Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 15


Their routine just kept going like this with parth going for office till Saturday and Sana leaving for her home after completing the work for the day( not much left for her as they have servant there).and by evening Sana came back before it’s too dark so that her father won’t have to be troubled and also Parth doesn’t get the excuse to be near her.
Its Sunday and Parth doesn’t have office. He woke up late today than usual. Its 9.30!!!
He hurried downstairsvhoping it’s not too late to get a glimpse of Sana before she left home.
He ran fast to the front door hoping she didn’t leave sight but to his dismay she was nowhere to be seen 🙁
He came inside and saw that ramu uncle was looking at him with a questioning glare and Parth realised that he noticed all his stupid actions!!!! Parth pretended that he came by to look at the newspaper . “good morning uncle.. Heard that there is news of my friend hrithwik’s marriage . I thought the newspaper is outside. Oh!!its here. Its Sunday na..I forgot that I woke up late.ok then. U continue. I will just come”
Uncle nodded and just as he was about to turn, uncle” don’t u want to look at the news of ur friend?”
Parth realised he did it again!! Oh god.
Parth:” its ok uncle. I will look for the news later after u read and I think he said its in some other paper. I will ask him once again”
Uncle was looking at him and he nodded with a knowing smile.
Parth turned and was about to climb the stairs and saw something he never expected. Sana was doing some work in the kitchen with Ramu. It means she didn’t leave?!!! 🙂 Sana didn’t leave!! Yay..
Parth smiled an ear to ear one and went upstairs. He freshened up and came downstairs.
He called out ramu for serving the breakfast for him as others already would have had breakfast.
Parth was reading newspaper and was served the food. But just then only he noticed that it was Sana serving him food! Parth kept looking at her with puppy eyes and thought maybe he was just imagining. But he didn’t want to stop it. He just kept looking. Sana was looking beautiful with her silky hair legt open and her face looking all too glowing with the sunrays seeping through the curtains and caressing her skin. He kept looking and then
Sana” have it. I will bring juice.”
Parth stopped her and said:” no”(don’t leave just be here. This is what he thought in mind but the words thankfully didn’t came out as it was really sana serving the breakfast”
Parth came off front the trance and said” I ..I was thinking that tea would be better. That’s all”
Sana :” oh. Sure”
Sana left to get tea for him and Parth was feeling on top of the world.
Parth’Sana didn’t go home today. She is here’
Parth finished his breakfast and tea and then left for his room. Soon Sana came inside and locked the room.
Sana came to him and said” look. I just did all this as a thanksgiving gesture for allowing me to stay here”
Parth:” I know. U don’t have to give me explanations. I am not having my hopes high. Don’t worry” but in fact, he was hurt.
Sana left the room with some clothes and went to the balcony to allow them have litltle heat and air. And the FB is remembered by her.
Parth’s aunty:” listen.. U think these 2 don’t have any relation like married couple. Sana leaves from here everyday as if she doesnt care what happens in his life and Parth too seems to be gully ok with it. She even doesny have any glow or shyness on her face like the newly married. I think they r just not happy with the marriage. Now if we play smartly and just ignore this and do our part in creating misunderstandings, we will be able to have all this wealth at out disposal.”
Uncle:” hey. It’s not a hereditary property that u want. This is all his own. He earned it with his hardwork.”
Aunty:” I know. But I am eligible for a share as I was not given anything big when I got married”
Uncle:” that’s because u didn’t had anything big that time”
Aunty” exactly. So now when my family, he is my family na, has money , then I should have my share. Right?. So I just plan to have a major share and that is easily accessible if things go like this.” And they both laugh.and Sana was listening all this.FB ends.
Sana:” I got to save my sisters love from any trouble. I am doing all this for u sruthy. And u don’t want him to misunderstand this. That’s it” ..
Parth in his room” I just wish she did this as part of her rights on me and not as a sign of obligation.”
Parth and Sana lost in thoughts

Credit to-anaya

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  1. Plzzzz do one thing yaar atleast usko parth ke bareme such jane ka huk hein plzzzz do this yaar

  2. Very nice episode anaya dear, sana trying to save parth from his relatives wrong motives…good yaar …n parth is confused about sana’s changed behavior. ……I hope she realize that parth only loved her from beginning not to her sister shruti…where is shryti’s boyfriend now…he could definitely resolve all these issues in sana’s mind. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Parth is in cloud nine just bcoz she is staying in home tdy. Oh god parth u r superb man. Sometimes i think any man can be like this. Wish i can see.

  4. O parth was n cloud ☁ 9 wen he saw tat Sana din leave for home ?………….sch a gud person……plzz save parth frm hs relatives……..plz mke Sana realize that parth lves hr …..u cud bring Aditya Sruthi ‘s bf n mke hm xplain te plain truth………….ten she’ll believe parth’s wrds……..

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