Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 16th May 2013 Written Update

Madhav tells it is not her fault.. He says love cannot be done on purpose it happens on its own. He says maybe we were never meant to be a couple. Aaru says so what if we can’t be life partners we can still be friends..
In the home, the house is decorated to welcome Madhav and Aaru.. Dadi is very excited. Rahul is tensed and Prerna comes to ask him why he is so worried and tells him to finish decorations fast.
Bharthi tells how u can be so excited after knowing everything. Brij is confused and asks what truth. Bharthi stays mum. Dadi replies that she knows everything but she is doing this for her bahu. She also taunts that Bharthi can never be happy for Aaru’s happiness.
Madhav and Aaru reach home. All except Bharthi are excited. Pallavi brings

the cake which she baked and they cut it.
Bharthi remembers the divorce papers and goes away. Madhav and Aaru feed the cake to each other. Madhav feeds others and wonders where Bharthi is.
Bharthi is very sad about what is happening. She says to herself that she can’t tell the truth to Dadi nor can she accept what is happening.
Pallavi says they all should dance. They all force Madhav and Aaru also to dance. They dance on the song Ishq wala love. Madhav dreams about a dream sequence from which he is brought out because of Aaru’s dad’s call.
He goes from there to attend and says he’ll sign the papers and send it tomorrow. Bharthi overhears this and walks away and meets Aaru.
Bharthi shouts at Aaru. She tells Aaru not to play with the family’s feelings like she played with Madhav’s feelings and that she knows everything and Aaru needn’t pretend. Aaru is sad. Bharthi warns her that she has time till next morning to tell the family or else she will tell the whole family.
Aaru breaks down and runs to her room. She calls her mom and her mom gets scared to hear Aaru crying. Her mom asks what happened. Aaru tells what all Bharthi said to her. Her mom tells that she’ll take her home today itself. Aaru tells her mom that she’ll tell everyone tomorrow and then u come to pick me. Her mom agrees unwillingly. She cries saying that she doesn’t want to stay here anymore. Madhav hears this. Aaru also sees Madhav.
Madhav goes away from there and Rahul finds Madhav sees him. Madhav tells him that Aaru is leaving tomorrow. Rahul is shocked and asks if he should talk to Aaru about the divorce.
Madhav says Aaru doesn’t love him and she was staying here for Dadi’s happiness now for her happiness he should let her go. Madhav tells that he will get used to the pain as he got used to Aaru’s presence.
Madhav decides to go to the room saying its last day of Aaru’s stay at home. He says though not full life atleast he shall live a few moments with her. Madhav goes to the room limping leaving a thoughtful Rahul behind.
Aaru is packing when Madhav comes. Aaru tells him about leaving the next day and says sorry for not telling him before. Madhav says he should say sorry for causing lot of pain for her and her family. Madhav says she always gave happiness to the family. Madhav tells that he’ll help her but Aaru says its ok she’ll do it on his own. Madhav asks her whether these last few days were fun. She happily smiles. Madhav says well, she came here filled with hatred for him and is going as friends.

Precap: Madhav signs the divorce paper sadly. Aaru is sleeping peacefully.

Update Credit to: Maria

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