Dil ki nazar se khoobsurat by lover cum Aarohi…. Rose day special… (Twinj os) Happy Rose Day

Confused with author name? Ok so let me tell I am lover jisko you all forgot…. Yaad hoon ya nahi waise you all forgot me toh Aarohi yaad hai? I am that only.. I created two new id’s but none will able to recognize me? I don’t wanted to reveal this now but I wanted you all to you something that i can’t do without revealing my identity because you won’t pay any heeds to SiyappaQUEEN OR anyone new…

Guys many of you don’t like my os. Some of you’re telling to write on twinj… It means you don’t appreciate writing but you appreciate the characters. Don’t take me wrong but I am just telling frankly. I felt very bad. Infact I thought to delete all the os that I have already written but then stopped. I am so upset. I really don’t know how to tell that it was just my fiction..

And guys I am not new member of tellyupdates i wrote so many of ff and os before too. But today I am feeling like why I ever started this all…. I am not paid for this guys but I still write. How can You know that how hard it is to instead of studying i was busy in writing os or ff….

I am sorry if I acted rude but I just tried to say my opinion….

Don’t feel bad. I don’t intend to hurt anyone as I told I just wanted to tell my opinion. Because I can’t tolerate it anymore. I am hurt guys. I do waste a lot of time in thinking and writing the idea. Its fiction place where we can write what we want…

Hii friends Happy rose day..

Its the first day of valentine week. So lets start this week with a bang…..
Leave above text it was just my gussa… Jo main jaldi nhi hoti I hope you know that. I never talked in this way like I did today. And its not for one person but for everyone who thinks that i wrote personal os….
Leave it this one is a twinj os only…

Lets welcome you to my os…

Dil ki nazar se khoobsurat.

A building is shown and entrance gate it is written as xyz college. The camera shifts to the towards parking lot where a girl is shown with her scooty. She is wearing a one piece and looking cute hot beatiful and what not ;every boy is ready to die for her but she is not at all interested in them at all?? The girl is revealed to be our Twinkle.

Well! Well! Well! Well! Well!
Well! Well! Well! Well! Well!
Will wonders never cease?
I didn’t like her!
I didn’t like her!
I couldn’t stand her
I couldn’t stand her!
I wouldn’t have her!
I never knew her,
But now I do!
And I could…
And I would…
And I know…

As she is about to stepped in she saw someone and waved her hands to that person. The person is none other than kunj. He is wearing spectacles and had a book in his hand. As soon as she waved him. He reached to her outside the gate and she asked him to bring a bottle of water by handling him money. He does as she told.

She loves me
And to my amazement
I love it knowing that she loves me
She loves me,
True, she doesn’t show it
How could she,
When she doesn’t know it.
Yesterday she loathed me, ah!
Now today she likes me, ah!
And tomorrow, tomorrow…

Next scene,

Students are seen in classroom with their groups. Kunj is seen as studying as always. When Yuvraj entered with roses in his hand and announces..

Guys you all know its rose day today. So take the rose and give it to the person you love. He had a cheezy smile saying all this. He continued so lets start with most glamorous and gorgeous girl of our college. Twinkle came in front and took the rose went near kunj who is busy in study. And get on her knees told..

My teeth ache from the urge to touch her
I’m speechless for I mustn’t tell her
It’s wrong now, but it won’t be long now
Before my love discovers
That she and I are lovers
Imagine how surprised she’s bound to be,
She loves meeeeeeeeeee!

Twinkle:  I have never met a boy like you before. Till the time i came in this college, everyone just got mad at me. You are the only one who helped me And acted as a true friend whenever i needed.  I love you kunj. Do you love me? Do you accept me as your forever and ever? I told with a hope to get a reply.

But kunj just stood up from there and went…

I love her, isn’t that a wonder?
I wonder why I didn’t want her.
I want her, that’s the thing that matters,
And matters are improving daily.

Yesterday I loathed her, ah!
Now today I love her, ah!
And tomorrow, tomorrow…

Kunj doesn’t went to college for 3 or 4 days. Twinkle was getting restless and decided to meet him at his home.

Twinkle reached Kunj home with a gift. Kunj came down stairs.

Kunj: I know twinkle you did acting that day. You bet with someone but you don’t need to be sorry for that. But i really never thought that you will also prank on me. (He said innocently) .

Twinkle:  Kunj, please don’t do this to me. I really loves you. I really want to be with you in my ups and downs.
(And she broke down)

I’m tingling such delicious tingle,
I’m trembling, what the hell does that mean?
I’m freezing that’s because it’s cold out.
But still I’m incandescent
And like some adolescent
I’d like to scrawl on ev’ry wall I see
She loves me!
She loves meeeeeeeee!

