Dil Ki Saude Bazi ~ Epilouge


The story takes a 3 months leap, Ragini is shown sitting besides her bed and crying while hugging a picture. Lakshya comes and sits besides her.

“Paani?” He offers.

She nods no and caresses the picture.

“Lakshya… you know how Maa always pressurises me to get married haa? Now I understood why…” Ragini manages to say and breaks down.

Lakshya pulls her into a hug and tries to calm her and she hugs him tight and cries on his chest. He caresses her hair.

“Wherever Janki Maa is… she wouldn’t be happy to see you crying?” Lakshya says.

“But why did she leave me and go?” Ragini cries.

“I’ll talk to Maa and cancel our wedding for tomorrow, I guess you’re not in the state to get married… she will understand that you lost your mother 2 days ago…” Lakshya says and breaks the hug.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion, Swara and Sanskaar are shown taking pehres, Shekhar gets a call and is stunned. He looks at Swara and then puts his phone away. He was about to go when Sharmishta stops him.

“Kya hua Shekhar?” Sharmishta asks.

“Ragini…” Shekhar says but stops.

Sharmishta gets worried and says “Ragini? Kay hua Ragini Ko? Is everything alright?”

Shekhar nods no and Sharmishta gets more worried, while taking the pehres, Swara looks at Shekhar and Sharmishta.

“Is everything alright?” Swara says in her head.

“Shekhar… I also want to come…” Sharmishta says.

“But Swara…?” Shekhar asks.

“Shona will understand…” Sharmishta says.

Swara and Sanskaar then sit down, Sanskaar applies the sindoor and mangalsutra on Swara. The wedding was over. Swara and Sanskaar take blessings from the elders. Sharmishta and Shekhar also give blessings to Swara and Sanskaar.

“Beta… we have to go to Ragini…” Sharmishta says and looks at Shekhar.

Swara looks on.

“Is she okay?” Swara asks and looks at them.

“She needs support…” Shekhar says and looks at Swara.

Swara then looks down and nods okay. Then they do Swaras bidaai ritual and then Sharmishta hugs her and tears roll down both, Swara and Sharmishta’s eyes. Shekhar then hugs Swara and tears also roll down his eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re married… I still remember when you were little girl.” Shekhar says and you could hear his voice cracking.

Swara breaks the hug and wipes his tears and says “Aap to mere strong Daddy ho na?”

Shekhar nods yes and kisses her forehead.

Swara then sits in the car with Sanskaar, she then is lost in thoughts.

“However I behaved with Ragini a month ago was really bad… I feel so bad but don’t know why I can’t apologise.” Swara says and looks at Sanskaar.

“I’m sure she will forgive you… don’t worry.” Sanskaar says and kisses Swaras forehead.

Swara looks on thinking.

Ragini and Lakshya get engaged, Shekhar, Swara and Sharmishta were present there, Swara and Sharmishta were unaware of Ragini being Shekhars other daughter. Jammu comes there and Sharmishta is shocked, Parvati also comes there and Sharmishta is stunned, she then looks at Shekhar who happily looks at Ragini.

Then one day, Ragini comes to meet Shekhar in his office, Swara also comes there.

“Madam… if you don’t mind then can I ask you who Ragini is…?” The inspector asks.

“What do you mean?” Swara confusingly asks.

“I mean… ki aap andar Jaa ke dekhiye…” The inspector whispers.

Swara goes inside and sees Ragini and Shekhar hugging and gets shocked.

“I love you…” Ragini says.

“I love you too be…” Shekhar says but stops as he gets a phone call.

Swara is stunned and looks on, Swara angrily leaves from there and calls Sanskaar.

She tells Sanskaar everything. Sanskaar is stunned.

“What?! Are you sure? I mean…. how?” Sanskaar says feeling disgusted.

“I saw it and heard it with my own ears.” Swara says feeling disgusted too.

“I know my Papa can’t do this, it was Ragini who lured him into this!” Swara angrily says.

“I need to tell Lucky.” Sanskaar says

“And I can’t believe I’ll be talking to him, ulta he will fight with me… that’s why I don’t talk to him, he has no manners Aur agar meri insult hui phir bi Seh loonga because now his life is at stake…” Sanskaar adds and looks on.

After sometime, Ragini comes home and sits down.

