Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 6)


Episode 6:
The episode starts with Lakshya and Rehan reaching home. They enter and see AP sitting on the sofa and is thinking. Lakshya goes past her and into his room. Rehan was about to go when AP stops him.

“Rehan, where were you?” AP asks and stands up.

“I was in the hospital.” Rehan says.

“But why? Is everything alright?” AP asks.

“Haa, don’t worry Maa, everything is alright.” Rehan says.

“But why are you upset?” Rehan asks.

“Nothing… you go freshen up, I’ll get the food ready.” AP says.

Rehan nods okay and heads in, AP turns and looks on.

Sanskaar is shown driving, he is thinking about the results and what happened 11 years ago.

“Where will I find Maa and clear this understanding?” Sanskaar thinks.

Sanskaar stops his car and steps out, he angrily shuts the door and then gets an idea. He walks inside the police station. While walking in, he bumps into Swara.

“Sorry…” Swara says and looks up.

Swara gets shocked to see Sanskaar.

“Tum?” Swara angrily says.

“Sorry… I want to apologise for what I said earlier too.” Sanskaar says.

Swara gets surprised.

“I was stressed and angry at that time, I realised that I said a lot of rude things to you…” Sanskaar says and goes inside.

Swara turns and sees him leaving.

“Hmm… finally apologised…” Swara says.

She then remembers something and taps her head.

“Arey, I need to go home.” Swara says and turns.

“Stop.” Sanskaar says.

Swara thinks and then turns, she sees Sanskaar coming down.

“You were at the hospital when my Papa got admitted right?” Sanskaar asks Swara.

Swara nods yes.

“Durga Prasad Maheshwari Na?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes and comes closer.

“Have you seen Lakshya?” Sanskaar asks.

“Lakshya?” Swara says and thinks.

“My Brother… who refused to give his blood.” Sanskaar gives hints.

Swara then remembers Lakshya saying he won’t give a drop of his blood and nods yes.

“Would you be able to recognise him?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods yes.

“Can you please come inside with me to make a sketch?” Sanskaar requests.

“Okay.” Swara says and goes inside with Sanskaar.

After a while, Swara is shown describing how Lakshya looks like to the sketch artist and Sanskaar is standing near the sketch artist.

Swara looks around and is shocked to see Lakshya’s picture on the wanted board.

“Arey… this is Lakshya but what is he doing up there? Shall I tell them that he’s Lakshya but let me find out first.” Swara thinks.

“Kya hua?” Sanskaar asks.

“Can I get water please?” Swara requests.

Sanskaar nods okay and asks the constable to get it for her.

“Why are those people up there?” Swara asks while pointing at the wanted board.

Sanskaar looks up there.

“They’re wanted that’s why, they have committed crimes, such as beating up, they behave like gunday, in fact are gunday, they stealing and disobey the police.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks on.

“What if I say… one of them is your brother Lakshya…” Swara says and looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar is stunned and looks at Swara.

“Who?” Sanskaar asks while waiting for Swara’s reply.

Swara looks at the board.

“Lakshya is…” Swara says and reads the name.

“Lucky.” Swara says.

All hear and gasp, the constable who came inside with water drops it on the floor. All look on stunned while Sanskaar is shocked. Sanskaar looks at half of the sketch and his eyes match Lucky’s. He could not believe what Swara had just said. The person who shot Lakshya is also there, his hands are trembling.

“L… Lucky Bhai?” All say sounding worried, even the sketch artist.

“What happened? Why are you all behaving like this? Is he that bad?” Swara asks sounding worried.

Sanskaar seemed to have froze after what he had listened to. That was his life’s biggest shock. The person who he hates and wants to arrest turned out to be his biological and blood brother!

“Are you s…sure?” Shekhar’s voice came from behind.

All turn and worriedly salute. Shekhar comes forward and looks at Sanskaar.

“Haa Baba, this is Lakshya.” Swara says with full confidence.

Sanskaar looks at Swara and then Shekhar with shocked expression. He touches his head and looks at all of the police team. They make a worried expression.

“Y…Lucky is your brother….?!” Shekhar says and asks.

“Even my Baba is scared of Lakshya… what did he do? Is he not a good person?” Swara thinks worriedly.

“I’m going to his house to find out.” Sanskaar finally utters.

“You will not go alone, I’m coming with you!” A new voice is heard.

All turn and see a man standing there. He is revealed to he ACP Mukesh Rana Prasad Maheshwari.

