Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 2)


Episode 2:
A pub is shown, everyone are dancing, two men enter in black tuxedos with glasses. Both have double chin.

“The work should be done its self today.” One of the man says.

“Where would we find him?” The other man says.

“There he is, Buddah!” The 1st man whispers.

“Anthony, here we come.” The 2nd man whispers.

After a while, both of the men start dancing on the floor on the song I Hate Luv Story’s. With their fingers while dancing, they signal some men’s to spread in that corner.

The song finishes and everyone clap, they look around and find the man missing. Both of the men run out while the others search.

One of the man is outside, just then he feels a tap on his shoulder. The man turns around and is surprised.

“I can’t find my car…” Anthony says.

“Don’t worry sir, we will find it for you.” The man says and smirks.

“Sir, would you like a fag?” The man asks.

“Fag?” Anthony gets confused.

“A cigarette.” The man says.

“Sure, why not.” Anthony says.

The man takes out a cigarette and gives it to Anthony. He also lights it up for him.

“Sir, I’ll check on your car.” The man says and turns around and starts walking.

He smirks and takes his glasses off. Anthony takes a puff and suddenly touches his heart. He couldn’t breath and falls on to the ground. He tried calling for help but can’t even speak. He then dies.

“3…2…1.!” The man says and hears an explosion.

The cigarette explodes, the man takes of his face mask and double chin. He is revealed to be Lakshya.

The other man comes there and sees Anthony dead and smiles, he also takes his face mask of.

“Rehan, Bhaag.” Lakshya says.

The other man is revealed to be Rehan.

“Don’t worry, Bhaag’s work is also done.” Rehan says.

After a while, Rehan and Lakshya reach the airport, they board the plane and sit in their seats. The plane flies off.

Lakshya is shown sleeping with blanket on him, Rehan is bored and is looking around. He sees the toilet behind him.

“Thank God the toilet is closer.” Rehan says and lied back.

A woman from the front stands up and walks behind. Rehan sees her and looks on.

“Beta, is there anyone in the toilet?” The woman asks Rehan.

“No.” Rehan says.

The woman nods and goes to the toilet.

“And there isn’t a sign saying vacant or occupied is there?!” Rehan annoyedly says.

A man stands up from the front and walks at the back.

“Why are the front people coming to the back toilet?” Rehan says to himself.

“Oh uncle, kidar?” Rehan stops the man and asks.

“Toilet…” The man says.

“Haa Toh aage Ki toilets mar gayi Kya?! Or have are there snakes there?!” Rehan says in an annoyed tone.

“Rehan, let them…” Lakshya says with his eyes closed.

The man leaves and Rehan turns to Lakshya.

“Kya? I mean are there snakes inside the front toilets?!” Rehan asks.

The back people then walk forward.

“Ab yeh kaha jaa rahe hai? Are there scorpions inside the back toilet?!” Rehan says.

“Rehan, chill… Why does it effect you?” Lakshya asks and pulls the blanket a little up.

“They’re gunna stink the toilet.” Rehan says.

Lakshya shakes his head in a disagreement.

A woman accidentally falls on Rehan as she was pushed.

Lakshya looks on and puts the blanket on his face.

“Do you need glasses?” Rehan asks and is trying hard not to lash out.

“Sorry.” The woman says and stands up.

“And why are you waiting? Do you need an invitation to leave?” Rehan asks and says rudely.

The woman leaves.

“Rehan, go to sleep.” Lakshya says.

Rehan huffs and looks on.

After a while, the plane lands, Rehan and Lakshya get their luggage and leave. A car comes and they sit inside it. Both Rehan and Lakshya get a text and smile.

“Finally, back home.” Lakshya says.

“Back to our Kolkata.” Rehan says.

The car stops outside their colony/Baari. Rehan and Lakshya step out in jeans, t-shirt and jacket.

The car leaves and they walk in with their suitcases.

“Can’t wait to meet Radha.” Rehan says feeling excited.

“But where will we find her?” Lakshya asks.

“Hmm, so you’re also missing her…?” Rehan teases.

“I’m missing her dance.” Lakshya says and knocks on the door.

AP opens the door and smiles seeing Lakshya and Rehan.
AP hugs Lakshya and then Rehan.

Lakshya and Rehan get changed into their normal wear which is a t-shirt with a shirt on top and jeans and trainers. Lakshya is wearing a black t-shirt with white shirt, opened. Rehan is wearing white t- shirt with black shirt opened from the top half only while bottom is closed.

“Where are you two going?” AP asks.

“Maa, we’re going to meet Radha.” Lakshya says.

“Achcha, she also came here three time to see if you two were back. But come back quick. I’ll get the food ready.” AP says.

Lakshya and Rehan nod okay and leave.

“So Radha se Ishq?” Rehan teases.

“No, I don’t love her… You do…” Lakshya says.

“Nah, I can’t love her even if I want to. She’s my sister.” Rehan says.

“Haa, you made her your sister and trapped me.” Lakshya says and folds his sleeves to his arm.

“For her you’re a Gunda.” Rehan says.

