Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 4)


Episode 4:
Aaj itna Sab kuch hone wala hai… ?
So here’s the episode…
The episode starts at Ragini’s house, Ragini is aiding Lakshya’s arm. Lakshya doesn’t even move, flinch or make a sound while Ragini’s putting antiseptic on his arm.

“Dard Nahi hota?” Ragini asks.

“No. I got used to having pains.” Lakshya says with a little smile.

Ragini looks at him.

“Are you a doctor?” Lakshya asks.

Ragini nods yes, Janki comes inside with food.

“I’m an intern, but how did you guess?” Ragini asks.

“Cause no one will help you unless it’s their duty, like police and doctors.” Lakshya says.

Ragini finishes bandaging.

“You have to take complete rest.” Ragini says.

Lakshya smiles at her and can feel his heart beat fasten as Ragini talks. Rehan hears something as he’s sitting close to Lakshya.
Lakshya touches his heart as Ragini looks away, Rehan touches Lakshya’s heart and can feel it beat fast and is stunned. Rehan then noticed Lakshya looking at Ragini while she’s packing the first aid.

Rehan touches his heart and drops onto the floor and faints. Ragini and Janki get shocked while Lakshya looks at him.

Scene shifts to the airport, a girl comes outside while pushing the trolley with her suitcases.

“Oh god, this trolly won’t even move properly.” The girl says sounding annoyed.

The girl moves the trolley and her face is revealed, she is shown smiling.

“Swara.” A familiar voice is heard.

The girl is revealed to be Swara as she turns around only to see her father, Shekhar standing there. Shekhar smiles, Swara runs and hugs him.

“Baba, I missed you a lot.” Swara says and closes her eyes.

“I missed you too beta.” Shekhar says and hugs her tight.

Shekhar and Swara broke the hug and Shekhar signalled the driver to put the luggage inside the boot. The driver nods okay picks the luggage up.

On the other hand, DP is shown walking out from the airport while talking on the phone.

“What is this Adarsh? Next time be sure before telling!” DP angrily says and disconnects the call.

DP sits inside the car and starts driving, he stops the car in a shock.

“I forgot to call Mr Saxena.” DP says and wears his Bluetooth.

While wearing his Bluetooth, AP walks past and both miss seeing each other. AP’s scarf flies off her and lands on DPs car and blocks his view, AP looks on.

“Mera duppata…” AP says and looks there.

DP gets annoyed and steps out of the car, he takes the scarf down and looks up, he is shocked to see AP, AP is also shocked to see DP. A tune plays in the background. Both remember their old and fun moments. DP slowly approaches her and remembers their loving moments when AP chases him and he runs while laughing. AP develops tears in her eyes and remembers DP pushing her on the swings and him stealing her ice cream.

DP is still approaching her slowly, the wind is also blowing on his face, a romantic tune plays in the Background. From the other side, a bull is coming and people are chasing it and shout stop. The bull notices a red scarf in DPs hand and runs more faster, the men shout and tell DP to move but DP wasn’t in his senses, AP hears them and looks there, she sees bull approaching DP and shouts DP to move but it’s too late, the bull comes and hits DP with his horns and DP goes flying in slow motion with a shocked expression.

AP gasps and the screen freezes on her face as she brings her hands to her face to cover her lips. It unfreezes.

“Durga!!!” AP shouts.

DP falls on the ground in his belly, the bull runs over him on his back.

“Aahaaa.” DP shouts and faints as the bull runs.

The bull turns and smirks while running and DP faints.

Shekhar and Swara see the crowd gathered and ask the driver to stop the car, the driver stops. Shekhar and Swara get out of the car and rush there, they move people outed the way and are shocked to see DP in blood of pool with AP crying and shouting for help.

“Koi toh madat Karo.. Koi toh ambulance ko phone Karo!” AP cries.

Swara and Shekhar look on. Shekhar goes forward and calls the policemen. Swara calls the ambulance.

Scene shifts to the hospital, Ragini is shown shaking hands with the doctor.