“Chote Papa? When did you come back?” Sanskaar asks and walks towards Mukesh.

“Today and what am I hearing after I came back?!” Mukesh asks.

“Sir… we don’t have time, we need to go to Lucky’s house.” Sanskaar says and salutes him.

“Finally, Lucky will be arrested.” Mukesh says.

“Well… We’re not going there to arrest him…” Sanskaar says.

Mukesh looks on.

“We’re going there to find out if he’s Lakshya or not…” Sanskaar says.

Mukesh looks on and at Shekhar. Shekhar nods yes.

“Lakshya? You mean 11 years ago…?” Mukesh asks.

Sanskaar nods yes, Mukesh is surprised.

“We had done a DNA test and his DNA test matched with Papas.” Sanskaar says.

“Lucky is Lakshya?!” Mukesh shockingly asks.

All nod yes.

“Then we shouldn’t delay, let’s check.” Mukesh says.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“Annapurna… finally, after 11 years I will see you… I searched everywhere for you.” Mukesh thinks and heads out with Sanskaar.

Scene shifts to Ragini’s house. She comes home and places her bag on the sofa. She goes inside her room and gets changed.

“Ragini, the dinners ready.” Janki shouts.

“Coming Maa…” Ragini shouts.

Ragini then picks her scarf up and heads out.

Ragini comes out and sees Parvati and Janki looking at her.

“What happened?” Ragini asks.

Janki shakes her head and looks at Parvati. Ragini sits down and they start eating.

Scene shifts to the Bari. Lakshya is shown thinking angrily. AP puts the food down on the table and Rehan comes out. The door bell rings.

“Maa, I’ll get it.” Rehan says.

AP nods okay and Rehan opens the door. He is shocked.

“Who is it Rehan?” AP asks.

Rehan moves back as that person enters. AP is surprised and her eyes moist.

“Adarsh?” AP says and runs to him.

The person is revealed to be Adarsh. AP hugs him and he hugs her back.

“How have you been Maa? I missed you a lot? Did anyone trouble you?” Adarsh asks.

“I missed you too beta, nobody troubled me as much as Lakshya did today.” AP says.

“Why? What did he do? Where is he? Lucky!” Adarsh says and shouts.

Lakshya comes out of his thoughts as he hears someone shout his name.

“Adarsh Bhaiyya?” Lakshya says and stands up.

He walks out and sees Adarsh. AP breaks the hug and wipes her tears.

“Adarsh Bhaiyya? When did you come back? How have you been?” Lakshya asks and walks up to him.

“What am I hearing Lucky? Why have you troubled Maa?” Adarsh asks.

Lakshya looks at AP and looks away.

“I didn’t trouble her, she troubled me… she forced me to donate my blood.” Lakshya angrily says and looks at her.

“Donate blood? To who?” Adarsh asks.

“Durga Prasad Maheshwari!” Lakshya angrily says and looks at Adarsh.

Both Adarsh and Rehan are shocked.

“Why? What happened?” Adarsh asks sounding worried.

“He had an accident and all I asked Lakshya to do is save his life… did I say anything wrong?” AP asks Adarsh and looks at Lakshya.

“No Maa, you didn’t say anything wrong… you saved Papas life.” Adarsh says.

“And of course you would side her…” Lakshya says.

“Lucky…” Adarsh says but before he could complete his words, Lakshya walks out of the door.

“Rehan… don’t go after him! He’ll come back anyways, how have you been?” Adarsh says.

“I’ve been healthy and fine, what about you?” Rehan asks.

“Good… but what happened to Papa?” Adarsh asks.

AP narrates the incident to Adarsh and Adarsh is shocked. Rehan controls his laugh. Lakshya walks back in and heads to his room. Adarsh and AP see him.

“I told you Maa… as far as I know lucky, without Rehan, he wouldn’t go out far as he needs company.” Adarsh says.

AP nods with a little bit of smile. Rehan goes to Lakshya’s room.

“I’m glad you gave me your number and address 11 years ago…” Adarsh says.

“How could I not have? Your my son and no mother would like to stay away from their sons…” AP says.

Young Adarsh was shown playing football, AP was shown buying the vegetables near the ground. Adarsh then sees AP and walks up to her.

“Maa…” Adarsh says.

AP turns and sees him.

“Adarsh?” AP says and hugs him.

“Maa… take me with you please… I don’t want to live there, I want to stay with you…” Adarsh says.

“I wish Adarsh beta but your custody….” AP says.

