Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pallavi studying, when Brij asks her to check is Aradhya is fine or no. Bharti comes and stops her and tells Brij that “Let her study. Even she has her exams. I’ll take luke warm milk for Aradhya and will see if she is fine or no.” Brij nods and leaves from there. Bharati is shown thinking to herself that everybody is concerned just about Aradhya. Subah Shaam bas usi ka naam.

3.30 in the clock and Aradhya is still sleeping, holding lover boy Madhav’s hand. Dadi tells Madhav that Dada Periwal used to take care of her just like Madhav, when she used to fall sick. He used to call poora Mohalla, blah blah blah. Suddenly, Aradhya wakes up and finds herself holding Madhav’s hand. They both look at each other and Aradhya awkwardly gets

up. Dadi asks Madhav to keep a pillow at her back. Dadi enquires Aradhya about her health. Aradhya, still puzzled, asks what’s wrong with me? I’m fine. Madhav says, you fainted due to stress. That is when Bharti enters carrying a glass of milk (carrying MIL, huh?) Bharti completes Madhav’s explaination by saying- yes, that is the reason why you don’t have to study anymore. Forget this challenge. That’s not your cup of tea. Dadi says, Bharti is right. Is shart ke liye apni sehat daav pe matt lagaav. Aradhya says, No dadi, now I’m fine. But anyway, not only my health, but also is family ki izzat is dependent on this challenge. What will people say, if a principal’s DIL doesnt score more than 50%. And again, I want my nek from mummyjee. Dadi says, ok fine. Meri bhi ek shart hai. Aradhya asks, what shart? Dadi says, today onwards, Madhav will teach you. Aradhya looks confused. Bharti tries to intervene. But dadi stops her saying that, I wont let her study all alone. Madhav too tries to explain but dadi stops him too. Dadi continues, if Madhav would have taught her, she wouldn’t have fallen sick. Thats it, now onwards, you will teach her. madhav tries to explain her that he has to look after the radio station. But dadi stops him by asking him, pehle kaam ya patni? ( first work or wife?) I know you can manage. Aradhya, first reluctant, suddenly smiles and agrees. Dadi, now happy asks them to get ready for the challenge. Aradhya look at Madhav.

Dadi asks Aradhya and Madhav to have breakfast. Aradhya feeds Dadi first and then asks her to feed her in return. Bharti looks at them. Brij tells Bharti- your DIL is going to win this challenge now that madhav is teaching her. Now, she can even score 90%. Bharti replies, Madhav is just teaching her, not giving her brains. There is really less time. And to reach this target is really impossible.

Dadi insists that she will sit with Aradhya and Madhav, while they are studying, as she loves to be with them. Aradhya and Madhav start studying. (BG: Mera mann) Aradhya, at first is very uncomfortable. Aradhya is trying to rattofy something, but is unable to do. Madhav tries to help her. Aradhya reminds him of her words that she is here just because of Dadi. Or else, I can study better than you. A servant comes and and reminds Dadi of her medicines. Dadi leaves from there. Madhav apologises to Aradhya that he had to teach her because of Dadi, now you can study on your own. Aradhya talks to herself, huh, I can study myself. I don’t need you to teach me. And starts saying a defination. She realizes that it is right and starts dancing with joy.

Prerna is cooking when Bharti comes in the kitchen. Prerna tells Bharti that what happened yesterday. Why did you do all this? You were right, that girl is dumb. She cant even score 35%

Aradhya is rattofying a defination, but is unable to do. Aradhya is upset. She is talking to herself that when Madhav was teaching, it was much easier. Now when I’m trying, I’m not able to remember anything. I told everybody that I’ll manage, but now I feel I’m going to fail in these exams. Aradhya is again worried about her nails. Madhav overhears her and offers to help her. Aradhya rudely tells him that no one asked you to. Do u think yourself as Einstien, that you’ll cover my portion in 2days? Madhav tells her that atleast he can try. I don’t want you to loose. Give me one chance. Aradhya agrees, for Dadi. Madhav keeps a knife in front of Aradhya. Aradhya asks why? Madhav says, if you feel that I’m trying to come close to you, you can use this to stop me. Aradhya says, If I fail, this is going to be your failure. so teach me as if this is your exam.Madhav nods.

Madhav is teaching Aradhya (BG: Mera mann) This continues till the next day. Aradhya is shown worried about her nails. Madhav says, if you concentrate towards your studies, then they won’t cut. Aradhya is tired, and tells Madhav so, Madhav says, she can take a break after some time. Dadi arrives in their room with dinner. Aradhya is still worried about her exam. Madhav tries to explain her a topic (inflation and deflation) with a practical experience.

Exam day appears with dadi feeding sweet dahi to Aradhya and Aradhya in retun taking everyone’s blessings. Aradhya is confident about her exams. Brij jokes that if you take Bharti’s blessings, you’ll top in college. Prerna is making faces in the back ground. Aradhya thanks Madhav and she leaves with Pallavi.

Aradhya enters her college talking to her mom. Bharti is talking to someone regarding paper leaking. Aradhya goes to Bharti’s cabin. Bharti wishes Aradhya luck. Aradhya in return tells her, that she can’t wish her luck, because I want to win this challenge any how, waves bye and leaves.

Pallavi and Aradhya come back running. Aradhya hugs Dadi and Aradhya announces that her exams were good and she will score above 50%. Madhav is happy. Aradhya looks at Madhav and smiles. Madhav leaves.

Aradhya is studying. Madhav asks her not to rattofy. try to understand the topic. Madhav is again teaching her. Rahul comes to their room. But when he sees them together, he smiles and leaves from there. Prerna too loks at them through the window furiously, and leaves.

Everyone’s having dinner. Madhav asks Aradhya to hurry up so that she gets more time to study and then she can sleep early. Brij teases him that, he is worried as if it is his own exam. Dadi says, after marriage, husband and wife face each exam together. Madhav offers Aradhya some water. Bharti is thinking to herself, that Madhav has become Aradhya’s servant and is furious.

PRECAP: Aradhya enters. Bharti asks how was your exam? Aradhya says, that in this exam she will score 55% in this exam. Madhav is happy. Bharti says, it has to be. After all, you had these. Today’s exam’s question paper. Aradhya leaked today’s paper. Everyone is shocked!!!..

Update Credit to: smrititen

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