“Mil ayi thare Baap se?” Parvati asks.

Ragini smiles and nods yes.

Just then they hear a knock on the door. Parvati opens it and looks on.

“You…? Sadi se Pehle thara Milan na hosake!” Parvati says.

It is revealed to be Lakshya as he enters, just then Swara, Sharmishta and Sanskaar enter too. Paravati is stunned and Ragini looks on.

“Ke hua?” Parvati asks.

“Ask your granddaughter…” Swara angrily says.

Parvati closes the door and stands near Ragini, Ragini looks at Lakshya and signals him what happened. Sharmishta is also confused.

“Ragini can’t do anything like this, this is your misconception!” Lakshya says and turns around.

“I saw and heard it myself!” Swara makes clear.

Lakshya looks at Ragini who is confused.

“She can’t do this…” Lakshya says.

Swara then walks up to Ragini. Just then Shekhar enters and stands at the back.

“What happened here?” Shekhar thinks.

“Who’s the guy?” Lakshya asks.

“Baba!” Swara says feeling disgusted.

Sharmishta and Lakshya are shocked while Ragini and Parvati are confused.

“Tum jaisi Ladki ko mein janti hoon, who lures boys and men’s for money!” Swara insults.

Ragini develops tears in her eyes.

“Enough!” Lakshya shouts and stands in front of Ragini.

“Bahot ho Gaya! You can’t accuse her and say this to her! What did you say? You know what type of girl she is? You DON’T! In fact she’s 100 times better than you!” Lakshya insults.

“Enough! You can’t insult Swara like that!” Sanskaar shouts and comes forward.

“Why did she insult Ragini?! Couldn’t she ask her instead of insulting?!” Lakshya argues.

“Your fiancé cheated on you and still you favour her?” Swara asks.

“She didn’t cheat on me okay!” Lakshya shouts.

Ragini is shocked.

“Tameez Se!” Sanskaar shouts.

“Oh really? You’re telling me to use manners when your fiancé isn’t?! Come on, stop being a hypocrite!” Lakshya argues.

“Listen, I’m not here to argue with you… so shut up!” Sanskaar says.

“Why don’t you tell your fiancé to shut up! She can’t accuse Ragini without knowing the truth!” Lakshya says.

Sanskaar gets angry and looks at Lakshya.

“What truth huh? That she lured elder men for money?! That she cheated on you for Swaras dad?! That she doesn’t love you!” Sanskaar says.

All are shocked, including Shekhar, Ragini and Parvati. Janki also hears as she walks inside. Lakshya gets angry and pushes Sanskaar, Sanskaar pushes him back and both have a physical fight.

“Lakshya… please stop…” Ragini requests as she holds his hand.

He looks at her and stops, Swara pulls Sanskaar back.

“Wah Lakshya Wah! For her will you even kill your own brother?!” Swara asks angrily.

“Haa, I would even kill you!” Lakshya makes clear.

Sanskaar glares at him.

“She’s not a good women for you!” Sanskaar shouts.

“Swaras not a good women for you too!” Lakshya answers back.

Both Sanskaar and Lakshya look at each other.

“The girl who suspects without knowing the truth will be loyal right?!” Lakshya says.

“That’s why I told you Swara! I told you not to tell me to talk to him! He has no manners of how to speak and wouldn’t listen!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Oh… so Swara spit this poison out? Ab Samjha mein… she’s the one who caused this fight… why? For property? Take the property, I don’t even want a share… arey the girl who causes a fight before marriage is the one to be suspected… check if she has some boyfriends… she must be cheating on you! All she wants is your property!” Lakshya shouts and insults.

Swara looks on and Sanskaar gets angry. Ragini turns Lakshya and slaps him across the face shocking everyone, including Lakshya.

“Bas Lakshya Bas! Today you have insulted a woman! You didn’t even respect one… get out from here!” Ragini shouts.

Lakshya looks on, Swara, Sharmishta and Sanskaar are surprised. Lakshya turns around and looks at Swara.

“This is the difference between you and Ragini… Ragini stood up for you despite you accusing her and do you know why? Well I don’t blame you… she’s your sister… a woman was just an excuse, she wanted to say how dare I insult her sister” Lakshya says.

Swara and Sanskaar look on confusingly.