Lakshya looks at Rehan while Rehan controls his laugh.

“Careful…” Rehan says and Lakshya stops and looks there.

“Because of you I was about to enter the other area.” Lakshya says.

“But I stopped you, Lekin lets go tomorrow.” Rehan says and gives the mischievous smile.

Lakshya understands and nods okay.

Both reach a place and go inside.

“What’s happening here?” Lakshya asks.

“Classical Dance, all these guests are here to watch it.” A man says.

“Uff… Toh phir maza aye ga… Radha will rock the floor.” Rehan says.

“It’s also like a competition.” The man says.

“Then Radha will definitely rock the floor.” Lakshya says with a smile and sits down.

Rehan also sits down, his eyes fall on the opposite seats and on the first row.

“I knew they would be here.” Rehan says in an annoyed tone.

“Who?” Lakshya asks.

“Our enemies, Sanky Wanky and Amartya gatiya.. Well Amar Kamar…” Rehan says and looks away.

Lakshya looks down on the other side and sees Sanky and Amar sitting there and rolls his eyes.

“What are they doing here?” Lakshya asks.

“I swear if they’re here to eye Radha then no one will save them from my wrath.” Rehan says.

“What’s Sanky’s real name?” Lakshya asks.

“I’m not sure but I think it’s Sanskaar.” Rehan says.

“What’s his surname?” Lakshya asks.

“Am I a name dictionary that I would know? I don’t know his surname but his name is Sanskaar cause his side called him Sanskaar once.” Rehan says.

Lakshya thinks and nods okay, he then smirks.

It shifts there and two boys are sitting down, one is revealed to be Sanskaar and the other one is revealed to be Amartya.

“Look who’s here.” Amartya says and rolls his eyes.

“I knew those Kaminey would defiantly come here.” Sanskaar says while looking forward.

“Anyways, we’re classy people, we shouldn’t even look at those gunday.” Sanskaar asks.

“Haa, I know why you said that… DaadaJi is here that’s why na? What will that Buddah do anyways?!” Amartya says.

“Tameez se.” Sanskaar warns.

“Hmm, it’s different when you say it.” Amartya says and looks forward.

“Anyways what’s Lucky’s real name?” Sanskaar asks.

“I don’t know.” Amartya says.

“Hmm, but today, the girl from our side should win.” Sanskaar says.

“Hmm.” Amartya says and looks at a girl and smiles.

“Who made Dadaji the judge? He better chose fairly!” Amartya adds and moves back.

KP is shown sitting in the judge seat.

“Now, put your hands up for Radha!” Someone announces.

Amartya was about to clap but looks at Sanskaar. The other side clapped and blew whistles.

“Finally, Radha Nache gi.” Rehan says and Lakshya smiles.

The lights turn off and music starts playing.

Bolo Radhe Radhe
Radhe-Radhe Radhe-Radhe Shyam (x4)

All the people mouth it four times and clap.

Radha comes out in a red Lengha with the ghunghat covering her face.

She starts doing classical moves.

Daada/KP enjoys. Rehan and Lakshya whistle.

Ghoonghat ke pat jo uthayegi
Panghat pe thumke lagaayegi

Radha mouths and starts dancing
All get surprised and look at each other.

Kajre ki dhaar se
Baahon ke haar se

Radha dances with a smile.

”Kaanha ko apne sajaayegi
Music bajega loud to Radha Nachegi” Radha mouths and all woman look on.

Music bajega loud to Radha Nachegi
Radhe Radhe… hoye
Radhe Radhe… ho

Radha does Bharatnatyam.

Radhe Radhe… aaho
Radhe Radhe, bolo Radhe Radhe

“Nindiya udaaye meri birju ye 
Tori diwani lage gopiya ye kali gori
Makhan ka naam leke karta hai dil tu chori” Radha sees Rehan and Lakshya and smiles.

Kaanha tu chor hoke karta hai seena-jori

Sanskaar ignores the dance, cause he doesn’t like Radha.

“Baadnhi thi seedhi, tirchi si laage
Julmi ye zulfein tere peeche bhaage” Radha looks at KP and dances.

KP is also surprised.

Ho adharon ko kaise karun kaho bas mein

Radha mouths and dances with mixed classical.

Bhor ki laali lagai ke ye jaage
Radhe radhe radhe radhe radhe Radhe bol de

Kaanha ki kaali Radha me prem ka rang ghol de
Kaanha ki preet mein

Radha continues dancing

Taaron ko kheench ke
Dhin tak dhin tak nachayegi

”Music bajega loud to Radha Nachegi
Music bajega loud to Radha Nachegi” Radha dances.

Bolo Radhe Radhe
Radhe-Radhe Radhe-Radhe Shyam (x2)

The song finishes and Radha stops. All the boys start clapping.

“Good Job Radha.” Rehan shouts.

Radha leaves to get changed.

KP starts writing. Lakshya and Rehan walk out.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ragini to come Kolkata. Lakshya ko hua love at first sight but he’s also shot…
How do Sanky and Lucky know each other?
Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth.
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

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