Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 6th May 2013 Written Update

Aaru insisits to Prerana to tell why she did this and what is Aaru’s fault that Prerana has to do this kind of act with her..
Prerana answers in an angry mode that she did all this to get Aaru out of this house. She also discloses that she sent the CD and got Rahul’s marriage cancelled but Aaru is lucky that she loved Rahul and married Madhav and making both of then dance on her fingers. She says, she loves Rahul from childhood and she is hurt that Rahul is hurt … She says Rahul loves someone like Aaru, a good looking girl.

Aaru clears that she does not love either Rahul or Madhav and Prerana should try to talk to Rahul about her love. But Prerena is very apprehensive that a handsome guy like Rahul will accept her. Bharathi comes and hears

this discussion and she asks Aaru to leave from there so that she can talk to her daughter.

Aaru is coming down the stairs where Pallo, Rahul and Madhav are waiting. Madhav informs his dad that Aaru is out of the question paper issue. He asks Aaru did she enquire why Prerana did this. Aaru says to him that Prerana loves some one and because she thought, she will not be loved by that guy, she is disturbed and did all this. Madhav asks, if she loves some one also why she has to do this with you. Rahul asks who is it and did they know that person.

Bharathi is talking to Prerana. She is upset that her kids are going for physical beauty and she shouts on Prerana that she loves a person like Rahul. Prerana says, she did not think before loving. Bharathi is upset that all her good values and upbringing and tryihg make them special by their virtue of education, nothing worked and both Madhav and Prerana are loving physical beauty. Prerana is in tears. Bharathi warns that if she has a bit of sharm then she has to forget Rahul if not she has to forget her mom. She leaves from there and Prerana is crying with sad BG song..

Madhav insists so Aaru discloses that it is Rahul. All three are shocked. She says to Rahul that Prerana loves him from childhood. Before she discloses further, Bharathi comes and stops her from saying any thing further. She says, what ever Prerana told should not be heard again in this house.

Dadi and Brij entry. Dadi flaunts that she is fit now as Aaru is at home. when Bharathi enquires about her health, she says, she met some Kiran Sharma and her daughter in hospital and she felt, her match will be good for Rahul. Bharathi agrees immediately that as Rahul is handsome a good looking girl will comes then Jodi will be good. Dadi says she will talk to Kiran for which Bharathi agrees.

After she has gone from there, Bharathi also sends Pallo also from there and says to these three, that no one should say a word to Dadi. Prerana is looking all this from the above.

Night. Madhav is walking alone in the hall. All 4 are very disturbed. Aaru, Rahul and Prerana in their respective rooms. A sad song on love…

Madhav goes to Rahul’s room. Rahul is sitting and is in deep thoughts. Madhav feels awkward. Rahul says, he never knew any thing about this and also he never gave any impression to Prerana that this kind of thing can happen. Madhav says, he is most effected as one side is his sis and another side is his dear friend. He cannot make any one of them sad. He says to Rahul that he will try to talk to Prerana and he is confident that she will understand his words…

Precap: Prerana is trying to suicide by hanging.. Aaru is shouting Prerana…

Update Credit to: Apoorvafan

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