Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 7)


Episode 7:

The episode starts with Parineeta crying while looking at the documents.

Parineeta and Adarsh used to go school together and fell in love with each other. They decided to tell their family after school but KP had gotten Adarsh’s rishta done with his friend’s granddaughter.

Adarsh couldn’t say no in front of KP and agreed. Parineeta talked to her parents and they agreed. Parineeta waiter for Adarsh and it had been 3 months. Parineeta figured that he wasn’t coming and she also found out that she’s 2 months pregnant.

After 7 months, Parineeta gave birth to a boy and met Adarsh and got shocked to see that Adarsh’s married. Parineeta then hands the baby over to Adarsh and his wife and leaves. Adarsh’s wife accepted him as her own son. Adarsh couldn’t stop Parineeta.

End of Flashback.

Parineeta puts the document down.

“Satya is my son…” Pari cries.

Scene shifts to the Baari. Adarsh enters with Satya and sees the door open, a worried AP is sitting down on the sofa.

“Maa…” Adarsh says.

AP hears him and looks up. She then sees Satya and smiles at him.

“Toh yeh hai Satya?” AP asks as she stands up.

Satya hides behind Adarsh.

“Don’t be scared Satya… this is your Daadi.” Adarsh says.

“It will take time for him to get used to us.” AP says.

“But Maa, why were you worried? Is everything okay?” Adarsh asks.

“I wasn’t worried… I was just thinking…” AP says.

“About what?” Adarsh asks.

“Satya needs to take some rest… he looks tired.” AP says while looking at Satya.

Adarsh nods yes.

“Maa, where’s Lakshya and Rehan?” Adarsh asked.

“I don’t know, both went missing but they’ll be back soon.” AP says.

Adarsh nods okay.

DP is shown lying down on the hospital bed.

“How is this possible? I remember that I didn’t sleep with another women then how is he my son? Something’s fishy but I need to meet AP and sort it out.” DP thinks.

After a while, DP falls asleep.

KP is shown inside his room, he is very much angry.

“Today, I want all my questions answered!” KP angrily says.

RagLak are shown sleeping while facing each other. The sun rays fall on Ragini’s face and disturb her. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and sees Lakshya and closes her eyes again. She then opens her eyes again looking shocked and sits up.

“Yeh…” Ragini says and remembers how they fell asleep while fighting.

Ragini then looks at Lakshya and smiles a little. He opens his eyes and wakes up slowly.

“Good Morning.” Lakshya says as he turns.

Ragini gets out of bed and goes to her closet. She gets her clothes out and goes inside the bathroom to get changed. Lakshya wakes up fully and sits up. He searches his pockets, he then searches his hoodie pockets and is stunned.

“Where are my fags…” Lakshya asks himself.

He then searches his pockets three times.

“Oh shit! The other packs are gone missing too… those packs are dangerous!” Lakshya says and stands up.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts and stands outside the bathroom.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts again.

“Haa…” Ragini says.

“Have you seen my packs?!” Lakshya asks sounding worried.

“Which packs?” Ragini says and opens the door.

Ragini comes out and sees Lakshya worried.

“What happened?” Ragini asks.

“My…” Lakshya says

“You cigarette packs?” Ragini asks.

Lakshya looks at her.

“They’re in the wardrobe. You dropped them last night and I picked them up today.” Ragini says and heads to the table.

She starts checking her bag while Lakshya goes to the wardrobe and opens it. He sees his fags and releases a breath of relief. While taking them, he accident my nudges an album and it falls onto the floor. A photo falls out.

Ragini turns around and Lakshya bends down. He picks it and looks at it.

“Lakshya…” Ragini says and drops her bag.

She runs towards him, he gets stunned after looking at the picture.

Ragini snatches the picture and picks up the photo album up and puts it inside the wardrobe.

“This man…?” Lakshya asks confusingly.

“He’s my… my father.” Ragini says.

Lakshya is shocked.

“Shekhar Gadodia is your Dad?!” Lakshya asks shockingly.

Ragini looks at him and nods yes.

“Ab toh Tu Gaya!” Lakshya thinks and makes a face.

“How do you know him?” Ragini asks.

