Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 10)


Episode 10:
The episode starts with Ragini entering her room and locking her door. She breaks down on to the floor and starts crying.

“Why am I crying?!” She asks herself.

She then remembers Lakshya and cries even more. Rehan is shown climbing someone’s balcony. He enters and sighs.

“How hard is this? I wonder how people do this… Aur pata nahi 2 Lakhs ke liye Kya Kya karna Parta hai.” Rehan says and walks inside.

He sees Ragini crying and looks on.

“Vaha vo roadside, Awaara, Dukhi Romeo bana hua hai aur Yaha yeh Sad Juliet? Aaj Kal Romeo aur Juliet kuch zyada to nahi urr Rahe?” Rehan annoyingly says and sits besides Ragini.

She sees him and looks on.

“What are you doing here?” She shouts.

“Oh Mahatma Rani, don’t shout. I’m here to talk to you.” Rehan says and faces her.

“Kaisi baat?” Ragini says and faces the other way.

“That why did you say you don’t love him even tho you do?” Rehan asks sounding curious.

“Because I don’t.” Ragini says and wipes her tears.

“You do, I know, you know and he knows but why this drama? Why can’t you two bas, talk to each other and mamla khatam. Simple as but no, you two want to drag and add drama into it nai?” Rehan asks and says.

Ragini looks at him.

“What drama?” Ragini asks.

“Itni bholi mat bano… you love Lakshya and I know you do…” Rehan says.

Ragini looks on and then down.

“No I don’t.” Ragini says and faces the other way.

Rehan palms his forehead.

“Abey Yaar… bheja fry mat Karo… why are you lying and who are you lying to? I’m telling you, directly say it.” Rehan says in an annoyed tone.

“I don’t love him.” Ragini says.

Rehan folds his hands in front of Ragini and says “Pakode Ki kasam hai tujhko, Jhoot mat bol! Mera BP high Ho Raha hai and my heart is sinking…” Rehan dramatically says.

Ragini looks at him with a weird expression.

“Often people say God but Pakoda?” Ragini says.

“Pakoda mera favourite hai, that’s why.” Rehan innocently says.

Ragini smiles a little.

“Ragini… listen to your heart… If your heart loves Lakshya then please, please say it to him tomorrow.” Rehan requests.

Ragini looks away and her smile fades.

Scene shifts to MM, everyone are in the hall, including Parineeta, Swara and Shekhar.

“Aaj Hume kuch kehna hai.” DP says.

DP looks at AP and she nods yes.

“Where is Lakshya?” DP asks.

“He must’ve gone to get Rehan.” AP says.

DP and all get confused expect Adarsh and Sanskaar.

“Baad mein pata chal jayega.” Adarsh says.

“You say…” AP says.

“Tomorrow, Adarsh and Parineeta will get married.” DP announces.

Adarsh and Parineeta are shocked.
Satya is happy and smiles.

“Aur uske saath saath Sanskaar and Swara’s engagement.” RP announces.

All get happy but SwaSan are surprised but later on Swara is happy.

Lakshya is shown walking down the streets, lost and sad. Suddenly his phone starts ringing. He picks it up.

“Hello, Lakshya, where are you?” AP asks.

“Maa, I’ll be home in 30 minuets.” Lakshya says.

“Itni der? Beta, is everything alright?” AP worriedly asks.

“Haa Maa, I’ll meet you there. Send the address.” Lakshya says and disconnects the call.

AP looks on worriedly.

On the other hand, Rehan is shown walking inside his house. He then walks inside the bedroom and opens the drawer. He lies on the bed. Just then he hears a glass break and sits up with a jerk.

“Lakshya will never reform…” a frustrated Rehan says and stands up.

Rehan then heads out and is surprised to see Ragini standing there and a broken Vase next to her on the floor.

“Tum… yaha?” Rehan asks.

Ragini goes up to Rehan and hugs him. He is surprised.

“Thank you Rehan. Thank you for the advice but… but he doesn’t love me…” Ragini says.

“I told you this before and I’m telling you again, he loves you more than anything in this world.” Rehan says.

“Rehan, you’re a great friend, I’m glad to have you as my friend.” Ragini says and faintly smiles.

Rehan hugs her back, just then Lakshya walks in and gets shocked to see Ragini and Rehan hugging.

“Okay, Bas bas, don’t butter me up. Now go and talk to him.” Rehan says and sees Lakshya.

Ragini breaks the hug but doesn’t notice Lakshya behind her.

