Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 5)


Episode 5:
The episode starts at the hospital, Rehan gets discharged and Lakshya and him leave passing KP. KP nervously looks at Lakshya but Lakshya ignores him.

“Agar yeh Ladka Humara Pauta Nikla toh hamara naam mitti mein tabah ho jayega…” KP thinks and worries.

Rehan and Lakshya are walking down, Rehan takes a fag and starts smoking.

“Tell me one thing… What happened to you?” Lakshya asks.

“Don’t remind me… Forget me, look what happened to you…” Rehan says worriedly.

“What happened?” Lakshya says as he looks at Rehan.

“You know what happened.” Rehan says.

Lakshya nods no.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack.” Rehan says feeling shocked.

Rehan throws the fag and steps on it.

“Because of you, I don’t even feel like taking a fag.” Rehan says and looks at Lakshya.

“But Hua Kya?” Lakshya says.

“You fallen…” Rehan says but stops.

Rehan remember Lakshya putting a bet on for 1 Lakh and gets happy. A wide smile appears on his face.

“Mein jeet Gaya! Why didn’t this come in my mind before the attack?! I won!” Rehan happily shouts.

Lakshya gets confused and looks on. Rehan starts dancing due to how happy he was, he couldn’t express by words so he danced.

“Pagal toh Nahi Ho Gaya Tu?” Lakshya asks.

“Not me, you!” Rehan says and stops dancing.

“What?” Lakshya asks confused.

“Your heart beats for Ragini…” Rehan says and waits to sees Lakshya’s expressions.

“What…” Lakshya says but stops as he realises.

“Ragini?” Lakshya asks while looking at Rehan.

“Lakshya ko Ho Gaya Ragini se PYAAR!” Rehan says making the word Pyaar loud.

Lakshya thinks and Ragini’s images flash in his mind, a small smile appears on his face. The street hear and look there with shocked expressions.

“Ragini…” Lakshya asks softly.

“Haa, Vahi Ragini… Doctor Ragini… The same Ragini for whom your heart was beating as loud it possibly can.” Rehan says in a romantic way.

Lakshya looks away and focuses on Rehan’s word.

“Jiski entry se, bhaji Tumhare Dil Ki Ghanti…” Rehan continues.

Lakshya doesn’t deny, the wind blows on Lakshya’s face.

“Jise dekh Ke Tum Bhool Gaye Sab kuch!” Rehan adds and looks at Lakshya’s expression.

Rehan smirks.

“Lucky Apna Dil De Chuka Hai Ragini Ko!” Rehan says loudly and only said Lucky as he did not want to say Lakshya out loudly.

The people on the streets drop their stuff and gasp. Rehan hears them and smiles along with nodding.

“Hay Mhare Thakur Ji!” A familiar voice says in the crowd.

Rehan hears and thinks it sounds familiar.

“Where have I heard this?” Rehan thinks.

Rehan feels a hand on his shoulder and turns, he gets stunned to see Parvati who was glaring at him and gulps.

Scene shifts to a house, Swara enters angrily and throws her bag on the Sofa. She angrily heads to her bedroom.

“Shona…” A woman says as she comes out but sees Swara stormed off to her room.

Shekhar comes and places his hand on the woman’s shoulder.

The woman turns and is revealed to be Sharmishta.

“Shekhar, what happened to Shona?” Sharmishta asks.

“I don’t know Mishti… She was perfectly fine when she came from their airport but after the hospital, she seems angry.” Shekhar says and looks at Swaras door.

“Hospital? Why? Is everything alright?” Sharmishta worriedly asks.

“Don’t worry Mishti, nothing bad happened, a man had an accident and Swara admitted him to the hospital.” Shekhar says.

“Oh… But you freshen up, I’ll go talk to her.” Sharmishta says.

Shekhar nods and Sharmishta looks on.

After a while, Sharmishta knocks on the door.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone!” Swara angrily says and hugs her teddy bear.

“Shona, it’s me… Won’t you even talk to your mother?” Sharmishta says.

