Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th February 2013 Written Update


Aaradhya is now all grown up into a beautiful girl.One of her friends ask her how will your dream boy be?Aaradhya corrects her and says hers will not be dream boy..but a dream prince!Just then aaradhya’s mom comes there and tells her that these days you don’t find prince’s..but you find dudes..While her father says just like u have found your prince charming aaradhya too will find one who will love her a lot,just.Her friends tell her your parents are so romantic i want to take a romantic photo of them.
When aaradhya hears the word photo…she remembers tht they had to give a photo of the principal for the felicitation to be put in hall of fame which they have forgotten. Her friend says i have the pictures in my mail.They

go through the pictures but do not like any of them.Aaradhya suggests that we photoshop her pictures because its a big day not only for the princi but it is also a question of their reputation.


The teacher invites the principal Mrs.Bharti Pariwal on stage.She then requests the vice chancellor to inaugrate the photo. As the VC unveils the photo,everybody clap…but the princi is shocked to see her photoshopped picture and is very angry.Aaradhya’s friends see her angry and suggest that they should leave from here.The princi asks the peon who gave u this picture? To which he says-Aaradhya!.The princi tells him to bring aaradhya to her after the event is over.


Aaradhya’s sister(she is a jewellery designer i think) and her mom are discussing abt what food to order because their cook is unwell.Aaradhya enters and tells her about her problem.As they are thinking about the solution…the radio lady announces that Ehsaas’s show is about to begin.Aaru’s sister tells her that he will give u the solution..cos he has solutions to everybody’s problem.Aaradhya gets irritated but later agrees to call him.
Aaradhya calls him..after a few rings the call finaaly gets connected and Ehsaas picks up the call.He compliments aaradhya’s name.Aaradhya then tells him about her problem.Ehsaas tells her that just say s SORRY from your heart and the pricipal will forgive you immediately.Aaradhya gets irritated again,cuts the call & says that Ehsaas is useless and walks away.


The principal scolds aaradhya and her friends for making a joke of everything.All are quietly listening to her.Aaradhya thinks of what ehsaas had told her and immediately says SORRY to her and signals her friends to do the same. The princi melts hearing this and forgives them.
All come out.Aaradhya says today i understood the importance of sorry.I really have to go and thank ehsaas for this and they decide to go to the radio station.


A person looking very worried is trying to call someone.Just then a group of reporters come and ask him who will address the media-The directors or their star rj ehsaas? To which he says u’ll know in a few mins.
Aaradhya and co. driving towards the radio station.They are a bit unsure if they’ll be able to meet ehsaas or no..because no one has met him yet and he is a mystery.


We see a handsome,well built man entering the gym and all girls staring at him in awe. Rahul’s entry.
Back in aaradhya’s car,she says ehsaas’s voice is very soothing and she is sure he must be very handsome.


Madhav’s entry.The person asks him to address the PC because the reporters are growing impatient. Madhva says giving interviews is not his cup of tea. The persons says he tried calling Rahul but he is not picking up the phone.To which Madhav says try contacting him anyhow because only Rahul will give the interview not him.

PRECAP : Aaradhya reaches the press confo. but is not able to see or hear anything because of the crowd.Reporter asks Rahul who is this Ehsaas?Rahul says anybody at jhankaar can be ehsaas.It could either be me or even my best friend Madhav.

Update Credit to: Jeny

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