Kunj just made her stand and asked

Kunj: (innocently) You were not playing prank. Pakka?

Twinkle:  I really loves you kunj.

And she hugged him and he too responded back.


Are you all shocked that its me? Do tell…
Hope u liked it? Thanks for lending ur valuable time n reading my OS. Sorry if it bored u. Do drop ur cmt below?

Love you a lots..
Lover , Aarohi.. ,SiyappaQUEEN

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  1. Sohi

    Hey arohi don’t be hurt dear
    I read all the os on sidmin written by you and also liked them
    But couldn’t able to comment as first I was confused that who is siyappa Queen and I was soo busy that I was not knowing what to comment
    Honestly telling all your os worked as stress relief for me
    Plz don’t be disappoint
    Love you bye

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Haayee… You know your comment acted as pain relief for me. You made me happy to the extent i can’t even think off. I am glad you read. Its ok if you didn’t commented but i saw your comments on my previous two articles. Just one words and now I got to know the reason. So how can I be angry with you… Infact I love you too…
      But do comment from now on whenever you get time..?

  2. Aamna_2690

    Hey Aarohi!!
    Commenting for the first time… but had read all ur previous work….I am Aamna…. New member n writer of twinj on TELLY UPDATES … I read ur ff’s but at that time wasn’t registered so didn’t comment… I also read ur recent work on sidmin n i loved it❤❤ but wasn’t able to comment due to my bad health… sorry for not commenting??
    Plz don’t be upset or stop writing.. I love ur writing… wether on twinj or sidmin…. it doesn’t matter… bcuz if it’s on twinj.. then also we are gonna imagine Sidmin as twinj….
    Well about this os… it was amazing… kunj was so innocent??loved the way twinkle proposed him n him asking innocently the question… plz don’t be upset or stop writing ??
    Loads of love??
    Keep smiling??
    Hope to see u soon with another os or ff……

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you so much dear. And the fact is how can i be upset for long time when i have friend like you all? I am glad you read all my previous works. Love you too. And Do take care of yourself. Comment when you’re free. I will wait for it. Thank you so much your comments means a lot to me.

  3. Aamna_2690

    Will u be my friend??

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      We are already friends i guess… Isn’t it?

  4. SidMin

    Hey Survi yaar …
    Ignore this who hurt you 🙂
    Well see those who support you …
    I loved the os 🙂 Too sweet 🙂
    Tere had story mujhe ache late hai … yaar
    Love you 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you yaar. Mili you always made me smile through your comments. love you too….??

  5. Presha

    Hey lover so srry for hurting u nd I appreciate writing but srry galti se bol diya na naaf kar do I m literally sorry plz kaan pakad k.. Nd this oswas the bestest one just loved it to core

    1. Presha

      I didn’t mean to hurt u nd ya I support u if u write sidmin too plz srry

  6. Simiyy

    Hey Aarohi
    It was amazing
    i love your writing
    post something soon
    loads of love

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear…????
      Love you too

  7. SidMin23

    It was nice I like your writing style and I have also read u write In sidmin which were cute and you finally write on twinj also welcome to twinj wold also arohi

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear. Keep reading. Love you loads…

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  9. Mia12

    Hey Aarohi, I m priya, who always told u to come back soon, nd don despair again,?? now remmbr me,? I think u 4get me,? so leave it,? but seeing ur shayeri feeling like hint that its u,,??coz ur a shayeri queen,??Well I always told u ki i’ll support u like this only,☺☺ coz I love ur writing to the core,?????? cahe wo kiske uper bhi kyu na ho,☺☺and also miss ur prvs ff also, “”As long as bunny has a tail my love will u never be failed,””r8?? it was an amazing ff,?? Soo plzzz don disheartened, jisko jo bolna hai bolne do,?? u just show ur passion, ?? that’s it,✋✋ toh apni anpehcani si sis ki bat nai sunoge,?? ok post next soon,☺☺
    Love you,❤❤ Muaaahh,???

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Haayee priya how can I forget you… Meri cutie . I always loved your comments… Thank you for supporting me… Keep supporting now too. You aren’t anjani yaar bcaz you are my cutie si sissy…. And shayari queen really? You made me blush yaar… And I love you more….?

