Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th February 2013 Written Update

First Scene:

Starts with a God’s pic. St. Xaviers School. Teacher calls the kids from a class for audition for a play. Rahul was missing but she finds him and takes him. Rahul is apprehensive about he being in a play, he shares his anxity with Madhav. He also comments that Madhav is able to say complex sentences well where as he is unable to.

When Madhav’s turn comes, he renders his dialogues well but because of his looks, his teacher gives a seigh. Rahul’s turn and he is not able to say the words properly but he manages it off as his teacher is busy with SMS on her mobile. Teacher anounces that Rahul will be the Prince in the play and she says to him that most beautiful girl from St.Mary’s school will be playing the

role of Princess opposite to him. Madhav is selelected to play the role of a Horse.

Second Scene:

Cute Girl is trying to tie shoe laces so her friends tease her. They also discuss about how a Prince will help the princess to sit on a horse :). Teacher comes and asks them to meet the boys from St.Xeviers. Both Aradhya and Rahul meet each other as they are playing the roles of Prince and Princess. Madhav is observing all this.

Third Scene:

Aradhya is rendering a poem about Frog and her elder sister (looks like a 8 to 10 year girl) scolds her for disturbing. Aradhya pulls the book from her sister and runs off.
Scene shifts to Aradhya’s home. We get introduced to her mom and papa who interrupt the girls running on back of each other. Aaradhya flaunts about she having a prince now. Aardhaya and her mom are watching Cartoon looks like Cinderalla story. Aaradhya talks about her prince who is fair and she asks her mom to change the channel when a character who is in brown color appears on the TV. Her mom reassures her that a beautiful princess will always get an handsome prince.

Fourth Scene:

Rahul and Madhav are going back from school. they are on road and Rahul says he does not want to do the play. Madhav is upset that he not selected as Prince though he was able to say the lines well.

Fifth Scene:

Reharsals are happening. Both Rahul and Aaradhya are practicing. Rahul is in a big plastic tub (assume this as well). Madhav is on the back of this well and he is prompting the lines to Rahul. One of the teacher notices this.

Sixth Scene:

Actual Play. In the green room, Rahul is mising. His teacher goes in search of him. Madhav is in Horse dress. Play is going on. In the play, the ball of the princess falls in a well. Teacher could not find Rahul so she gives the frog dress to Madhav and asks him to act as Prince in the well. Madhav renders the dialoges of Prince in the costube of Frog. As per the play when the princess kisses the prince, his frog disguise goes off and Madhav appears in front of Aaradhya. Instead of taking the ball and acting happy to see the real prince, She goes back a bit, and says he is brown and and runs off from there. Madhav feels sad and upset. Entire hall laughs at this.
Her parents take this lightly but another lady sitting close to them, stands up and shouts at them that their daughter’s attitude is not good. That lady wolks off and scene closes on Madhav’s sad face on the stage.

Seventh Scene:

Rahul runs after Aaradhya and asks why she has run off and when she says the brown boy is not good, he is upset with her and comments Madhav is his friend and she should not say like that. She aruges that she is beautiful and her prince should also be good looking. Rahul thorughs some mud on her dress and says now you are also brown and she is upset with him and cries.

Eighth Scene:

Princpal is talking to Aaradhya’s parents on Aaradhya’s behaviour. Parents try to convince her that Aaradhya never likes brown people and she is scared of them.

Ninth Scene:

Madhav is looking in the mirror and is upset. Rahul comes in a jolly mood and explains how he made Aaradhya as a brown princess. Madhav tries to convince him to say sorry to her but he is very reluctant. Seems, Rahul never says sorry to any one. Madhav makes a sorry poster on Rahul’s name and leaves it at Aaradhya’s home. She picks it up and feels happy and this poster is put on the wall in her room.

Tenth Scene:

Aaradhya is grown up and she is a beatiful girl. Entry of Soumya. She is putting her make up on and is in a happy mood.

Precap: Aaradhya and her sister are discussing about Ehasaas, while radio is on in their home.

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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