“She can’t cheat on me for your baba… he’s her baba too!” Lakshya makes clear.

Tears roll down Raginis eyes, Lakshya leaves, Shekhar, Sharmishta, Janki and Parvati tell SwaSan and they get shocked. Swara then develops tears in her eyes. Swara is too ashamed to stay there and leaves, Sanskaar follows her.
Shekhar and Sharmishta reach the hospital, they see Lakshya and Ragini. Shekhar and Sharmishta rush to them.

“Ragini? Are you okay?” Sharmishta worriedly ask.

“Has I’m fine, I just had a fever…” Ragini tells.

Shekhar and Sharmishta release a breath of relief.

Sharmishta looks at Ragini with tears eyes and hugs her, Ragini gets surprised and hugs her back, Shekhar and Lakshya look on.

2 Days earlier, Janki was lying on the hospital bed, she was breathing heavily, Shekhar and Sharmishta come there. Janki sees Sharmishta and calls her near and holds her hand.

“M…Meri Ragini ka khyaal rakhna… Tod…today I’m leaving her b…but give her the hapiness she…she deserves… al…also t…treat h..her like… your own d…daughter.” Janki says while breathing heavily.

Sharmishta cries and nods yes.

“Aap me bataya kyu Nahi that you had cancer?” Sharmishta says.

Shekhar looks on sadly.

“Ab bahot der ho Chuki hai.” Janki says and cries.

Janki’s breathing gets out of control and finally she stops breathing, Sharmishta cries and Ragini walks in.

End of Flashback.

“Hum… teek hai.” Ragini says.

Sharmishta breaks the hug and wipes her tears.

After a while, they reach home, Ragini enters and sees Parvati cooking.

“Where were you?” Parvati asks without looking up.

“Daadimaa… hum…” Ragini says but stops.

Parvati looks up and sees Sharmishta and Shekhar.

Shekhar walks up to Parvati and holds her hand.

“Maa, please forgive me. I’m your gunigaar… hit me!” Shekhar says and makes Parvati slap him.

Parvati melts and hugs Shekhar, Shekhar hugs her back and both cry. Sharmishta and Ragini smile with teary eyes.

Maheshwari Mansion:

Swara comes out from the washroom in a red Saree with silvery blouse. Sanskaar looks at her and walks up to her. She smiles at him.

“Tomorrow is Ragini and Lakshya’s marriage, I’m thinking to apologise to Ragini there.” Swara says and tears develop in her eyes.

Sanskaar sees Swara and pulls her towards him.

“Why are there tears in your eyes?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara avoids eye-contact, Sanskaar makes her look at him and kisses her forehead, Swara closes her eyes and the tears roll down her eyes. Sanskaar then wipes her tears and a Swara hugs him.

“You look good when your smiling but you look cuter when you’re angry.” Sanskaar says and hugs her back.

A faint smile appears on Swaras lips and she opens her eyes.

“If there’s a husband like you, then no one can find reasons to be sad.” Swara says and breaks the hug.

She looks at him and he smiles at her.

“Hmmm, already my Tareef?” Sanskaar asks with a cheeky smile.

Swara shyly looks away, she was about to go when he pulls her closer to him, her chest merged into his and there is no gap in between them. Swara is surprised while Sanskaar gives the naughty smile.

“Aaj thoda romance ho jaye?” Sanskaar says.

“Sanskaar…” Swara gasps and shyly looks away.

He then kisses her cheeks and Swara closes her eyes, Sanskaar the opens the strings of the blouse and makes Swara lie on the bed. They slowly consummate their marriage.

Swara wakes up and finds Sanskaar sleeping near her with his arms over her. She smiles at him and pecks his cheek. She goes to the bathroom to get changed. After a while, she comes out wearing a pink lengha with pink blouse (the one in the cover picture) she walks in front of the mirror and puts her jewellery on and puts the pallu on her head.

“Sanskaar, wake up! We need to do some arrangements.” Swara says as she horridly puts her bangles on.

“Hmm, 5 minuets.” Sanskaar says.

Swara opens the door and sees AP.

“Maa…” Swara says.

Sanskaar slowly opens his eyes. AP looks at Swara and puts the kala India her ears.