“You may join from today… Welcome to the city hospital, you are officially our member of staff.” The female doctor says.

“Thank you.” Ragini says and smiles.

“And Haa, that boy you brought here is alright, he just fainted due to a shock but was very close to get a mild heart attack.” The doctor says.

“I wonder what must’ve shocked him, because he was perfectly fine one minuet and the next minute he collapsed.” Ragini says seeming confused.

“So what have you thought?” The doctor says

“I’ll start my internship and training from today…” Ragini says.

The doctor smiles and walks out, Ragini also walks out. Lakshya is shown sitting down worriedly. Ragini walks up to him. Lakshya looks up and stands up.

“What happened? Is he okay? You calling the ambulance and taking him to the hospital shocked me…” Lakshya asks worriedly and sounds impatient.

“He’s alright but fainted due to a shock and was close enough to have a heart attack.” Ragini says.

Lakshya is shocked.

“Why? Aisa Kya hua?” Lakshya asks.

“Pata Nahi…” Ragini says and thinks.

Lakshya releases a breath of relief and Ragini looks at him.

“At least he’s alright.” Lakshya says and sits down.

“I’ll be right back.” Ragini says and leaves.

Lakshya smiles and taps his head.

On the other hand, AP, Swara and Shekhar rush DP inside the hospital.

Ragini comes out wearing the doctors coat and walks in front of Shekhar, Swara and AP. Shekhar gets a call and he goes to the side.

“Doctor!” Swara shouts.

Ragini turns around while Swara rushes to her.

“Doctor, this uncle had an accident… Please do something.” Swara insists.

Ragini nods and runs there with Swara, she sees DP on the stretcher covered with pool of blood. She looks up at AP and sees AP crying and feels sympathy towards her. Ragini then shouts for the ward boys. The ward boys come there.

“Take him to the OT right now and call doctor Akanksha or Parineeta…” Ragini says.

The ward boys nod okay and rush DP, AP follows and cries seeing DP. Their moments flash in her mind.

Ragini also follows in the OT and the doors shut, Shekhar comes there.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, nothing will happen to him. Could you please tell us what happened…” Shekhar asks.

AP wipes her tears and narrates Shekhar and Swara about what happened. Swara and Shekhar are surprised and shocked.

“Okay, I’ll take action.” Shekhar says.

“Baba… I’ll stay with Aunty until the family members come and I’ll call you and then you could pick me up…” Swara says.

Shekhar nods okay with a smile and leaves. Swara consoles AP.

Inside the OT:

Ragini is wearing a green cloak with a mask covering her mouth.

“Ma’am, this is your first operation, are you sure you can do it?” The nurse asks.

“I’m not one of those who would give up… He already lost a lot of blood… Quickly ask them to sign the papers.” Ragini boldly says.

The nurse nods okay and goes out, Ragini prays and wears the gloves. She starts the operation with full focus.

Outside the OT, AP is shown praying while Swara is shown sitting down looking tensed.

“Oh god, please save Durga” AP worriedly prays.

The nurse comes out with DP’s wallet, phone and watch.

“Who’s related to the patient?” The nurse asks.

AP opened her eyes and looks up, Swara looks at AP while AP looks on.

Lakshya comes out of the toilet and shuts his zip, he walks down remembering Ragini.

“Hayyy… What’s happening to me?” Lakshya says and touches his heart seeming lost with a smile.

Lakshya starts walking but bumps into someone and comes back to his senses.

The person whom he bumps into is revealed to be KP.

“Sorry…” KP says.

“Chalo, since I’m in a good mood, I’ll forgive you.” Lakshya says and moves forward.

KP looks on.

KP stops a nurse.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where Durga Prasad Maheshwari is admitted.” KP asks.

Hearing the name Lakshya stops with a stunned expression.

The past moments flash in his mind when DP didn’t accept Lakshya as his son.

“Who had an accident?” The ward boy asks.

KP nods yes.

“He’s in the OT. Are you his…?” The ward boy says.

“Father.” KP says.

Lakshya turns around and looks on.

“We need you to sign the papers quickly.” The ward boy says.