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      And I am angry you missed my ff but not me…. Jao I won’t talk. You are bad but I love you…

  10. Queen jo bhi kaho aapke os and ffs muke bahut pasand atee hai especially on sidmin???just goalss???
    Abbb kya karee sabka taste to achha hota nahi hai naa toh unhe kuch pasand nahhi ataa haii…….my friend i appreciate your precious ff and oss☺☺
    Post next soon??

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you my dear. Thank you so much for supporting me. Love you too….?

  11. Hey arohi don’t feel hurt yaar I really love ur os a lot and keep writing

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear ???

  12. Kruti

    Firstly I am angry with u….u dint tell me u were hurt
    Seconly i wasnt shocked coz i knew it was u
    Thirdly the os was damn cute
    Whatelse do i need to tell
    Love u❤?

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Gussa toh tum ho nahi sakti mere se. Bcaz you loves me…? But I love you more and am sorry for not telling you.

  13. Ritzi

    Hey! Hi my darlo…my sooooooooooooo happy to see u! I just couldn’t believe tht siyappaqueen was u only….but whatever it is…I hv always enjoyed yr writings nd will continue to do so….this one too was a perfect of…though short but sweet too! I hv a doubt …when r u going to continue yr ff?

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      About Ff I don’t know dear I will try to post. And am I write that bad that you can’t believe i am lover… Waise who writes better lover or siyappaQUEEN? Do tell…. Love you more..?

      1. Ritzi

        Oh god Darling…. Don’t take me wrong…I couldn’t believe tht it was u bcus I never thought u will change yr name nd write. Nd siyappaQueen nd lover both r the same person …so if u asking me who writes better then it is equal to whom do u love more sidhant or kunj?

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you and please do comment. It really motivates me??

    3. SiyappaQUEEN

      Not bad yaar. You are indeed a smart person who knows how to answer in critical question. I like Infact love it. I thought that you all forgot me that’s why i created this new id… Thank you…
      Love you..

  14. RUTU.....

    Hey Dear,
    Don’t be hurt it makes hurt toe too don’t be sad ? you are most amazing writer ever…….I really love your stories and you too infact I wait when you post your oses as I surely know I am going to love it
    You always make my day by your lovely stories and precious lines which you wrote in it
    You know what I don’t write any stories because I was Always busy with my studies but this much amazing writers like you make me feel happy by your writings ,so I don’t miss to write any story
    Sorry by everyone who made you hurt if it’s me also
    Love you so so so.. ….much ? ?????

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Rutu your words made me blush. I am smiling now too. Infact I read your comments for 3 times… Hayee really do you like my story that much… Sorry for making you sad but I always tried my best to chilled. Infact I never got angry soon. But don’t know what happened to me today. Please forgive me… Love you more??

      1. RUTU.....

        I am glad that I am able to make you smile keep smiling always and if you get sad again then do tell me I will do all possible things which will make you happy
        OK bye & thank you for your precious words

    2. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear… Love you???

  15. RUTU.....

    It’s ‘don’t be hurt it makes me hurt too sorry for writing error

  16. Hey survi yrrr this os was so so so spectacular loved it and about ir previous os don’t dare to tell we didn’t liked it…and sry hurting u in ur previous os anyways i was only rude wid u ssry for commenting late actually my skuls and tuition…and post more stories and happy rose day to u…
    bye…hope u forgive me

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      I am sorry yaar I just went with the flow. Really sorry if I hurted you.. Thank you so much for commenting ??

  17. Purvi128

    Hey survi aka lover aka siyappa queen.
    Don’t be hurt dear. You know i always loved your writing whether its on twinj or sidmin. I really liked all of them. When you were writing as long as bunny has a tail my love for you will never fail at that time i was not registered so couldn’t comment. But now you know na I commented on all your previous os that were on sidmin. Jisko bolna hai bolne do. But me toh will always support you. Till my last breath. To be honest, i loved your sidmin os more than of twinj. But this was something diff. Kunj was so innocent. Please don’t get sad and continue writing. Whatever happen, i will always be there as your shield. So never ever forget me.
    Last but not least, I will not ask your friendship coz I know we are already friends?? Am I right???
    Want more of your writings.
    Love you lots??????❤❤❤❤❤??????????

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear for supporting me. Love you to the core. I am glad that you liked my stories…. Love you always. And how can I forget a cutee sissy cum frnd like you… You will always be in my heart.. And offcourse we are friends infact frnds forever.??