“Nahi… Mujhe sharam aati hai… and I won’t go talk to him especially after rejecting him.” Ragini nervously says.

Lakshya gets confused while Rehan smirks.

“Yahi Achcha moka hai… chal Rehan, Moke pe Choka mar de.” Rehan thinks.

“But do you have feelings for Lakshya?” Rehan asks.

“Haa but…” Ragini says buts gets cut by Rehan.

“Then do talk to him.” Rehan says and looks at Lakshya who is surprised.

“But… will he understand?” Ragini worriedly says.

Rehan gets annoyed.

“Meri amma, please… just talk to him, he’s right behind you.” Rehan says.

Ragini gets surprised and turns around, she sees Lakshya standing there and looks on.

“Sala, yahi jagah Mili thi… I’m going but I’ll be back in 3 hours.” Rehan says and leaves the house.

“Two Lakhs ke liye itna to banta hai na…” Rehan happily says in his mind as he’s walking out.

Ragini nervously looks at Lakshya while he smiles at her. There is a silence between them.

“Um… whatever you heard was not true…” Ragini says and walks forward and past him but he holds her hand and pulls him towards him. There is no gap in between them, their chests are merging. Ragini shockingly looks at Lakshya while he looks at her lovingly.

“I…I need to go h…” Ragini struggles to say and gets quiet as Lakshya keeps his index finger on her lips. He then wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her more closer, Ragini feels his breath on her lips.

Both share an eye-lock. Lakshya moves his lips near her ears and whispers “Do you love me?”

Ragini closes her eyes and places her hand on his shoulder. Ragini could feel his breath on her neck. He moves her long black hair to one side. Ragini then wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him. Lakshya smiles and hugs her back and understands it’s a yes from her.

“I…I started feeling for you Lakshya… I don’t know when, why and how… I… I thought you love someone else but Rehan told me you only love m…me.” Ragini says and hugs Lakshya tighter.

“I love you and will always love you till my last breath… I wouldn’t even look at another women so forget love the other women… for me, it was love at first and for me it’s always you Ragini.” Lakshya confesses.

Tears roll down Ragini’s closed eyes.

“I love you Ragini.” Lakshya confesses.

“I love you too Lakshya.” Ragini confesses.

Lakshya breaks the hug and Ragini opens her eyes, he cups her face and kisses her forehead.

Ragini then kisses his nose and smiles, both join their heads together.

Scene shifts to MM, Swara ignores Sanskaar as he looks at her. Sharmishta is shown talking to AP and Sujata.

Swara excuses herself and goes upstairs, Sanskaar also excuses himself and goes upstairs, he follows Swara and she notices him following her and stops.

“Kyu kar Rahe ho mera peecha?” Swara asks.

“I’m not following you, I’m just going to my room.” Sanskaar lies.

Swara turns around and looks at him angrily. She sees no one there and looks on.

“Arey, yeh kaha Gaya?” Swara confusingly asks herself.

She then looks around and walks forward, a hand pulls her closer to him and she is shocked to see Sanskaar. Both share an eye-lock.

Lakshya drops Ragini home and Ragini smiles.

“To, I’ll meet you tomorrow…” Lakshya says.

Ragini nods okay and shyly walks inside, Lakshya smiles and scratches the back of his head.

Lakshya then phones Rehan and asks him to meet him outside Maheshwari Mansion. After a while,
Rehan comes there and sees Swara, Shekhar and Sharmishta leaving.

“Aaj se hum yahi rahenge…” Lakshya says and points at MM.

Rehan looks on.

“Mana Ki mein Lalchi hoon but I won’t feel comfortable here, the house is too big and Mujhe Jaise gareeb Ki jagah kaha hai?” Rehan says.

“You and Gareeb? Sala you’re even richer than me.” Lakshya says.

“Only by 1 Crore…” Rehan smirks.

“And Two Lakhs.” Lakshya adds.

Rehan looks at him surprisingly and checks his phone. He smiles while reading it.

“2 Lakhs have been transferred o your account.” Rehan reads out and starts dancing.

Lakshya smiles seeing him.

“You know what… Meri bhi Jagah yaha nahi hai… I won’t feel good here, without you and I’m not used to alishaan mansions and bedrooms.” Lakshya says.

Rehan smiles.

“Mere two Lakhs…” Rehan happily says.

Lakshya chuckles and asks “How much do you have all together?”

