. DP stands up in disbelief.

“Why?!” AP asks.

The judge announces Sanskaar innocent and Mukesh guilty. The police let Sanskaar free and arrest Mukesh. Lakshya smiles and remembers how that person was Sujata and she told them everything. Before taking Mukesh, Sujata slaps him.

Lakshya walks out of the courtroom. DP and AP come face to face.

“I’m sorry Annapurna…” DP apologises.

AP hugs him and he hugs her back, Adarsh and Sanskaar are happy. Swara then walks out and Sanskaar follows her.

Ragini is shown walking with Rehan.

“Why do you want to meet Lucky?” Rehan asks.

“To clear a confusion and to warn him to stay away from me.” Ragini says.

“He won’t… I know he won’t because he loves you.” Rehan blurts out.

Ragini stops and looks at Rehan.

“Sorry.” Rehan says and looks forward.

Ragini looks forward too, they see Lakshya walking out.

“Lakshya!” Swara shouts

Lakshya turns around and sees Swara. Sanskaar also comes out but stands far but close.

Swara rushes to Lakshya and hugs him.

“Thank you.” Swara says,

Lakshya is surprised but smiles.

Ragini and Sanskaar look on. Rehan gasps.

“Kahani mein twist?!” Rehan adds.

Lakshya hugs Swara back.

Ragini then remembers Lakshya saying that Shekhar’s daughter is hot.

Ragini looks on upsettingly and Sanskaar looks on shockingly.

Episode ends.

Precap: DP and AP unite… Ragini to ignore Lakshya and Lakshya to propose to her and gets rejected… Sanskaar to start feeling for Swara and finds out she’s his childhood buddy… Parineeta and Adarsh meet.. AP finds out Satya is Parineetas son and tells DP…
Why Ragini rejects Lakshya?

Will Swara find out Ragini’s her sister?

What will happen between SanLak now that they found out their brothers?
Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri (DEAD)

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth. (DEAD)

Mukesh – Chandresh Singh (CULPRIT)
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

Do comment and tell me how the story is going so far…

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