Dil Ki Saude Bazi (Episode 1)


Episode 1:
The story opens up in Kolkata. Two young couples are having fun. The boy is pushing the girl on the swing while the girl is laughing. Then the couple are shown eating Ice cream.

After a while, the boy is standing in front of a man, who has beard and looks like the boys father.

“Kabhi Nahi!” The man shouts and turns his back towards the boy with angry expression.

“But Papa, I love her and I can’t live without her!” The boy says and pulls the girl out from behind him.

“Durga!” The man angrily says and turns back to the boy.

The man glares at the girl.

“This girl can never become a Maheshwari Bahu! What’s her aukaad of becoming one?!” The man shouts and insults and also gives the disgusted looks to the girl.

The boy is revealed to be Durga Prasad Maheshwari. Young DP.

“Papa…” Durga/DP says.

Just then the man who is his father slaps him across the face tightly. The girl develops tears in her eyes.

“You can hit me as much as you want Papa but I won’t stop loving her!” DP says and looks up.

The man is glaring at young DP.

“I remember the first time you hit me, that was when I started smoking. Still I was quiet. The second time you hit me was when I started selling drugs. The third time was when I bunked school. Fourth time was when I took Ram out to explore Kolkata. Fifth time was when I hit a boy, Sixth was when I robbed a bank, Seventh was when I started hanging out with a bad crowd, Eight was when I argued with you. Ninth was when Maa died, you blamed me for her death when it was actually you!” DP says this all in one go.

“Durga!” DPs father shouts.

“Even I know how to shout!” DP calmly says.

The girl holds his hand.

“Forget it, I guess we’re not mean to be.” The girl says.

“How can you say that Anu?” DP says.

The girl is revealed to be Annapurna/AP.

“This girl is smarter than you Durga! I suspect if you even have a brain or not!” DPs father says.

“Fine, if you want to marry her then you have to fulfil my condition!” DPs father adds

DP and AP look on.

“You have to leave your habits and if I see you back on your habits then you will get kicked out of this house and property!” DPs father warns in a deep and angry voice.

DPs father leaves and DP lets out a breath of relief with smile. He looks at AP and both share a hug.

“Uff, thank god he agreed. This Buddah is always after me. God knows why I’m scared of him.” DP jokes.

“Durga!” AP says and hits him playfully.

Both laugh.

After a while, young AP and DP are shown on the Mandap. DPs father is sitting in a chair and is looking on. DP has a whole bunch of boys near him. DP fills APs Maang and all clap and cheer on. DP looks at his Dad who looks away.
AP and DP are shown in MM, in the hall playing with their two months old son.

“Anu, I’m naming our next child.” DP says.

“Achcha baba… You said this 20 times.” AP says and looks at DP.

“Papa didn’t even let me name our first child. Phat se naam bata diya.” DP says while giving the annoyed look.

“But Adarsh is a nice name. What’s wrong in this name?” AP asks.

“Nothing but I’m naming our next child.” DP says.

AP smiles and nods okay.

DPs father was standing and heard everything.
DP and AP had another son.
MM is decorated as the naming ceremony starts.

The priest asks DP to whisper the name in the child’s ear. DP whispers it three times. Adarsh is with his Daadaji.

The priest asks DP to say it aloud.

“Sanskaar.” DP says.

DPs father looks at DP while DP looks at him.

DPs father had the names written on the paper. DP sees the paper and decides to use one of the name as Adarsh was ticked off.

End of Flashback.

DP is outside smoking, DP then hears footsteps and is shocked, he throws the fag and sprays cologne and turns around. He sees his father standing in front of him.

“I want you to start working!” DPs father says and leaves.

DP is shocked. DP then shakes hai head in a disagreement and walks off.

RP is then shown getting married.

“DPs father, Krishna Prasad gradually accepted Annapurna as his daughter-in-law and accepted Adarsh and Sanskaar as his grandchildren. He also started teaching them. But little did DP know that after 10 years a storm was coming to take his happiness.” A manly voice says.

MM is shown, a 12 year old Sanskaar and 15 year old Adarsh are shown standing behind DP. AP has a 10 year old son in front of her. KP/Krishna Prasad is also standing there. AP is in tear while DP is angry and KP is disappointed.

“He is your son… Why don’t you admit it?” AP says while looking at DP.

“I’m telling you Anu, he’s not my son!” DP says.

“He is your son! Don’t you remember… 10 years ago? Well 2 years after your second son was born?” A man says.

“Mukesh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” DP says.

The mans name is revealed to be Mukesh.

“Dug, you were drunk at that time.” Mukesh says.

“I clearly remember that I never slept with another woman.” DP says and tries remembering.

“Even I didn’t believe Mukesh and Ali, but the DNA test proves it all.” AP says and shows the paper.

KP takes the paper and starts reading, he is shocked and looks at DP.

“The DNA test came out positive.” KP says sounding disappointed.

“But Papa… I’m telling the truth, this boy isn’t my son!” DP pleads.

“Just admit it.” Mukesh says.

“Where’s Ali? He knows, ask him.” DP says and looks at AP.

AP steals her eye contact from DP with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“He is your son, it has been proven, just admit it.” AP says.

“No, he isn’t even my son, why shall I admit it?” DP argues.

“If Durga is saying this boy isn’t his son then he isn’t.” KP says.