“Maa, not now.” Swara pouts.

“Shona, if you don’t tell me what’s wrong then how are we meant to help each other?” Sharmishta explains.

Swara looks up and thinks.

“Have you forgotten your promise? Achcha teek hai…” Sharmishta says and acts to leave but the door opens.

Sharmishta smiles and turns around making her smile disappear. Sharmishta enters the room and sees Swara sitting down while hugging her teddy.

“Shona, what happened?” Sharmishta asks and sits besides Swara.

“Maa Aaj Na, in hospital, I met a boy, he’s very rude.” Swara says and looks at Sharmishta.

Swara then narrates the whole scene to Sharmishta. Sharmishta acts getting shocked.

“How dare he say that to my Shona? Papa ko bataya?” Sharmishta asks.

Swara nods no.

“Aur Papa ko Batane Ki koi zaroorat Nahi. Papa heard.” Shekhar says and is revealed to be standing at the door.

Swara and Sharmishta look at him.

“Why are you upset over those useless people? Don’t worry, I’ll find out who he was.” Shekhar promises.

“Forget it Papa, there’s no point in facing him… In fact he’s related to the person we admitted in the hospital.” Swara says while pouting.

“Is he?” Shekhar asks seeming confused.

“You can discuss about this later, the food is getting cold.” Sharmishta says.

Shekhar and Swara look at Sharmishta and smile. Swara hugs her.

Scene shifts to the Bazaar.
Parvati is standing in front of Lakshya and Rehan. Lakshya and Rehan have their heads down.

“What did I hear?” Parvati asks while glaring at them.

“Kya Suna?” Rehan asks.

“Don’t act smart in front of me! I know what I heard.” Parvati says.

“Yes, you heard that Lakshya loves Radha.” Rehan lies.

“Radha?” Lakshya thinks.

“I heard Ragini!” Parvati says.

“Haa, her name is Radha Ragini Suryavanshi.” Rehan makes up and then reflects on it.

“Vah bhi Doctor hai?” Parvati asks while raising one of her eyebrows.

“Vah? Who’s Vah?” Rehan asks.

“Vah?! She means is she a doctor too.” Lakshya says angrily.

“Oh, aisa bolne ka tha Na… Why make it complicated?” Rehan says.

Parvati looks at him with her anger looks.

“This Kamina is worsening the situation and is creating a bad image of me?!” Lakshya angrily thinks.

“Haa, Radha is a Doctor.” Rehan lies.

One man hears and stops.

“Why lie Bhai? Radha is a dancer.” The man says.

Parvati looks on and raises her eyebrows with crosses arms.

Rehan glares at that man. That man leaves.

“Dancer?” Parvati utters.

Lakshya and Rehan look at each other.

“To be honest, I love your Granddaughter Ragini.” Lakshya says honestly and while looking Parvati in the eyes.

Rehan gets happy and imagines having a bath in the 1 Lakh.

Parvati is stunned.

“But she doesn’t love you.” Parvati says.

Those words echo in Rehan’s mind and the dream cracks.

“She will.” Rehan says.

“I will admit you… If you make her fall in love, because I know my Laado will never fall in love.” Parvati challenges.

“Laado?” Both Rehan and Lakshya ask together.

“Ragini… I call Ragini Laado.” Parvati says.

Lakshya says Oh and nods while Rehan tries controls.

“Laado ka Laddu” Rehan jokes and bursts out laughing.

Lakshya and Parvati look at him, giving him the serious look.

Rehan controls the rest of his laugh and smiles.

“My Laado doesn’t believe in Love, you have to show her what Love is and if she falls in love with you then hats off to you. You will win her heart with your honesty and if you dare to hurt my Laado then no one will be worser than me. She has already suffered a lot… Me and her mother have brought her up delicately.” Parvati tells and looks down.

Lakshya nods okay.

“I’ll tell Janki and see you tomorrow.” Parvati says and leaves with her bags.

Lakshya and Rehan look on.