KP nods okay and the ward boy takes KP.

“Durga Prasad and here?” Lakshya asks seeming confused.

On the other side, AP and Swara are waiting. Swara then remembers how she used DPs phone to call someone and KP was on the list first.

KP is shown coming, AP sees him and looks on stunned. A doctor comes out and removes her mask. She is revealed to be Parineeta.

“Ma’am, we have called the blood bank and they don’t have any O positive… Are you sure you don’t know anyone? Where are his sons or daughters?” Parineeta says worriedly.

AP stands up and gets worried.

KP also hears and thinks to call Sanskaar. AP thinks of Lakshya and decides to call him and turns around. KP puts the phone on his ear and looks up, he gets shocked to see AP. AP picks her phone up and sees KP and gets tears in her eyes and looks away.

Lakshya is shown standing behind KP. AP worriedly calls Lakshya but sees him and gets relieved and puts her phone down.

“Lakshya…” AP says with a little smile.

KP turns around as AP rushes to him.

“Lakshya… Your blood group is also O positive Na… Please donate it for someone.” AP requests.

“For who Maa?” Lakshya asks.

KP is shocked, he remembers a younger Lakshya.

“Who are you asking to give blood?! He isn’t even his son!” KP angrily says.

AP looks at him.

“For me, Durga’s live matters more than this argument. It matched last time so why wouldn’t it now?” AP says and looks at Lakshya.

“Maa, I need to go.” Lakshya says and shocks AP.

“Lakshya…” AP says.

Sanskaar is on the phone and is hearing this as KP didn’t disconnect the call.

“I will never ever give my blood to this man who disowned me and didn’t accept me as his blood!” Lakshya says and moves back.

AP gets angry, Swara, Parineeta and KP look on.

“Lakshya, he’s your father…” AP says.

“Nahi hai vo mera Baap Aur Nahi hoon mein uska beta!” Lakshya says.

AP looks at him and Lakshya looks away.

“At least for humanity, donate your blood. Your blood could save someone’s life, for that will you not donate your blood.” A new voice is heard.

AP turns around and all look there and see Ragini. Lakshya is surprised to see Ragini.

Lakshya looks away.

“I’m not giving that man a drop of my blood.” Lakshya makes clear.

All are shocked expect KP.

“Even this boy is smarter than you. He knows he’s not Durga’s blood then why are you insisting him?” KP says with his phone in his hand.

“I know Lakshya is his blood and mera Lakshya will definitely give his blood.” AP says with confidence and while looking at Lakshya.

“Lakshya, we don’t have much time.” Ragini says with a worried expression.

Lakshya looks at Ragini as she uttered his name for the first time.
AP moves forward and takes Lakshya’s hand and puts it on her head.

“Tumhe meri kasam Lakshya, donate your blood.” AP says which shocks Lakshya.

Lakshya looks on and has no choice but to say yes.

“This is only for you Maa, but you didn’t do the right thing!” Lakshya angrily says and goes inside.

AP, KP, Swara and Ragini look on. Parineeta goes inside with Lakshya.

“Hello?” Sanskaars voice comes from KP’s phone.

KP puts it on his ears and orders Sanskaar to come to the hospital.

After a while, Lakshya comes out and seems angry and doesn’t look at AP. He fixes his sleeves and angrily storms off. Ragini comes out with a smile.

“The operation was successful and Lakshya’s blood matched and he was brave…” Ragini says but stops and holds her laugh.

“Um… He gave two bags of blood.” Ragini says and leaves.

AP, KP and Swara smile. AP thanks god. KP then realises and his smile disappeared.

Parineeta was about to leave when KP stops her.

“DadaJi… Patient will be shifted to the ward soon, so you can meet him.” Parineeta says with a smile.

“No… I mean how did that boy’s blood match Durga’s?” KP asks.

AP looks at him and Sanskaar reaches there but stands a little far.

“Like father and son… Matlab, Lakshya is his son, that’s why it matched.” Parineeta says.

KP and Sanskaar are shocked.