DP looks at KP.

“But Papa Ji…” AP says but stops as KP put his hand up for her to stop.

“I trust Durga and you have to choose one. Either Durga or this boy who isn’t even a Maheshwari.” KP says to AP.

AP is shocked, Sanskaar walks up to the boy.

“Why have you come here?!” Sanskaar says and pushes the boy.

“You came here to separate Ma and Papa! You’re taking out happiness away from us! Go away!” Sanskaar shouts with tears in his eyes.

“I’m not here to take your happiness away. I’m only here to stay with my Ma Papa.” The boy says.

Sanskaar gets angry and pushes the boy hard. The boy falls on the floor.

“Sanskaar!” AP says and slaps him across the face.

Sanskaar is shocked along with the others, AP realises and feels bad, she was about to touch Sanskaar but Sanskaar moves away.

“I hate you! Stay away from me!” Sanskaar says and runs to DP.

The boy stands up and looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar glares at him and sobs.

“We don’t have time Annapurna, either that boy or us!” KP says.

AP looks at DP and then the boy who was looking at her innocently.

AP cries and hugs the boy.

“I chose Lakshya…” AP says and breaks the hug.

The 10 year old boy is revealed to be Lakshya.

DP, KP, Adarsh and Sanskaar are shocked, AP wipes her tears and pecks Lakshya’s cheeks.

“Fine then, you can leave.” KP says.

“Anu, believe me… I didn’t sleep with another woman…” DP says and his voice seems to be cracking.

“Lakshya is innocent so why shall he get punished? You’re not ready to accept him then it’s not his fault!”
AP says with teary eyes.

“If you don’t then I have to, I can’t abandon him like you!” AP says and looks away.

DP looks on.

Mukesh is shown smirking a little.

“I’m taking Adarsh and Sanskaar with me.” AP says.

“No! I don’t want to go with you! I hate you!” Sanskaar shouts and cries.

AP is shook.

“Sanskaar…” Adarsh speaks up.

“No Adarsh Bhaiyya, she slapped me for that boy and she chose that boy over us and Papa, she can go with him alone, I’m staying with Papa!” Sanskaar says and hugs DP.

AP looks on.

“We will get your divorce finalised.” KP says.

Both DP and AP are shocked and look at each other. AP then looks at Lakshya.

“Annapurna Ji, I got the divorce papers ready on your behalf.” Mukesh says.

DP is shook and looks at AP, AP wipes her tears as Mukesh forwards the papers as AP takes them.

“Fine, if you really want this then I will give it to you!” DP angrily says and leaves.

Mukesh puts his thumb up and smiles a little.

After a while, AP and DP are shown singing the divorce papers in court. The judge also announces that they’re legally divorced and separated. DP calls his younger brother RP and his wife Sujata with their 11 year old son Amaartya.

The judge declared who would have Adarsh and Sanskaars custody.

Adarsh and Sanskaar’s custody goes to RP. Cause DP knew AP would take it as the law wouldn’t allow their custody to go to DP due to his criminal background. Sanskaar also said he wanted to stay with his Chachu as KP told him to say and Adarsh also agreed and the custody went to RP and Sujata.

AP then left with Lakshya forever.

“This was it… AP and DP got separated, RP and Sujata took Sanskaar and Adarsh’s custody… Lakshya and AP went far away from the Maheshwaris. Was this fate or conspiracy?” The manly voice says.

“Aaye dekhi ye Ki yeh Sab kaise hua.” The manly voice adds.

A room is shown, Mukesh is standing behind a man.

“Everything went according to the plan.” Mukesh says while smirking.

“It’s good you hid Ali.” A familiar voice says.

“Haa, in fact Ali has left this world.” Mukesh says.

The man turns around and is revealed to be KP.

“Finally, that Bengalan left! You don’t even know how I managed to tolerate her for 18 years.” KP says and sits down.

“It’s good you called me Bade Papa” Mukesh says.

“If I wouldn’t have then she would’ve been here.” KP says.

“Bade Papa, I’m glad I could help. Anyways I will catch you later, I have to join the police station and start my duty.” Mukesh says.

“Kaash Durga was like you, if he was then I wouldn’t have been suffering.” KP says.

Mukesh was about to leave when KP stops him.

“How did the DNA come out positive?” KP asks.

“I switched Sanskaars hair sample.” Mukesh tells.

“Hmm.” KP says.

Mukesh leaves and KP looks on. Mukesh then smirks as he walks out.

“Bade Papa… You’re so innocent bade Papa… You couldn’t even realise I was playing games..” Mukesh thinks and walks out.

“Mukesh! He was playing with KP’s mind along with DPs and APs, he was creating rift and I guess he’s the one who separated DP and AP, but why? Vaise bhi, let’s see what the story has for us to see next and maybe the answer to my question would be answered…?” The manly voice says.

Episode ends.

Precap: 11 years later… Kahani ka Naya mor.
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

Okay… So…

First of all, a new storyline/plot. I hope you all like it…

Secondly, either this or PCR (Papa Chup Raho)

Thirdly, Should I continue or not?

Fourthly, Pairs will be revealed in the next episode.

Finally, thank you for reading.

Do comment and tell me how the story is so far… Harsh comments are also welcomed ?

Stay blessed ?

Love you all ?

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