“He’s the new IPS officer right? He doesn’t even leave me alone! No offence, warning bahot sari deta hai lekin Kuch nahi karta.” Lakshya says and walks towards the bed.

“Me and your Papa know each other very well. But his wife is Sharmishta right…?” Lakshya asks.

“Haa, that’s his second wife.” Ragini says and shuts the wardrobe.

“Ohh… so your mum is his first wife… I must say, his daughter is hot.” Lakshya says and looks at Ragini.

Ragini thought he meant Swara but Lakshya meant Ragini.

Lakshya ties his shoe laces.

“I haven’t seen your Mom, I’ll go and meet her.” Lakshya says and stands up.

“No need… I’m already here.” Janki’s voice is heard.

Lakshya turns around, Ragini looks there and is stunned to see Parvati and Janki.

Scene shifts to MM. Sujata and RP are crying. Sanskaar is shown sitting in the police jeep with fear in his eyes. Two dead bodies are shown being taken out of MM and it’s none other than KP and Amartya’s.

“My Son! Ji, look… Sasur Ji! Sanskaar has killed them!” Sujata cries.

Sanskaar develops tears in his eyes. The police jeep takes Sanskaar and the ambulance takes Amartya and KP’s bodies.

Scene shifts to Ragini’s house.

Ragini and Lakshya are standing in the hall with Ragini having her head down.

“Arey wow Ragini… you never told me your moms so beautiful and pretty.” Lakshya compliments.

Ragini looks at Lakshya while Janki gives him a stern look.

“What were you doing in Ragini’s room?” Janki asks.

“I was sleeping.” Lakshya says.

“Why?” Janki asks.

“Well, I came here to meet her but I don’t know how I fell asleep.” Lakshya says.

“Why meet her?” Janki asks.

“Ask Dadiji… she knows.” Lakshya says.

Ragini and Janki look at Parvati.

“Wah Ragini se Pyaar karta hai.” Parvati tells.

Janki and Ragini are shocked.

Janki looks at Lakshya and he nods yes. But just then the news turns on and attracts their attention.

Janki turns around and looks at the TV.

“Aaj Ki Taza khabar suniye… Trainee Officer Sanskaar Maheshwari murdered his own grandfather and his cousin!” The news reporter says.

All are surprised.

“What? Sweet… but it’s impossible that he would murder his own family members.” Lakshya says.

“What has this world come to?” Parvati says sounding shocked and looking sad.

“Let’s see what IPS Shekhar Gadodia has to say on this…” the news reporter says.

Shekhar is shown talking on TV, Ragini, Parvati and Janki look on.

“Huh… if I was you, I wouldn’t believe anything he says! He just keeps saying but never does anything. But it’s sweet how Sanskaars behind the bars.” Lakshya says sounding happy.

Ragini, Janki and Parvati look at him. Parvati then shuts the TV.

“How can you be happy? What if your brother was in his position.” Janki asks.

“Rehan can never do anything like this without me knowing, so there’s not a chance.” Lakshya says.

“Maa, forget him. He’s just crazy.” Ragini says.

“I can see how crazy he is…” Janki says.

Lakshya smiles and looks at Ragini. Janki and Parvati see this. Janki smiles a little.

Police station:
Sanskaar is kept behind the bars, Mukesh and Shekhar walk in.

“Sanskaar! I know you can never do this but what happened?” Shekhar says as soon as he comes inside.

Sanskaar is not in the condition to speak.

“We need to get someone to come and talk to him, he’s still not out of that shock.” Mukesh says.

Shekhar nods yes.

DP hears the news and is stunned, tears form in his eyes.

“Papa… Amartya…? I know Sanskaar can never do this.” DP says.

DP then gets up and takes the drip off his hand and stands up.

“I need to clear all the confusion and prove Sanskaar innocent!” DP says and starts walking with great difficulty.

Scene shifts to Lakshya, he is shown walking down the streets.

“Ragini…” Lakshya says with a smile.

Just then Shekhar’s car stops and Swara comes out of it and rushes to Lakshya.

“Lakshya?” Swara says as she stands in front of Lakshya.

Lakshya gets confused seeing her.