“Maa… I will tell them that I want to stay with you.” Adarsh says.

“But who will take care of Sanskaar? I can’t leave him alone there? If you’re with him there then I have no worries, my heart stays calm because I know you two will take care of each other…” AP says.

Adarsh starts thinking.

“Then Maa, give me your number and address, I will come to meet you but I will never give your address or number to anyone.” Adarsh says.

AP nods and gives her address and Number to Adarsh.

The next day Adarsh comes, he gets along with Lakshya and Rehan. He also starts treating Lakshya and Rehan like their younger brothers. Adarsh used to come hiding from DP, KP and Sanskaar.

End of Flashback.

“Now why do I have to stay there Maa? Now I’m able to take care of my self and the custody is gone… Sanskaar also is eligible to take care of himself. I’m coming here with my son.” Adarsh says.

“Adarsh… you need to stay there to take care of your Papa… and Satya doesn’t know me… he won’t feel comfortable with us.” AP says.

“Maa… you always make excuses. Do you want me to stay or not? Sometimes I feel like your finding reasons to get rid of me.” Adarsh complains.

“Aisa Kuch Nahi hai Adarsh… I’m thinking about Satya… how will he adjust here?” AP says.

“Maa, Satya has the rights to see and meet his Grandma and Chachu’s… but trust me Maa, he won’t leave after he stays here.” Adarsh says

AP nods and thinks, Adarsh then leaves.

Scene shifts to the hospital, KP, DP and RP are sitting down.

“Mukesh lied to me!” KP thinks.

“I need to find Anu.” DP thinks.

“Bhaisa… BapuJi… Adarsh beta came back.” RP says.

Adarsh enters the room and sees tensed KP and DP.

“Dadaji… Papa! What am I hearing?” Adarsh says.

KP and DP look up.

“11 years ago Maa was telling the truth but because of your ego… you didn’t want to admit it and she left. Lakshya was my brother then and still is my brother! Don’t think I don’t know anything!” Adarsh angrily says.

Adarsh leaves as no one was saying anything. DP regrets while KP feels betrayed.

While walking out, Adarsh sees Satya. He walks up to him. Satya smiles and hugs Adarsh.

“Papa… finally you came back!” Satya says happily.

“Satya… we have to go away from the house for a while only to meet your Daadi and Chachu… do you want to meet Daadi and Chachu?” Adarsh tells and asks.

“Will it only be me and you?” Satya asks and breaks the hug.

“Yes, just me and you… you see your Daadu had an accident… Choti Daadi needs to take care of him so we’re going to stay with my Maa who is your Daadi for a while.” Adarsh explains.

Satya thinks and nods okay, Adarsh smiles.

“Satya, here’s your ice cream.” Parineeta says and gets confused to see Adarsh.

“Pari… meet my Papa.” Satya says.

Adarsh turns around and is shocked to see Parineeta. Parineeta is also shocked to see Adarsh.

Scene shifts to the Baari. Lakshya hears some sounds and wakes up.

“What’s that sound?” Lakshya thinks.

He stands up and secretly peeks out, he gets surprised to see police cars and Mukesh and Sanskaar walking inside.

“I need to wake Rehan up..” Lakshya thinks and walks out.

Just then the door bell rings. Mukesh and Sanskaar are waiting outside. Mukesh rings the bell again. Lakshya wakes Rehan up.

“Kya yaar? Why are you becoming my sleeps enemy?” Rehan asks and rubs his eyes.

“Police and Sanky are here.” Lakshya whispers.

Rehan gets shocked and stops rubbing his eyes.

“So what’s your plan?” Rehan asks.

“Run… what else?” Lakshya says.

“But Maa?” Rehan asks.

“Nothing will happen to her.” Lakshya says.

Rehan nods okay. AP comes to the hall and opens the door.

“Kaun hai…?” AP says and looks there.

She gets surprised to see Sanskaar, Mukesh and the police.

“What happened?” AP asks.

Mukesh and Sanskaar are shocked.

“Does Lucky live here?” Mukesh asks.

“Lucky Nahi, Lakshya… why? Is everything alright Mukesh?” AP says.

Sanskaar, Mukesh and the police are stunned.

“We’re not here to arrest anyone… the reports came out positive and we’re here to meet Lakshya.” Sanskaar says.

AP looks on.

On the other side, Lakshya and Rehan are shown walking on the roads.

“Now where?” Rehan asks.