Rehan goes near his ears and whispers “30 Crore and 2 Lakhs.” Rehan happily says.

Lakshya is surprised.

“So mere hue 29 Crore?” Lakshya asks.

“Shhh, dhere se… there’s a lot of chor and gunday here.” Rehan says.

Then both Rehan and Lakshya share a laugh.

“Lakshya, Rehan?” APs voice is heard.

They turn around and see AP in a saree coming towards them.

“Vah, Maa, Kya lag Rahe hai tu.” Rehan compliments.

AP smiles and says “Chalo, andar aao…”

Rehan then looks at Lakshya.

“Maa… I… well we want to tell you something.” Lakshya says and looks at Rehan.

“Kya hua?” AP asks.

“Maa… we don’t belong here.” Lakshya says.

AP looks on.

“Matlab?” AP asks.

“Maa, I grew up and spent all my childhood in the streets and that’s where I belong… not in a bad way but I’m not used to this richness…” Lakshya confesses.

AP looks at Rehan and he also nods yes.

“Maa… I swear we will leave all… ALL the bad deeds and live a happy life.” Rehan says and looks at Lakshya.

Lakshya nods yes.

“But… why not live with your family?” AP asks.

“Maa, I have a family and that’s enough for me… we’re not cutting ties but we don’t want to live here… we won’t feel comfortable… because me and Sanskaar…” Lakshya says and stops.

“Kya? You and Sanskaar what?” AP worriedly asks.

“Me and Sanskaar will keep in touch, me and Adarsh Bhaiyya will keep in touch, me and you and Papa will keep in touch but it’s awkward staying here.” Lakshya explains.

AP looks at Lakshya and Rehan.

“Achcha teek hai but it’s Adarsh’s wedding tomorrow. Be there.” AP says and stops her tears.

Rehan and Lakshya smile and hug AP. DP and Sanskaar were standing there and they heard.

Rehan and Lakshya break the hug and start walking away with happiness.

Lakshya and Rehan are shown rushing inside MM. Ragini is also with them.

“Where are you taking me?” Ragini asks and is wearing golden lengha with Golden blouse and her stole draped on like a saree/lengha choli style.

“Late Ho Gaye…” Rehan says while fixing his watch.

“Ab Maa Nahi chodegi.” Lakshya says and both enter.

They see Adarsh and Parineeta taking pehres. Satya is happily throwing flowers on them. AP turns around and sees Rehan and Lakshya walking down and looks at them. Both hold their ears and mouth sorry. Lakshya stands near AP and Rehan stands near him and they look at Adarsh and Parineeta. Ragini nervously walks down and stands near Rehan. She gets surprised to see Parineeta.

“Dr Parineeta is marrying Lakshya’s brother?” Ragini thinks.

She then smiles and also throws a little bit of flowers that she took from Rehan’s hand. Lakshya sees her and swaps places with Rehan. Ragini looks at Lakshya standing near her. She then looks away. He then touches her waist with his fingertips which makes her look at him. She signals him no. On the other hand, Swara is brought down by Sharmishta and Sanskaar gets mesmerised seeing her walking down as he is standing with Shekhar. Adarsh applied the sindoor and mangalsutra and the wedding was finished. All clap, including Ragini and Lakshya. While clapping Lakshya nudges Ragini and she looks at him. He smiles at her and both stare into each other’s eyes.

“Now… it’s time for Sanskaar’s engagement with Swara!” DP announces.

Ragini hears and looks to the side and sees Swara walking down with Sharmishta. Lakshya then pecks Ragini’s cheek as she had her faced turned to Swara. Ragini drops her mouth and looks at Lakshya. She looked around and no one saw as they all were looking at Swara but Rehan saw.

“Chi, Khulam Khula romance? They didn’t even keep respect for the older people.” Rehan thinks.

Ragini releases a breath of relief and steps on Lakshya’s foot angrily. Lakshya wanted to make some sounds but couldn’t and quietly said ouch. Ragini looks away with attitude and Lakshya looks on making a Sadu face. Swara and Sharmishta walk up to DP, Shekhar and Sanskaar. Ragini sees Shekhar and looks on. Tears form in her eyes and she looks away to stop them from coming out.

Lakshya notices and remembers Ragini telling him that Shekhar is her father. Lakshya then looks at Shekhar and then Ragini. Swara puts the ring on Sanskaar’s finger shyly. Sanskaar puts it in hers and smiles. All clap. Ragini also claps without looking at them.