“You don’t know me but I know you… I’m an advocate by profession and I need your help.” Swara says sounding worried.

“What help?” Lakshya asks.

“I… you know Sanskaar?” Swara asks as she looks at him.

“Haa and?” Lakshya says sounding confused.

“So he still doesn’t know?” Swara thinks.

“He’s your brother.” Shekhar’s voice says.

Lakshya is shocked and turns around. Shekhar is shown approaching them.

“What? Are you mad? He’s not my brother.” Lakshya says, not wanting to admit it.

“By you wanting to admit or not won’t change the fact that Sanskaars your biological brother.” Shekhar says.

Lakshya is shocked.

“You’re Lakshya right? Annapurna’s son?” Shekhar asks.

Lakshya looks at Shekhar.

“Annapurna Aunty is Sanskaars mother too.” Swara says.

Lakshya is shocked and stunned. He then realises the news reporter saying Sanskaar Maheshwari and gets shocked.

He couldn’t believe that Sanskaar is his brother.

“No, that’s not true! He isn’t my brother!” Lakshya says.

“He is.” Swara says.

“No he isn’t!” Lakshya shouts.

Lakshya feels his head heavy and touches it.

“You’re Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s son.” Shekhar says.

“And so is Sanskaar…” Swara says.

Swara, Shekhar and the news reporters words echo in Lakshya’s head. Lakshya blocks his ears.

Swara and Shekhar look at him. Lakshya then faints and Swara and Shekhar look on.

Ragini was about to enter the hospital when Rehan stops her.

“Where’s Lucky?” Rehan asks.

“I don’t know…” Ragini says.

Rehan turns to leave.

“Wait… is everything alright?” Ragini asks.

Rehan stops and turns back to her.

“No… today, I need to tell Lucky the biggest truth of his life which can affect him.” Rehan says.

Ragini gets worried.

“What?” Ragini worriedly asks.

Rehan senses Ragini’s concern for Lakshya.

“After all no one can not love Lucky.” Rehan says and leaves.

Ragini gets confused and reflects on Rehan’s words.

“Love? Lucky? And me?” Ragini confusingly asks herself.

“But what truth could it be?” Ragini thinks.

“And why am I getting worried?” Ragini thinks.

Ragini starts feeling something and gets restless.

DP walks out from the hospital from past Ragini, Ragini turns to go inside.

Scene shifts to the police station.

Swara is shown entering Sanskaars cell.

“Sanskaar, you must’ve met me before… well I’m your lawyer and I’ll be handling your case.” Swara says.

Sanskaar looks up at her, Swara puts the paperwork down and walks up to him.

“Don’t worry, I know and we all know your innocent… nothing’s going to happen to you.” Swara says and bends down.

“Why are you helping me?” Sanskaar asks.

“Because my duty is to fight for justice… and whatever happened with you was injustice.” Swara says and places her hand on Sanskaars.

Sanskaar looks down.

“And don’t worry, we can be friends Na?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar looks at her and then smiles a little.

“So that’s a yes…?” Swara asks.

Swara forwards her hand and Sanskaar shakes it. Swara smiles and hugs him which shocks him.

Scene shifts to the Baari, Lakshya slowly opens his eyes and sees AP, Adarsh and Shekhar standing in front of him.

“Maa…” Lakshya says and gets up.

“Maa, what are they saying? They’re saying Sanskaar is my brother…?” Lakshya says.

AP looks down which shocks Lakshya, Lakshya looks at Adarsh and Adarsh nods yes which makes Lakshya fall back.

“Inspector… my son is innocent, he can never do such thing like this.” AP cries.

“We know and we will try our best to catch the culprit red handed.” Shekhar says.

“But who must’ve killed DadaJi and Amartya?” Adarsh thinks.

Lakshya looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap: Lakshya to help Sanskaar… Sanskaar to tell what he had seen… Lakshya’s smartness to release Sanskaar and arrest the culprit as the culprit made a small mistake!!
Janki helps Ragini understand what Love is…

Who’s the culprit?
What mistake did the culprit make?
What did Lakshya do in order to help Sanskaar?
Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri (DEAD)

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth. (DEAD)

Mukesh – Chandresh Singh
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

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