Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 9th May 2013 Written Update

Aaru opens the sindoor ka dabba and looks at it sadly. She asks herself that what kinda mess she has got into and she is neither a bahu or wife now. Just then bharti and dadi comes in. Aaru scolds dadi for coming up as she would go down. Dadi gives aaru a kangan(bandgle) which aaru hesitates to take but eventually accepts after dadi’s continuous insistence. This is when madhav comes with a form and dadi tells its from the women’s club which she is a part of. She says that they have sent a form for madhav and aaradhya to participate in dhola maru competition. Both madhav and aaru are shocked. Dadi says that she always desired to see her pota and his wife int his competition and asks aaru if they will take part. Aaru unwantedly agrees. Dadi excitedly describes

the various rounds in it and suddenly coughs. Aaru brings water and dadi feels better having it. Aaru scolds dadi from not taking care of herself and dadi says she only got a lill excited thinking that both of them are participating,

Scene shifts to Corridor and aaru gives the kangan given by dadi to him and tells him to return it to dadi when she leaves the house. Madhav is sad and he tells that he will convince dadi and they will withdraw from the competition. He also promises to tell dadi the truth of their relation after which aaru can leave the house. However, aaru hesitates as she feels dadi is yet to be alright. She says they will just participate for the sake of dadi but they can never win. Saying this aaru leaves. Its midnight and madhav is busy working on his laptop when he notices aaru turning from one side to other while sleeping. She was having some discomfort. Madhav wondered what was troubling her. He turned and checked the competition form while aaru got up and rushed to the wash room.Soon aaru comes out all worried and madhav tells something about the prize of the competiton but she doesn’t pay attention. Aaaru takes her mobile and checks the date and thinks how come so earlyNext she rushes to her bag and desperately seaches something. Madha wonders what went wrong with aaru all of a sudden. Aaru fails to find what she is searching. She says that its her bad luck that pallo and prerna are not at home but she decides to seach their rooms with of hope of getting it from thereMadhav is the spectator of aaru’s desperate rushes from one place to other and is completely confused

Aaru comes back as she doesn’t get it so she takes her bag and car keys to buy it. Madhav is worried so he follows her. In the midway aaru thinks its not safe for her to go alone and plans to take madhav with herWhen madhav sees aaru coming back he rushes to the room and pretends to sleep. Aaru wakes him up and madhav gets up as if came out of sleep Aaru gives him the car keys and tells him to accompany her. Madhav asks the destiniation of their journey but aaru remains silent. Aaru is telling madhav the direction by lookig into her phone and after so much twists and turns they reach the same place from where they startedA song is played in the background(i don’t know which song it is). Madhav requests aaru to tell her where she wants to go but aaru is adamant and promises to get him the right location. Madhav follows and finally they reach a chemist shop. Madhav is shocked and asks if aaru is unwell. Aaru is feeling awkward and tells she will come soon.

Madhav sees a few guys standing at the corner and wants aaru to stay in the car while he will get her medicineAaru refuses but madhav stops her by holding her hand. Aaru gives him a stern look and he leaves her quickly. Madav tells that its safe for her to stay by. Aaru thinks that madhav is right so writes the name of what she needs on a piece of paper. Madhav is about to open when aaru tells him to open it once he reaches there. Madhav agrees and leaves. The chemist asks what he needs and madhav opens the paper to find “sanitary napkins” written in it and is shockedChemist repeats and he tells him that he wants “that thing”. Don’t know what the chemist gave him and madhav says not that thing and he is searching for words as he is nervous. He looks at aaru who is feeling very awkward and shy. Madhav gives the paper to chemist who finally gives him the napkins and he comes back. There is an awkward moment as he gives it to aaru and she takes it. They return to the house. On the way madhav tells aaru that they have to win the competition at any cost.

Aaru is angry and tells him not to order her just because she asked him to help her. Madhav tells her to listen to him b4 over-reacting. He tells her that the winner will get a car. Aaru interrupts asking he needs a car? He tells her again to listen to him. He says that the runner-ups will have 4 days and nights in Goa trip and if they end up becoming runner-ups then its better to win/ Aaru is happy and apologizes to madhav for not listening to him completely. Madhav switches on the radio and “tum hi ho” from aashiqui 2 plays. They both look at each other and madhav switches it off but aaru stops him. The song is played in background during the rest of the journey. They reach home and aaru thanks him for helping her and she rushes in. They reach room and aaru goes to washroom while madhav relaxes. Aaru comes back all excited and asks about what to do about the competition. She expresses her excitement to win itMadhav is surprised to see aaru so excited and he reads that there are many rounds but its not mentioned on what is done in each round. Aaru is tensed as she feels its hard to win unless they know what to do.

Madhav tells that he has watched a few rounds of the competition and one of them includes the pagdi round when the wife ties the pagdi on her husband’s head and the best couple with best pagdi wins. Aaru is elated as she tells she knows how to tie it. However, for practice she tells madav to sit while she will tie it. Aaru brings one fo her dupattas which she goes on tieing around madhav’s head but makes no senseshe ties and ties and ends up covering his face and madhav removes the clothe as he cannot breathe. Aaru is sad and apologizes and madhav tells her to let it be if she doesn’t know how to do it. However, aaru is determined to tie and poor madhav also agreesShe ties around again and madhav looks at aaru and she looks back that him and they keep looking at eachother.

Aaru’s phone rings and its lalit. Madhav receives the phone as aaru is still asleep. Lalit tells him that he has sent divorce papers via post man to their house and directs madhu to collect it and sign them as early as possible. Madhu looks at aaru sadly.

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