Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Aaru is studying and madhu is preparing her for the exams. Then next day is shown and pallo and aaru takes blessings and go. Two to three times they show the same seq that aaru and pallo going to attend class. After each exam aaru marks the calender to indicate that exam is over. Once again aaru is studying while madhu is sitting beside. Aaru is tired and gets telling that she can’t study anymore. She playfully says that along with studies she should also take care of her and takes a nail paint and applies. Madhu tells her to take a break but not stop studying as the next day has her last exam. Madhu leaves while aaru manages to remember a theory that madhu had taught her with the example of a nail paint and becomes very happy. Its next day and yet again pallo and aaru

leaves for exams. Bharti had been quite irritated with the over-attention the other family members were going aaru.

Rahul tells madhu that madhu shouldn’t be so least bothered about the radio station as it may run in loss if ehsaas’s show doesn’t air on time. However, madhu is worried abt aaru’s last exam and rahul tells that he has taught her so she will defo score even better than 50%. Pallo passes through their room and madhu asks abt exam. Pallo says hers was really good but she doesn’t know abt aaru as she went with her friends. Madhu is worried. Pallo enters prerna’s room and asks her how come she didn’t go to teach tuition. Prerna says she wasn’t feeling well and then enquires abt her exams. Pallo says that she did really well and goes off to freshen up. Suddenly prerna gets and calls ans she tells she is coming out. Hours pass and brij and dadi are waiting for aaru. Finally dadi calls madhu and asks him to ask aaru where she is. Just then bharti comes in and everyone says that aaru is not back yet. Bharti casually says that aaru must have gone to enjoy with her friends and will come back soon.

Just then prerna comes there and takes bharti to a corner and shows her the question paper of the last exam. Prerna states that she got it from aaru’s clothes while she was taking it to wash. Bharti is annoyed. Both of them return and even aaru comes back. Everyone waits to know how her exams were. Aaru pretend that her exams werent good but then smiles and tells that she is surely that she will get 55%. Everyone especially madhu are happy. Bharti is angry listening to this and tells rahul to take dadi in. He takes her to her room and returns. Brij asks why she is so furious and bharti says that aaru’s exams had to go well as she had this and shows the question paper. Everyone are shocked. Aaru goes forward and is stunned to see the copy of the question paper. She tries to defend herself that she didn’t steal the papers but bharti is in no mood to listen. She keeps taunting aaru that just for a challenge she stooped to this low and she didn’t expect such a shameless act from aaru.

Madhu has enough of her accusations and tells that aaru cannot do this. Both bharti and aaru are stunned to madhu’s sudden reaction. He says that he has full trust that aaru has worked hard for her exams rather than stealing. He had her pain and hard work. Bharti says that if he indeed thinks that aaru is innocent then where did the QP(question paper) come from her clothes? Madhu is abt to say something when aaru stops him and says that if bharti is in no mood to listen then there is no use of giving explanation to her. She tells bharti that if she thinks she is the culprit then call the police and hand over her to them. Bharti says aaru is right and she has to inform the police. Everyone are shocked yet again while aaru is sad. Bharti dials the number but madhu cuts it. Bharti says that madhu shouldn’t defend this girl who is…and madhu completes that aaru is his wife. Bharti says that his wife has done a crime and in that case she has to be punished. She adds that if this was committed by her won kids, then she would do the same thing. Madhu says that bharti can do anything but b4 that she has to give him one day’s time to prove aaru’s innocence. Even brij agrees to this so bharti agrees.

Bharti says that he give him a day’s time and if he fails to prove aaru’s innocence then aaru will be in jail as deceptive people and liars(indicating aaru) have no place in house but only in jail. Aaru is very hurt and she goes to her room crying. Madhu agrees. Aaru is very sad and she cries recalling what bharti said. Madhu comes there and goes froward to console her but stops. He goes out of the room without speaking anything to her. He stands by the balcony where rahul comes and assures madhu that both of them will find the culprit together. Madhu tells rahul to send pallo to aaru’s room just to make her feel better. Rahul agrees. Pallo goes to aaru and tells her to have courage and the whole family believes that she is innocent. She adds that being a princi, bharti had to be strict otherwise even she would want aaru to turn innocent(oh really?). Aaru hugs pallo while she tells that madhu will surely prove her innocence and her bro is very smart. Madhu enquires from prerna abt the clothe from with she got the QP and she shows a suit of aaru. Madhu doesn’t find anything unusual in it and leaves. He comes out thinking of how to prove aaru innocent. He even asks from the servant id anyone unknown had come to the house or any unusual incident happened in the house? However, he finds on luck s the servant says he knows nothing abt it. Rahul calls and tells that he didn’t find the place from where the QP was photostatted. Madhu is worried that he has found no development yet.

Madhu shows the photo-copied papers which rahul brought and says that the question paper was also taken from the same studio where he got the legal papers. Madhu calls the studio to enquire. Rahul asks who did it and madhu says he will tell and both of them leaves the room.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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