Swara and Sanskaar are smiling at each other. Parineeta hugs Satya.


When Sanskaar pulled Swara towards him.

“I love you.” Sanskaar says.

Swara is surprised.

“Why are you surprised? I love you…” Sanskaar says.

Swara’s eyes widen, he then leans in and kisses her on the lips which shocks her even more. Swara pushes him back and runs from there and then later smiles shyly. Sanskaar looks at that from upstairs and smiles too.

End of Flashback.

Ragini walks up but Lakshya holds her hand. She turns around and looks at him.

All are happy and walk towards Parineeta and Adarsh and also SwaSan. Lakshya was about to say something loudly when Ragini places her hand on his lip and nods no. She then takes him to a corner.

“Why did you stop me…?” Lakshya asks.

“There’s no point in telling in front of everyone.” Ragini says.

Sanskaar looks around and doesn’t see Lakshya but sees Rehan.

“If Rehan is here then Lakshya must be here too.” Sanskaar thinks.

Rehan also looks around and doesn’t see Ragini or Lakshya.

“I can’t believe them, Shadi aur Sagaai mein bhi romance…? Salo ko sharam toh nahi ati…” Rehan says to himself.

His phones starts ringing and he attends it.

“Haa Dadiji… I’ll come there to get you… stay there.” Rehan says and heads out.

Ragini then hugs Lakshya and tears roll down her eyes.

“Lakshya, I’m happy with you… Maa… Daadi and Rehan… I don’t need anyone else in my life… you all are there as my family… and I’m very happy.” Ragini says and sobs.

Lakshya hugs her back, just then Daadi and Janki walk inside with Rehan. They eventually come down the stairs.

“Hy Mhare Thakur Ji… these stairs never end.” Parvati says as she walks down.

“Wait here… I’ll get Maa.” Rehan says and walks up to AP.

Parvati stands in front of Janki and is blocking people from seeing Janki and Parvatis back is faced towards people.

“Laado kaha hai? Mhare ko dikhayi nahi de rahi.” Parvati says and looks around.

“Maa, she must be here.” Janki says and also looks around.

Rehan then walk there with AP.

“Namaste..” AP greets with her hands folded.

Janki and Parvati also fold their hands and smile.

“Rehan told me that Lakshya likes your daughter Ragini and that they want to get married to each other…?” AP asks to make it all clear.

“Ji… that’s what I heard too… Rehan said that to us too…” Janki says.

AP looks at Rehan and so does Parvati and Janki.

“Sachchi, they really do and they will tell you two themselves. Wait… I’ll go get them.” Rehan says and escapes from there.

Janki, Parvati and AP start talking.

“Congratulations…” Janki says.

AP smiles and thanks her.

“Thare Dino Choron Ki Sadi hui hai?” Parvati asks.

Just then Sujata joins them.

“Arey Jiji, you’re here? I was searching everywhere for you.” Sujata says and notices Parvati and Janki.

She greets them.

“Nahi, my eldest son got married and my second son got engaged.” AP tells.

“Ohh..” Parvati says.

Janki looks at her and signals no but Parvati ignores her.

Rehan finally sees Ragini and Lakshya hugging and palms his forehead.

He walks closer and says “Ab bas bi Karo and Chalo mere saath.”

Ragini and Lakshya break the hug and look at Rehan. Rehan stands in between RagLak and grabs Lakshya hand and Ragini’s hand with his other hand and takes them toward Parvati and AP…

On the other hand, Adarsh apologises to Parineeta. She doesn’t say anything and is taken upstairs by Satya. Adarsh sees her leaving and then is brought to DP and he starts talking to the guests.

Ragini and Lakshya reach there and are surprised. Ragini looks at her mom and Daadi.

“Maa… Daadimaa?” Ragini confusingly asks.

“What is Rehan saying?” Janki asks.

“What…?” Ragini confusingly asks and looks at Rehan.

“That you and Lakshya love each other and want to get married…?” AP says.

Lakshya and Ragini then look at Rehan and glare at him.

“Ke yeh sach hai?” Sujata asks.

Ragini and Lakshya look at each other and nod yes. AP smiles a little while Janki looks at them seriously. Lakshya and Ragini see their reaction. Janki and Parvati look at AP and Sujata and all four of them start laughing. Ragini, Lakshya and Rehan give a worrying smile.

“Manzoor hai Hume.” Both Janki and AP say in union and smile at each other.