  18. Baby

    tune bola ki teri identity ab reveal krdun☺
    hehe or ae lo khud hi krdita tussi………..☺
    mein bhi naa meri tuti phuti punjabi bolna start krdeti ae….
    srsly dear aarohi……………..too cute too adorable too loving n touching os……..♥♥
    luvd it to moon n back☺☺
    it was short n too lovely♥♥
    lods of love to u priya☺♥☺♥☺♥☺

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Tussi bahut bure ho.. Itti aachi itti pyari punjabi bolte ho aur phir likhte ho tuti phuti punjabi so bad yaar. How can you tell anything about my friend. Chal aab agli baar se ye repeat maat krna warna I won’t talk plomish. And thank you for commenting. Love you too meli Divya. Haan tere naal samaye bitate bitate love ho gaya….? Frndship wala. Chal bye Happy propose day and belated happy rose day..???

  19. Aanya_pandey

    Haawww… Such cuteness.. superb update…??

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear… Glad to see you liked it ?

  20. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey lover,
    It was a cute os. Sorry for NT commenting on ur last os…..I. Was having my exams ……Ur last os sidmin was awesome fantastic.. I really loved it….. for me writing matters NT characters…..I really appreciate your piece of writing….
    U guys spend ur precious time to write these FF is ND u r not even paid for it……BT still u guys take so much effort to write really hats off to u……I m new to this site and don’t know much about u BT all I want to say is I love ur writings…..
    It really doesn’t matter to me 2 as the os is on twinj or sidmin or any other characters…..A good story and writing is the most I look for …. ND we all know that we imagine sidmin only as twinj in our minds( don’t know about u guys but fr me twinj is sidmin only ) …….ND writing on fav character doesn’t mean invading their personal lives. ….It just our love towards them……
    Don’t get disheartened and plz do continue with ur writing…… don’t stop ur writing…..plz plz plz continue ur writing accept it as my request to u don’t BV stop ur writing……
    Well sorry once again for NT commenting on ur FF and is BT I have read all of them and I really loved them…..I got Free from my exams today only so ……BT NW I will try to commit regularly if I get time from my bsy schedule…..
    ND I am sorry to all writers in advance I won’t be able to comment this week on any of ur FF/ os…..As I m bit busy this week celebrating Valentine’s week with my velentine. . .. …So spare me for NT commenting and don’t get disheartened…… ND u lover don’t stop ur writing we all love ur writings……Do continue with it I want more FF and os from u. …So don’t u dare stop ur writings or else won’t talk to u .. . (it my black and white mail to u)
    Loveeee uuuuuu
    Keep smiling
    Stay blessed
    ND do continue yrr

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Such a sweet comment. I am blushing. Thank you so much. Its ok if hadn’t commented but I am glad you commented on this.. Love you to the core. And I already have posted many os. Do read. Bye. Love you too.?

  21. Amaya Bhardwaj

    ND ND ND HAPPY VELENTINE’S week ????????????????????????????????to all of uuuuuu
    Love uuuuuu

  22. Shalini15

    Hayeeeee meri angar ki dukan itna gussa baba re baba ???????? gussa karti bhi hai aur kehti hai gussa nahi hoti wah kya jhooth bolti hai ☺☺☺☺☺☺ Well it was awesome fabulous amazing OS. but bahot chotu tha ???? but phir bhi loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? ? kahan se aate hain aise ideas in your mind thoda humein bhi batane ka kasht karengi?

    Waise maine pehchan liya tba pehli hi baar mein so mujhse gussa hone ki baat sochiyo bhi mat nd by the way ye Aarohi tu hi hai jo kuch time before tu par ayi thi apne ff ke saath? waise ab toh main tujhse gussa hun bcz you’ve asked me everything about me but didn’t told me about you. jao ab main baat nahi karungi Katti ??????

    Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Solly solly solly bache ki loge jaan kya solly solly solly. Pakdun dono kaan kya solly solly solly. Chal ab thand rakh meri cutie. Abhi bhi gussa hai. I know nahi because mujhe tumhe manana aata. Agar gussa ho toh koi nhi suprise nahi milega jyada se jyada aur kya…?
      Aab bye… Love you?
      And yes lover aarohi dono main hi hun. Don’t you know I thought you know. Waise as I told koi nahi badi badi desh mein choti choti batein hoti rehti hain.. Aur I am not anger ki dukaan sachi muchi believe me..

  23. Ramya

    Hey queen
    Y r u upset I have said na
    Forget about it
    Tum sidmin pe likho ya twinj pe I love both bvoz u write dem amazingly so plsss yar don’t get disappointed or don’t be hurt bashers ke baare mai bhul jao unhe kuch samaj mai nahi aayegi
    But see u write so amazingly
    So don’t be upset
    Love u keep smiling

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      Thank you dear….???

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