Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 13

Sana was very happy that she was the sole owner of their room now. She could do whatever she wanted to do with it.she ran to the room and once she was in, she was shocked to core. She had tears filling her eyes and at the same time she kept smiling. she saw the room had a corner named ‘Sana corner’ with photo frames carrying pics of her mom,dad,and sruthi..and also their family pics.she was overwhelmed. She thought’who did this? Parth of course.who else could do this in their room. But y wud he?and when? Maybe yesterday after I slept or today morning after I left the room before he woke up. How considerate of him. He understood I would be missing my family.’
Her own conscience appeared in front of her.
“Oh come on now!stop it Sana. U r weakening ur decision. Stay away from him. He is ur sister’s love”
Sana:” I know that. I am not trying to be his wife. I just feel that he is not a bad person and I shouldn’t ignore him this much”
Conscience:” don’t try to fool urself. Don’t fall for his tricks. He knows ur weaknesses and is trying to tear off ur defenses. Beware’
Sana:” I am not falling for him and I will not. I am just thankful. That’s it.” And she goes near the pics and starts remembering her college days with sruthi and she ran her fingers on the smiling image of sruthi.. She had her eyes filled with tears. “Miss u Sruthi.. I will never ditch u sruthi. Ur love is safe with me. I married ur love for u only. U know me.right” and sana started sobbing.”miss u Mom and Dad.”
In office room,parth is thinking :” should I call her? She must be feeling lonely. But she hates me. What to do? I hope she enjoys the surprise. I will do one thing. She hates me only na. Wait”
He takes phone and dials to someone. Soon a lady’s voice is heard.
Parth:” mom(its mom in law actually), sana is home and am in office. She must be feeling lonely. And u also might be missing her. If u prefer, u can call her home and let her be with u there till evening. She will also be relieved. Altogether change in the surroundings must be awkward for her. So…”
Mom:” oh thank u Parth. I was missing her too. But I thought it’s not nice to call now as she is just newly married. U might like to have some quality time”
Parth:” I came for some urgent office work mom. And she is ur daughter before my wife.”
Mom:” parth,son,she is so lucky to have u in her life”
Parth;”no mom. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family.”
Mom:” thank u parth. Ok. I will call her now.bye”
Parth:”mom…don’t tell her that I told u to call her.”on:”OK Parth”
Parth:”thank u mom.ok.bye”
And they disconnected the call.
There,sana was cleaning the room and making some changes in arrangwnt of furniture. Just then her phone rang and she went to pick the call.
Mom calling
Sana:”hello mom.. I was just missing u..”
Mom:”me too sana. What r u doing now?”
Sana:” nothing mom. Just doing small nothings. Tell me.what’s up and where is dad”
Mom:”he is here only. Hey y don’t u come over?”
Sana:”really mom?can I come?”
Mom:”what’s there to ask?”
Sana:”love u mom. I will tell aunty and come there.”
Mom:”ok. Come fast”
Sana started jumping with joy.”am going home. Am going home… 😀 😀
Sana got ready soon and left after telling Aunty.
Sana reached home , ran inside and hugged her mom.
Mom too hugged back.
Sana went and hugged dad.
Dad too hugged.
Sana sat on sofa where dad sat and she called her mom too to sit.
Mom:” I will make lime juice for u and come”
Sana:” all mother’s r the same. Come sit here. I am not a guest. We will talk first and then we will go and make lime juice for us.come here. Come na mom. She mad a crying face”
Mom:” ok baba.. Lo. I am also sitting. Now tell me. How is ur sasural? U r not troubling them na.”
Sana got tensed and said:” it’s ok mom. They r good and I just reached there na.”
Mom:”good. And? What else?”
Sana:” nothing mom. Now enough of sasural talk. Tell me. U people missed me or not?”
No. And dad together:” of course. We missed u. But we r also happy to have such a good alliance for u. We were not worried about u”
And they kept talking and meanwhile, Sana’a mom informed Parth that she was with them.

Credit to-anaya

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  1. Awww sana plzzzz change ur behaviour and thoughts

  2. She is feelng doubl minded now n dats gud 🙂

  3. Sana yaar u really need to know him properly. Parth acha jamai ban na toh koi tumse sikhe. He is really sweet. Always thinks of her.

  4. Sana plzzz undrstnd tat parth lives u!!!

  5. Really liked that parth is so concerned about sana. Waiting for more.

  6. Awesome epi…it was really sweeeeeet of parth…he is such a sweetheart. …love him soooooooo much. ..I hope sana’s misunderstanding clear soooooooon. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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