Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th May 2013 Written Update

Madhav as Ehsaas calls Aaru and asks her to come forward. Aaru hears him and moves forward as per his instructions. MC comments about Aaru and Madhav’s jodi. Aaru reaches him first. Aaru removes the blindfold and looks angrily at Madhav and Madhav is awkward. They are declared winners
In the house, Pallavi is excited and drops tea on Prerna. All worry about her. Rahul takes care of her. Bharthi comes there and asks what happened. Rahul says that hot tea fell on Prerna and that she is fine now. Rahul takes Prerna to her room. Dadi praises Aaru and Rahul and scolds Bharthi for not coming to watch the contest..
Aaru goes away and is crying. Madhav comes and gives her handkerchief to wipe her tears. She doesn’t take it. Madhav tells her that the voice which

she hates brought her closer to him again. He says he asked forgiveness then and shall say now too.. He asks forgiveness. Just then the next round is announced and they both go back to the contest.
The next round is about collecting items of ur wish but the collected items should not be same. Madhav and Aaru pick all items thinking of each other’s taste.
MC announces the results. MC praises Madhav and Aaru and says that they are a perfect couple.
MC says that the two finalists are selected and the next round is to tomorrow.
Madhav and Aaru are on the way back home. They comment about how the MC was so mistaken about them.
They reach home. All except Bharthi congratulate them. Bharthi looks on irritated. Madhav gets a call from Aaru’s dad who asks about the divorce papers and is angry about the contest. Madhav replies that he will sign the paper today itself. Madhav goes to his room.
In Madhav’s room, he hurts himself. But he walks to the cupboard to get the papers. He is about to sign when Rahul enters. Rahul asks what he is doing here. Madhav replies that he is here to sign some papers. Rahul asks about the papers. Madhav gives the papers to Rahul who sees divorce papers and is shocked.
Rahul is astonished and says he thought all is well between Madhav and Aaru. He says seeing the way Aaru is preparing for the contest he thinks Aaru is happy here. Madhav replies that Aaru is doing all this for Dadi. Just then Rahul hurts Madhav who cries in pain. Rahul asks about his leg and goes to get ointment. Rahul comes and starts to apply ointment and says a wound if not healed on time will hurt a lot same way if he signs the divorce papers then it will be a very big hurt for him.
Aaru comes then and hears what Rahul said about the Madhav getting hurt if he signs the divorce papers..
Rahul tells Madhav not to sign the divorce papers as he’ll lose Aaru then. Madhav says love is not abt paana same way marriage is not about staying together. He says he wants Aaru to be happy. He wants to give Aaru her freedom. Rahul says that Madhav wants Aaru’s happiness and he wants to see both Madhav and Aaru to be happy. Rahul tells that a girl like Aaru who made him understand love will not understand love herself. Aaru hears this and is tensed.
Next day, Dadi praises Madhav and Aaru. Bharthi taunts that no one will get a wife like Aaru. Pallavi wishes them luck. Madhav and Aaru leave.
They reach the venue. MC has started the contest and just then Madhav and Aaru enter and MC welcomes them.
MC says about the next round. The next round is where the couple’s one leg is tied together. Aaru gets excited that they will win the round as they have practiced this. But then MC continues that the couple should carry two pots on their head and walk.

Precap: Aaru tells Madhav that he is hurt so they canot play this round. Madhav tells he is fine but Aaru says she is going to refuse.

Update Credit to: Maria

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