“Meri Beti ko Nazar na Lag Jaye.” AP says

Swara smiles, both AP and Swara walk out.

Lakshya is shown creating a fuss down in the hall.

“Why are you all going to put that on me?” Lakshya annoyingly asks.

AP and Swara hear as they come down.

“Jiji! This Chora isn’t listening to me, you come and explain.” Sujata says while giving up.

“Lakshya, we’re getting late. Get ready soon!” Swara says.

“And this is part of the rasam!” AP says.

Lakshya unwillingly fulfils all the rasam before marriage.

After a few hours, Lakshya gets ready as a groom, he is very happy and excited. The Baraat leaves from the Maheshwari house. But Lakshya is missing something.

“Where’s Rehan?” Lakshya asks before sitting in the car.

“He’s not coming.” Sanskaar says.

“He’s not coming to get me?” Lakshya asks.

AP and Sanskaar nod no. Lakshya was about to sit in the car when he hears a horn.

All look there and get shocked and surprised, a smile appears on Lakshya’s face.

“Tan tana!” Rehan shouts and is revealed to be in a tank.

Lakshya happily goes up there and looks at the tank.

“Sala, you will never reform!” Lakshya says and looks at the tank.

“You all are boring, you grooms always go on horses or either cars, I thought why not try something new.” Rehan says and forwards his hand.

Lakshya grabs it and jumps inside. Rehan then starts it and starts going, the baraat follows on, including the family. Lakshya and Rehan are standing and waving at everyone.

“Don’t press any buttons, even I don’t know how to use this. Either this will kill people or us.” Rehan warns.

Lakshya laughs and nods okay. All the people look on as the tank goes through the streets.

“Bhaiyyon aur Behnon, aaj Lakshya ki shadi hai! Zaroor ana!” Rehan shouts as they go past.

On the other hand Sanskaar is in the car and is annoyed.

“Have they got licence to use that? And why isn’t the police doing anything?” Sanskaar says.

“Don’t worry Sanskaar…” Swara says as she keeps her hand on Sanskaars hand.

After a while, they reach the colony. Rehan and Lakshya jump off. Rehan pays the army man and he hops on it and drives it away. All greet Lakshya and direct him to the Mandap. All reach there, Swara decides to meet Ragini but couldn’t find her. Lakshya sits down. Rehan whistles and claps to get everyone’s attention.

“Now the Dulhan is coming!” Rehan says and points.

All look there and see Ragini coming with Parvati and Sharmishta in the carriage. Rehan opens the door and helps Ragini out. Lakshya is mesmerised. Ragini is wearing a blue lengha (the one in the cover picture).

After a while, Rehan places Ragini in the mandap and the pandit starts. Swara feels guilty whenever she looks at Ragini, Shekhar then comes forward to do the Kanyadaan.

(Note: Lakshya already told his family members that Ragini is Shekhars daughter, the asked Shekhar and he accepted it.)

Sanskaar comes and stands near Swara, he places his hand around her waist which shocks her.

“Sanskaar, someone will see.” Swara whispers and checks everyone, their attention is on RagLak.

After a while Ragini and Lakshya get married, Swara smiles. All the people whistle and clap. Ragini and Lakshya take everyone’s blessings. Rehan is happy. After a while, they come to Swara and Sanskaar. Swara hugs Ragini and tears develop in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Ragini.” Swara whispers.

Sanskaar and a Lakshya just look at each other. Sanskaar and Lakshya then coldly hug each other.

Ragini hugs Swara back and whispers “You don’t need to apologise Swara.”

Swara and Ragini then break the hug and smile.

After the bidaai, Ragini and Lakshya were about to sit in the car when Rehan stops them.

“You’re not riding on this, you’re riding on that.” Rehan says and points.

They look there and see a horse. Lakshya shakes his head in a disagreement and walks there, he sits down on it and helps Ragini up. They Lakshya rides away and all follow. Rehan then walks away.

“This was it, they had a happily ever after ending. Rehan still was in contact with Lakshya and AP, Ragini and Lakshya were living in the house with Rehan, not in MM. Swara and Sanskaar are also very happy, Swara is 6 months pregnant. Satay had a sister who is 6 months old. This was the story, I hope you all enjoyed it and this is where it ends. Thank you.”
********** **********
Here is a epilogue for some of you who requested it.

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