Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 8th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rahul in his workplace thinking back to Aradhya telling him how Prerna has loved him since Bachpan. He is unable to concentrate on his work. Just then, Aradhya walks in, he is shocked to see her.

Rahul : Aradhya, you?
Aradhya : Had to come..(in that very sad voice , you can tell how broke she is by Prerna’s suicide attempt)

Aradhya gives him the box which Prerna had. Rahul is shocked to see the box and recollects the memories from his childhood which is connected to those items. Aradhya also informs him how Prerna tried commiting suicide for him. Rahul is shocked, he hurries towards the door but Aradhya tells him she is okay now but there is no guarantee that this will not happen again. Aradhya tells him how Prerna has collected

them all through the years. She keeps talking and making him understand how unconditional Prerna’s love is. She also tells him how he once told her, beauty doesn’t matter, love matters.

Aradhya then continues telling him how he should stick to what he told her, if looks don’t actually matter for him then he SHOULD marry Prerna.
Then she tells him how she is not taking any decision for him as this is his life. Then she tells him to think from his heart. And she leaves. Rahul opens the box and looks through the things. He is in deep thought.

Then the scene shifts to Dadi and Pallavi. They are joking and laughing.
Then Bharti comes, she asks Dadi if she talked to those ladkiwaale for Rahul. Dadi looks concerned, asks her why she is suddenly so worried about Rahul’s marriage. Bharti tells her how she is not worried about Rahul but for her daughter Prerna. Pallavi and Dadi look shocked.
Bharti hesitantly tells Dadi how it will be easier for Prerna to forget Rahul if he gets married quickly. She tells her Prerna loves Rahul. She also says how it will be in the best interest of Prerna if Rahul gets married and moves elsewhere. She says she won’t let Rahul play with her kids’ lives anymore.

Aradhya then tells her she will evict Rahul from the house but what about Prerna’s heart? She then tells her she may have read a lot of books but couldn’t read Prerna’s heart. Bharti tells her how she does not require an opinion from a girl LIKE Aradhya. Aradhya replies back telling her how she does not care about her opinion of her but Prerna cares of what Bharti thinks of her. Aradhya firmly asks Bharti, why she told Prerna it’s wrong to love Rahul? Bharti told her because this alliance will not be a proper one, Prerna will get hurt in the process. Rahul neither loves her nor will he accept her.

Then comes the dramatic entry of Rahul
He says he will accept Prerna.
Bharti says she does accept this relationship since it will be a favour on her daughter. Rahul says it will not be a favour on anyone but him if Prerna agrees to marry him.

Rahul tells Bharti how he will love Prerna will all his life. He craved for Bharti to call him “beta” all his life , at least he will get the love of a son in law from her if not of a son. Dadi, Madhav and Brij continue telling her how she should say yes. Bharti takes a long, dramatic pause and says Rahul and Prerna will have to stay apart till their wedding. Everyone is super happy. Aradhya’s face has brightened up 10 times more and she says mummyji, you’ve no idea how you won our hearts today. Of course, Bharti doesn’t look too happy. Prerna and Bharti have an emotional mother-daughter conversation as Prerna and Rahul goes to touch her feet for her blessings. Bharti hugs Prerna and apologizes for not being able to understand her feelings. Bharti then tells Rahul how he will be her son first and then her son- in- law . Rahul cries out of joy. Bharti then goes on to say how the preparations of their weddings have to be made soon. Brij says there are no arrangements to make. Dadi takes the responsibility of choosing all Saris. Then Aradhya goes to Prerna and tells her how she is in charge of her makeup, jewellery etc. Then Bharti, of course says, her daughter doesn’t need makeup and all , a bride’s beauty lies in simplicity. Dadi then jumps in and says Aradhya has more knowledge of all of these things.

Then dadi says, let’s ask Prerna. Prerna says her mom is right, she is blushing and saying “no makeup”. Aradhya says “okay, no makeup , anyway makeup is nothing in front of the glow on your face”. Madhav looks happy and looking at Aradhya.

Then the scene shifts to the dining room. Dadi tells Madhav how lucky he is to have a wife like Aradya who is sensible and beautiful. Bharti looks annoyed. Dadi then tells Bharti how she had a mannat somewhere where she prayed when Prerna’s rishta will be fixed, she will take her and Prerna’s future husband there. But now she is unable to for her health. Brij says he will take them. Pallavi wants to go too, and she gets permission. Brij says when they come back, they will fix the date. Of course all of this while, Prerna and Rahul are both blushing sitting side by side. Then they all laugh and joke.

Aradhya is in front of her dressing table, that’s when Madhav comes in and thanks her. He tells how he she is not the DIL of this family but has fulfilled every responsibility of being one. Aradhya gets annoyed and tells him that she would do the same if it were anyone else. She tells him she did everything out of humanity. She then says, just because she was treated wrongly, she won’t treat others wrong. And then goes on to say how she has fulfilled the responsibility of a DIL but will never fulfill any responsibility of a wife.

Madhav looks hurt and shocked, he leaves. Aradhya looks angry and the episode ends.

Precap : They recieve a package from women’s club. Dadi, Aradhya, Madhav and Bharti are standing there. Dadi tells Aradhya how she always wished her son in law and his wife would participate in some jodi competition. Aradhya looks shocked, so does Madhav. Dadi goes on to say, it’s time to show the world what a great couple they are.

Update Credit to: ilovedhanjanird

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