Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th February 2013 Written Update

After ehsaas praises aarahdya that she is beautiful, she enters a dreamworld and is lost. Meghna(aaradhya’s sis) scolrd her for not talking to ehsaas after getting him connected with lots of difficulty. Aaradhya get back to her call and asks him how did he know she was there and how come he recognised her. Ehsaas tells that it was that poor chair that told him on which she was trying to stand and watch the press conference and aaradhya, her mom and meghna are like with happiness. He continues that such madness can only be seen in true fans(sachi deewangi). Aaardhya is so happy but suddenly she pauses and tells that its cheating and she wanted to meet him but he saw her without even coming infront of her or telling that he is there. He says that

either today or tomorrow that day will also come when they will meet. He adds that they have already met the offical formality of meeting and talking will come soon and until that moment arrives lets rejoice.
Ehsaas plays the song “Bholi si surat aankhon mein masti” from Dil toh pagal hai and meghna acts as a price and takes aaradhya’s hands and dances with her. Aaradhya feels shy and returns to the seat whil her mother enjoys the whole sequence. Aaaradhya and meghna throw pollows at eachother and enjoy the moment. Then aaradhya enters in a a dream world listening to the rest of the music and she smiles.

Madhav returns home and suddenly remembers about his mother and stops. He wonders if she is sleeping or not and thinks that she must be very furious at him. Afterall even after so much of insistance, he didnt give the interview. Suddenly rahul comes and asks why he is standing by the door. He jokes if the watchman is on leave and he has replaced himHe and advices him to take life ligtly at times. Both of them enter when madhav’s mom calls him out. She had been waiting for him and madhav looks scared while rahul is chilledShe tells that she has something important to say and suddenly rahul interrupts asking to proceed. He addresses her “ma” and she doesnt like it. So rahul corrects it as “maam” and tells them to proceed and sits on the sofa while they talk.
Madhav seems to look nervous and rahul, who sees this turns and tell him to listen to her and his mom is annoyed. He comes forward and tries to make an excuse and take him away but she stops them. She says that she wanted to talk to madhav in private but tis better if he too listens. She questions him on why he didnt give the interview and asks how long he will serve for others and not do something on his own will?She tells that he is grown up and he should be able to manage his won business and work for himself. Rahul yet again interrupts and asks how come there is mine or his when it comes to the company as it belongs to both of them.

Madhav’s mom wanrs him that he is speaking to is son and rahul shouldnt interfere in family matters(what is this lady’s problem). The servent comes and says its time for dadi’s medicines and she tells that she will give the medicines herself and she leaves.

After she is done, she goes to madhav’s room and tells him those same things that she said b4. She says that she may be strict, her words may be bitter but what she has to say is something very important for him.

Next day in college and aaradhya and gang are walking to their class. Aaradhya is still in the dreams of ehsaas and one of her friends ask her what happened. She says its the effect of ehsaas and she is thinking of him. They say that since she talked to him yesterday, she is more crazy about him. She says that he saw him and the same thing he told to her and wonders if his voice is this magical and charming, how would he look in real.Suddenly the peun appears and tells the 4 of them to meet princi at the earliest. They go to the princi’s office where princi is standing as usual like a hitler. They enter the room and asks her why she had called them.

In pure hindi she calls out each of their names and ask them what did they learn in “manovigyan” class the previous day(uff her hindi). Aaradhya is stunned and wonders if anyone told her that they bunked the classes.

She says she is waitng for the answer and they have nothing to say. Princi asks aaradhya a question from yesterday’s class and she is unable to answer.
Princi says its ok and tells that it is a disease due to which people keep on telling lies and but suddenly a bee comes from nowhere and they try to shew it away and doesnt listen to her.She keeps on telling that they are having that disease and she knows they were not present in the class yesterday. Poor girls! they were concentrating on the bee and finally aaradhya hits it with her hands and kill it. The sound of tapping irritates princi even more. However the best part is that she didnt know that aaradhya was killing a beePrinci finally asks what hey were doing in jhankar radio station and they are in a loss of words. Aaradhya unknowningly tells that they had gone to meet ehsaas and then cooks up a story that she had gone to invite him as the chief guest of their coming youth festival. Princi is surprised on how and asks if she know him. She yet again lies that she know him! To this, princi says that in an hour a notice would be put up on the noticboard and it should be read by them carefully.

Aaradhya and friends are so shocked to read from the noticeboard that the chief guest of the the holy youth festival 2013 is RJ Ehsaas from Jhankar Radiostation. He will not only inaugurate the function but also will interact with the students through a chat section. The girls around them are super excited and jump with excitement while they are shocked especially aaradhya. All of them say that aaradhya has made impossible to possible and shouts thank u to her and she smiles paley but with a scared expression. All of them go from there while her friends see princi witnessing everything, they signals to Aaradhya of her presence behind her. Princi tells aaradhya that now she has become the pride of the colleg and everyone are expecting ehsaas. Now it will be fun to see how their lie will be turned to reality or else aaradhya and her friends won’t be allowed to write the quarterly exams and they r shocked. She adds that 35% of the total marks of their final exams depend on this exam and its gone if they fail to bring him. If they fail, then they will realize their mistake, thus leaves them in distress.

Aaradhya and gang are in her room and she is trying to contact ehsaas while the others r tensed about what to do further. Aaradhya calls the reception and asks for eshaas’s number but they say they haven’t got any number and cuts the call. Aaradhya addresses them rude and asks why are everyone in the world so “khadoos”. She thinks for some plan to invite RJ Ehsaas and suddenly sees a movie clip and gets some idea and tells she knows what to do now.

Aradhya and gang are outside radiostation and they enter it without anyone’s notice. They are disguised and aradhya tells that once ehsaas comes out of the room after his show is over, they will surround him and talk to him. Aradhya tries to opent he room of ehsaas but the burgler alarm rings and she runs and bumps into madhav and falls.

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