“But… I need to tell Lakshya’s Papa…” AP says.

“Sure, you can talk to him and let us know.” Janki says.

“Uska Matlab Maa and Daadi haven’t seen him yet…” Ragini thinks.

AP walks up to DP who is talking with Shekhar and the guests.

“Ji, I need to talk to you.” AP says.

DP excuses himself and walks with AP. AP brings DP into the conversation.

“Ji… Lakshya likes their daughter Ragini and wants to marry her…” AP says.

He looks at Lakshya who has his head down.

“Kab karni hai Shadi?” DP asks strictly.

“First we need to match their Kundlis and then arrange the dates.” Parvati says.

DP looks at her.

“I agree with you Maaji… I will talk to our family Pandit and let you know.” DP says.

Parvati smiles and nods okay. Shekhar sees DP and walks up to him. Shekhar slowly approaches while Ragini and Lakshya smile at each other. Rehan smiles and feels like dancing.

“Lekin Shadi ho hi Ek shart par…” Rehan says.

All look at him, Shekhar reaches then but Janki and Parvati turn as Rehan was behind them.

“Shadi hogi hamare Basti mein… everyone should know Lucky is getting married… there is going to be dhoom dhaam!” Rehan says.

Lakshya smiles while the rest are a little confused.

“He means that the wedding can happen here but rasam and all should happen in our area… I mean colony.” Lakshya explains.

Rehan nods yes and then all nod okay. Expect DP. AP smiles and turns. Janki and Parvati turn too. Shekhar is shocked to see them, Janki looks up and is shocked to see Shekhar. Parvati is also shocked to see Shekhar.

“Meet him, our hone wale Sambhadi Ji…” DP introduces.

Janki and Parvati are stunned, Ragini sees them and looks on.

“Aur aap Inse Miliye… hamari hone Vali sambhdan…” AP introduces.

Shekhar is shocked.

“Matlab…?” Shekhar asks.

“Their daughter is going to marry Lakshya…” Sujata explains.

“We will leave.” Parvati says and folds her hand.

AP and DP nod okay and fold their hands. Ragini, Janki and Parvati walk out leaving Shekhar stunned. Rehan and Lakshya head out too.

At Night:
Swara is in her room texting Sanskaar, Shekhar is shown sitting down disturbed. He is remembing Janki and then a younger Ragini and then a grown up Ragini.

“She didn’t even talk to her Baba once.” Shekhar says in his head.

Janki is sitting in her room and tears are rolling down her eyes.

Ragini is lying down in her bed on her side silently crying.

Ragini wakes up and gets ready.

“Maa… I’m going Hospital.” Ragini shouts and puts her tiffin in her bag.

“Haa, Jaldi Ana.” Janki shouts.

“Khana is on the table…” Parvati shouts.

“Haa, le liya!” Ragini shouts and leaves.

After a while she reaches the police station.

“Can I talk to Shekhar Gadodia please…” Ragini requests.

“Sir is busy but you are…?” The inspector asks.

“Ragini…” Ragini says.

The inspector calls and tells that Ragini is here, Shekhar asks to let her in.

Ragini walks in and sees Shekhar standing there. He walks up to her but she stops him and he looks on.

“I’m only here to ask some questions and please be honest…” Ragini says.

Shekhar looks at her.

“Did you love my Maa?” Ragini asks.

Shekhar looks at her and nods no.

“When divorcing my Maa, did you think about me?” Ragini asks.

Shekhar is in tears and nods no again.

“Did you ever miss me?” Ragini asks

He nods yes and tears roll down his cheeks while her eyes moist. She runs and hugs him as he opens his arms. He hugs her back.

Ragini then breaks the hug and looks at him.

“I don’t know how long it will take me to accept you as my father again but shall we start with being Tiffin wale dost?” Ragini says and wipes his tears.

He faintly smiles and nods yes. Ragini smiles.

“And we won’t tell anyone I’m Ragini Gadodia… please.” Ragini request.

Shekhar looks at her and asks “Why?”

“I need time and bewajah kyu?” Ragini says innocently.

Shekhar doesn’t understand and Ragini explains to him.

On the other hand Parineeta is shown forgiving Adarsh and hugs him.

The End.

Satya – Shivansh Kotia

Rehan – Shehzad Shaikh

KP/Krishna Prasad – Om Puri (DEAD)

Amartya – Vatsal Sheth. (DEAD)

Mukesh – Chandresh Singh (CULPRIT)
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

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