“You go somewhere and I’m going to meet someone.” Lakshya says and smiles.

“It was better if I stayed in the hospital.” Rehan complains.

“Don’t worry, you go to your lady love, I’m going to Abdul Chacha’s.” Rehan says and leaves before Lakshya could say anything.

Lakshya then walks away. After a while he is shown outside Ragini’s house and climbs the pipe.

Ragini is trying to sleep but she can’t as she gets images that disturb her.

Lakshya manages to drop in her balcony and enters her room as she didn’t shut the entrance via balcony. He sees her sleeping. Lakshya then trips and falls down which makes Ragini sit up feeling scared and shocked.

“Kaun hai?” Ragini asks and clutches on to her blanket.

Lakshya is on the floor and bites his tongue.

“Stupid Lakshya, you woke her up!” Lakshya thinks.

Ragini turns the light on and doesn’t see anyone and looks around nervously.

“Ka…kaun hai?” Ragini nervously asks.

Lakshya hears her and smirks.

“Rambo!” Lakshya says in a deep and scary voice.

Ragini gets shocked and surprised.

“R…Rambo?” Ragini scaredly asks.

Lakshya then wears his hoodie on his head and tightens it. He stands up and Ragini hides in the blanket after shrieking a little. Ragini starts reading the mantras. Lakshya turns around and sees her inside her blanket. He goes near her and takes his hoodie off. Ragini feels someone next to her and gulps.

“Rambo Ji… please go away… I…” Ragini says in a frightened tone.

Lakshya couldn’t control and starts laughing. Ragini hears him laugh and looks on worriedly.

“Rambo Ji laughs like a human.” Ragini says to her self.

“Oh God Ragini…” Lakshya says and continues laughing.

Ragini slowly takes her blanket off her face and sees Lakshya lying next to her and is laughing. Ragini’s mouth drops and she sits up. He doesn’t stop laughing and she stares at him. She turns around while making a face.

Lakshya sees her upset and stops his laugh and sits up.

“What are you doing here?” Ragini asks.

“Actually, the police was after me so I thought to come here.” Lakshya says.

Ragini looks at him.

“Let me call the police here… then it would be good.” Ragini says.

“I’ll be behind the bars then.” Lakshya says.

“You can’t come into my house at night without permission. This is against the law… and you scared me!” Ragini upsettingly says.

“Sorry…” Lakshya says and holds his ears.

Ragini ignores him.

“Chale jaye yaha se.” Ragini says.

“I’m staying here.” Lakshya says and takes his shoes off.

“Kya? But you can’t.” Ragini says and sees him taking his shoes off.

“I will…” Lakshya says and takes his socks off.

“But where will you stay? I’m calling the police.” Ragini says and reaches out for her phone but Lakshya pulls her towards him. She turns and her head is in Lakshya’s chest.

The tune from Aafreen starts playing.

Ragini looks up at Lakshya and both share an eye-lock.

“I’m sleeping here.” Lakshya says and lies down. He pulls the blanket on him.

Ragini looks on. She also lies down and pulls the blanket on her. They face each other and keep arguing and fighting. The light switches off but they don’t stop arguing about who will sleep here.

Scene shifts to Adarsh. He is driving the car with Satya inside. Satya looks at Adarsh.

“Why were Papa and Pari Aunty looking at each other like that? Do they know each other?” Satya thinks.

Satya remembers how Parineeta excuses herself after she saw Adarsh.

Scene shifts to the Baari, Sanskaar and his team don’t find Lakshya at home.

“I don’t know where he’s gone… he was inside.” AP says and thinks.

“Don’t worry, I’m coming back tomorrow.” Sanskaar says and hurried out.

The team follow and Mukesh leaves too, he smiles while Sanskaars eyes moist.

“I can’t let Durga and Annapurna unite!” Mukesh thinks.

Parineeta is shown in her room, tears fall out of her eyes. She looks at a photo.

“Adarsh…” Parineeta cries.

The picture is of her and young Adarsh.

“Satya…” Parineeta says and cries.

Parineeta picks up one paper and caresses it.

Parineeta wipes her tears and looks on

Episode ends

Precap: A truth to be revealed… Lakshya finds out Sanskaar is his brother… DP comes to meet AP… Ragini feels something and Rehan adds more to it… Sanskaar and Swara become friends and a new mystery occurs…
What truth needs to be revealed?
What mystery would occur?
Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth.

Mukesh – Chandresh Singh
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

Do comment and tell me how the story is going so far…

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