KP had called, Amartya, RP, Sujata, Satya and Sanskaar. DP reigns conscious, KP has told him about Lakshya. DP is also worried for the results.

All are waiting in DPs room.

Parineeta comes inside and all look at her.

“We have ordered the results on fast track… So here’s your copy.” Parineeta says and puts it on the table.

She leaves as there is too much tension but stops.

“Choti Daadi, I want to go home.” Satya says.

Parineeta turns around to Satya.

“Aunty, if you don’t mind then shall I take him out with me for sometime?” Parineeta asks.

“Uh…” Sujata says and looks at RP.

RP nods okay, Sujata then looks at KP who also nods okay, she looks at Satya and Satya nods yes.

“Chalo teek hai, but don’t take him outside the hospital and keep an eye out for him.” Sujata tells.

“Don’t worry Aunty, I won’t give you any chances to complain.” Parineeta says.

Sujata nods with a faint smile, Satya goes to Parineeta and she smiles. Parineeta and Satya walk out.

KP, DP and Sanskaar look at the brown envelope that was kept down by Parineeta.

“If the results are positive then Anu was right at that time.” DP thinks.

“If the results come out positive then everything would be ruined. My name, reputation and respect.” KP thinks.

“If the results come out positive then Maa was right, Lakshya is my brother or Half brother…” Sanskaar thinks.

The trios heart beat fast.
Amartya looks at the envelope.
Sujata and RP also look the envelope nervously and worriedly.

“Amartya… Open the results.” KP says.

“Iss Buddhe ne Hume yaha results kholne Ke liye bulaya tha?” Amartya angrily says in his head.

Amartya nods okay and walks forward. He picks the results up and tears the envelope. He opens and reads it.

“Arey… Aram se chore.” RP says.

“There isn’t a drama series going on, which take 10 years to open a envelope! Now let me read.” Amartya says in an annoyed tone.

KP looks at him and Amartya looks away and at the sheet.

“La blah blah…” Amartya reads.

“Results have come to conclusion that blah blah… Positive.” Amartya reads again.

“Positive!” Amartya says again.

KP, Sanskaar, RP, DP and Sujata are shocked. Amartya is stunned.
Sanskaar goes there and takes the results and reads it.

“Positive.” Sanskaar says.

All are stunned.

“Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari ka hi khoon hai.” Sanskaar says sounding shocked.

DP looks on with a shocked expression.

Scene shifts to the cabin. Ragini is arranging some files and suddenly she remembers something and starts laughing.

Parineeta approaches Lakshya, Lakshya nervously utters something. Parineeta then holds his arm and Lakshya widens his eyes.

“Nai… I’m, I have a cold…” Lakshya lies.

“But we will clean the blood and give it to him anyways.” Parineeta says.

Parineeta was about to put the needle in but Lakshya starts screaming and shouting. Parineeta and Ragini look on.

“No…!” Lakshya shouts.

The ward boys come and pin Lakshya down. Lakshya tries jerking but they hold his arm tightly. Ragini comes near Lakshya and touches his forehead.

“Shh, calm down… Kuch Nahi hoga.” Ragini calmly says.

Lakshya looks at her and then faints which surprises Ragini and Parineeta.

But after a while he opened his eyes and found out that he had given two bags to the patient and saved his life. Lakshya gets angry and leaves.

End of Flashback.

“Itna Bada Baby?” Ragini questions and giggles.

Episode ends.

Precap: SwaSan bump into each other… Sanskaar apologises which surprises Swara… Lakshya climbs Ragini’s balcony… DP and Sanskaar start finding AP and Lakshya… Adarsh to come back… Satya to think of something… another shocking truth to be revealed…
Can you guess what truth will be revealed?
Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth.
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Lisa…?
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  2. btw who is playing radha

    1. Radha is played by Sukirti Khandpal

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    1. Thank you Ashnoor…????
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  4. Jazzy

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    1. Hi J… of course I remember you.
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    1. Thank you Angel… ?

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