“But how?” KP asks confusingly.

“Lakshya is Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s blood and if they have the same blood then it can match.” Parineeta explains.

AP looks at KP with a confident look. KP is stunned.

“Is there any blood left of that boy?” KP says sounding shocked.

“Haa and don’t worry, we took the patients blood sample and Lakshya’s and sent it for a DNA test to clear our and your confusion.” Parineeta says.

KP nods okay and Parineeta leaves. Sanskaar looks on shockingly as he sees AP and hears the news.

“Sun Liya aap ne? Now will you still not accept that fact? Well, let’s wait till the DNA reports.” AP says and turns.

She sees Sanskaar but feels like it’s Sanskaar. Sanskaar has tears in his eyes and looks at AP. AP’s heart beats as she looks at Sanskaar.

A heartwarming tune plays in the background.

AP’s eyes moist.

“Sanskaar?” AP softly says as she approaches him.

Sanskaar looks away and controls his tears. AP understand that he doesn’t want to talk to her and leaves after picking her bag and phone up. Sanskaar turns around and sees her walking away.

“Lakshya’s blood matched… So does that mean Maa was right 11 years ago? But where is Lakshya?” Sanskaar thinks and looks on.

KP drops down on the chairs. Sanskaar hears that and turns. Swara also sees that. Both SwaSan rush there but stop as they were about to bump in each other. Sanskaar then bends down and holds KPs hand.

“How can this happen? 11 years ago Durga said that boy wasn’t his son then how did this happen?” KP say while thinking.

“Somethings not right Dadaji… We have to wait till the DNA reports.” Sanskaar says.

KP nods yes.

“Mukesh said that he changed Sanskaar and that boys hair sample… Then how is this…?” KP thinks and makes an angry face.

Lakshya angrily walks in the room Rehan is admitted in. He sees Rehan lying down with his eyes closed and the oxygen mask on.

Lakshya then walks out and shuts the door, Rehan opens his eyes.

“Nah baba Nah… I don’t want him to vent his anger on me.” Rehan says and shuts his eyes again.

Lakshya sits down on the bench with anger. Ragini comes there and sees Lakshya, she was about to go but gets stopped by Parineeta.

“I must say Ragini, it was your first day and you impressed me. You carried out the operation so carefully and professionally that you left me stunned. I need to tell Akanksha that she made the right choice by hiring you.” Parineeta says.

Ragini smiles “Thank you Ma’am.”

“Anyways you take rest, I’ll catch you later.” Parineeta says and leaves.

Ragini goes inside Rehan’s room.

“Mr Rehan Ali?” Ragini asks as she comes in.

Rehan opens his eyes and looks at her. Ragini walks up to him.

“How are you feeling?” Ragini asks.

“Better.” Rehan says sounding low.

“You don’t sound good.” Ragini says.

“Please… Don’t remind me.” Rehan says and fakes being sad.

Ragini gets confused.

“You take rest and we will dismiss you tomorrow.” Ragini says.

“Haa… I need to take rest for a day.” Rehan says and closes his eyes.

Ragini leaves and decides to come back tomorrow. As Ragini comes out, she sees Lakshya sitting down angrily. She sits besides him but he doesn’t even notice. Ragini remembers something and starts laughing. Rehan opens his eyes as he hears her laugh.

“She’s laughing when Lakshya’s angry? Ab toh gayi.” Rehan says and looks on.

He then decides to see so he stands up after taking the oxygen mask and peeks out. Ragini is laughing and Lakshya looks at her angrily.

“Sorry…” Ragini says and looks away.

Lakshya then looks forward again.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Ragini says.

“What?” Lakshya asks.

“About what happened in the OT.” Ragini says.

“What happened?” Rehan confusingly thinks.

“Kya?” Lakshya says and turns to her.

“Vahi…” Ragini says.

Lakshya tries to remember and remembers. Ragini looks away to control her laugh.

“That… Vo Ho jata hai.” Lakshya says feeling embarrassed and looks away.

“Kya hua Ho ga?” Rehan thinks.

“But I’m very surprised, you were shot, was that pain less than this one?” Ragini asks.

“How’s Rehan?” Lakshya asks and turns his head towards her.

Rehan is stunned.

“He became so calm with her… Matlab…” Rehan thinks and gets shocked.

“Rehan…” Before Ragini could complete her words, Rehan comes out.

“I’m absolutely fine now… Can I go home?” Rehan says.

Ragini stands up and sees him perfectly alright.

“Well, let me confirm it with the doctors and then tell you. But you do seem to be alright.” Ragini says.

“What happened?” Rehan asks.

“Well you had an…” Ragini says but Rehan stops her.

“I mean with Lucky.” Rehan asks giving them two the suspicious looks.

Ragini looks at Lakshya and Lakshya stands up. Ragini smiles and looks away.

“Vo, he donated blood.” Ragini says.

Rehan’s eyes widen as he could not believe what he had heard.

“Lucky and donated… Blood?!” Rehan shockingly asks.

Ragini nods yes.

“Ohh… So this is what you two were talking about.” Rehan says while realising.

“Why were you listening?” Lakshya asks.

“I can imagine his state in the OT room.” Rehan says while laughing.

Ragini looks on surprisingly.

“He must’ve screamed and shouted.” Rehan says.

Lakshya glares at Rehan but Rehan ignores Lakshya.

“I know he’s scared of needles, tell me what happened…” Rehan says and requests.

Ragini nods okay and looks at Lakshya. Lakshya gives up and shakes his head.

Then Lakshya, Ragini and Rehan are sitting in the room Rehan got admitted in. Ragini starts telling.

Lakshya comes inside the OT and Parineeta makes him lie down. Parineeta then brings the syringe and Ragini comes inside. Lakshya angrily looks there and sees the syringe and his facial expression change. Ragini notices that. Lakshya gulps and tries to sneak as Parineeta isn’t looking but Ragini comes from that side and stands near him.

“Kaha?” Ragini asks.

Lakshya nods nothing and makes a scared face.

“Arey Haa, I remembered that my blood group is… Is B positive, not O.” Lakshya lies.

Parineeta and Ragini look there.

“Really?” Parineeta asks.

Lakshya nods yes.

“That’s great… We can use your blood to save many other lives… But we will just try matching your blood with the patients.” Parineeta says.

Lakshya is stunned. Ragini controls her laugh after seeing his reaction. Parineeta looks at Ragini and shakes her head with a smile.

Parineeta approaches Lakshya, Lakshya nervously utters something. Parineeta then holds his arm and Lakshya widens his eyes. After a while Lakshya faints which surprises Ragini and Parineeta.

But after a while he opened his eyes and found out that he had given two bags to the patient and saved his life. Lakshya gets angry and leaves.

End of Flashback.

“Bas yahi? Didn’t he scream or shout?” Rehan asks.

Lakshya looks at Ragini.

“Please excuse me… I’ll go talk to the Doctor.” Ragini says and leaves.

Rehan then looks at Lakshya who is smiling.

Swara is shown waiting outside the hospital.

“Offo, where is Papa?” Swara worriedly thinks.

She turns around and bumps into Sanskaar.

“Sorry…” Swara says.

Sanskaar leaves without apologising.

“Arey, he left without apologising? What kind of man is he?” Swara says seeming confused.

Sanskaar hears and stops, he then turns with style and looks at her. She looks at him and realises he had heard.

“I didn’t know you beg for apologies! Itna low standard?!” Sanskaar taunts and comments.

“Excuse me… You have no rights to judge me yet!” Swara angrily says.

“Yet? So there’s more forms to come out? Well I wish I don’t see you, your face or forms again!” Sanskaar says and leaves with attitude.

Wind blows and Swara angrily looks on.

A tune plays in the Background.

Episode ends.

Precap: Angry Swara tells her mother what happened… Lakshya climbs Ragini’s balcony at night… DP conscious and DNA Reports come and Sanskaar, KP, RP, Sujata and DP are scared to open the envelope, Amartya opens it and looks on.
Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth.
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

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