Dev ne Sona se apne pyaar ka izhaar kar liya, Ishwari ko bhi der se hi sahi apne pyaar ke bare mein bata diya………….( Dev has proposed Sona, and he has talked to Ishwari about their relationship too)

Humesha ki tareh Dev Sona ko ghar chod raha tha. Jab dono gaadi mein the tab Dev ko Sona kuch chup si, gumsum si lagti hein. Phele voh sochta hai ki thakan ki vajeh se hoga toh voh usse kuch nahi kheta. Par jab sona ghar mei jaane ke liye gaadi se utarne jaati hein tab Dev uska haat pakad leta hein aur gaadi se utarkar use gaadi se utarne ke liye gaadi ka darwajaa khol deta hein………………………………( As always Dev dropped Sona to her home. In the car he felt that Sona was quiet today but he thought it was because of tiredness. But, when Sona is about to get out of the car, Dev holds her hand and gets out of car and opens the door for her…….)
(Sona use Bye keh kar nikalne waali hoti hein par Dev uska haath pakad kar use apne behad karib kheechta hein. Aur(beintaah pyaar se)………..(Sona bids him bye and is going to leave but Dev holds her hand and pulls her near him)

Dev- Sona pareshaan ho? Mujhse share nahi karna chahati? Agar koi baat hein toh please mujhe apna samajh kar mujhe bejhijak keh do.( Sona are u disturbed? Don’t u want to share it with me? If there is anything than please feel free as u are telling to someone who is something to u without any hesitation.)
Sona- Dev aap aisi baat kyun keh rahe hein? Mein toh sirf aapki hoon aur aap mere apne. Aap ko aisa kyun lag raha hein ki mein aapko apna nahi samajhti? Please aap aisi baat aainda se kabhi maat kehna. Par haan agar aap mere bare mein aisa sochte hein toh mere paas iske bare mein na koi sawaal hein aur na hi koi jawaaf.( Dev why are u telling like this. I am all yours and u are mine. Why are u thinking that u don’t mean anything to me? Please don’t ever tell that. But, yes if u think like that about me than I don’t have any que or ans to that)
Dev- Sona! Aisa mat kaho , tumhe mujh par pura haq hein aur agar meri vajeh se tumeh koi taqlif ho na toh tumeh mujhse sawaal karne ka, jawaaf magneka aur mujhpe chillane ka pura haq hein. Tum mere liye sab kuch ho. Tum hi meri jaan ho, meri aatma, meri saans. Agar tum ho toh mein hoon aur tum nahi toh mein bhi nahi. Agar tum mujhe chod kar chali jaogi to mein sirf ek zinda laash ban kar reh jaunga ya phir usi vakth mar jaunga. Tum mere liye meri apni, meri zindagi mein ek bahut khaas insaan ho jo meri jeene ki vajeh mere muskurane ki vajeh hai. Aaj ke baad aisa kabhi mat kehna ki mein tumhe aapna nahi samajhta.(Sona! Don’t ever say that, u have every right on me. And if I hurt u in any means than u have all right to question me, ask for an answer and shout at me. U are everything to me. U are my life, my soul, my every breath. If it is u than it is me and if not u than I am nothing. If u leave me than I will jus be like the living corpse or die at that instant. U are very important person in my life who is the reason of my life and the reason for my smile. From now don’t ever say that I don’t feel that u are mine.)
Sona- Aur aap bhi.(And u are also the same to me.)

( They share a romantic hug like they wanted to be like that for their rest of the lives. )
Dev- Ab tum batao kya baat hein kyun chup si gumsum si ho?( Now tell me what is the reason that u are quiet?)
Sona- Nahi Dev aisi koi baat nahi hein.( No Dev its nothing)
(Sona tries to hide her feelings from Dev which had a question, She wanted to ignore it, tried to do so but couldn’t.)
Dev- Tum mujhse kuch kehna chaati ho toh kuyn nahi ke rahi. Phele toh tum hi kaha karti thi ki baatein share karni chaiye aur aaj tum hi baatein share nahi kar rahi. (Holds her shoulder and …) Sonakshi tum mujhse baatein share kar sakti ho. Agar koi baat dil mein ho toh bejhijak mujhse keh sakti ho Sona…………( Why aren’t u telling me if u want to say something? U used to tell that we should share our feelings and today u are not doing it. Sonakshi u can talk to me and share ur feelings.
Dev- Vaise…….Mujhe kya lag raha hein pata hein?( Sona ka mood theek karne ki koshis mein)[ Anyways…… Do u know what am I feeling? ( trying to cheer Sona up)] Sona- Kya? aap ko kaisa lag raha hein…..( What are u feeling?)

Dev- (thoda sa naughty ho kar use apne kareeb kheechta hein aur uske behad paas jaata hein, uske baal kaan ke peeche karta hein aur…) Ki tum….. tum ….mere bare mein abhi bhi sure nahi ho. Sona(cutely) kya yehi baat hein kit um itni ghheri soch mein pad gaiyi?[ ( Become s a little naughty and pulls Sona near to him caress her hair and..) That u …….u…….. are not sure about me. Sona, is it the reason that u are so lost and quiet in ur deep thought?] Sona- (Use door kar kar) Dev tumi ekdom impossible.( Dev u are just impossible)
Dev- Achha! Mein impossible. Mein nahi tumi impossible Miss Sonakshi Bose.( Oh! I am impossible. It’s not me it’s u impossible Miss Sonakshi Bose.)
Sona- Achha, voh kaise?( Oh! How?)
Dev- Voh aise ki………. Achha voh sab batein chod do Aur kaho kya hua?( Its like this that………….. Ok leave those talks and tell what happened?)
Sona- Dev topic mat change karo……..( Dev don’t change the topic…………….)
Dev- Achha topic mein change kar raha hoon. Sonakshi, topic mein nahi tum change kar rahi ho, Ab batao kya hua hai.( Oh, I am changing the topic. Sonakshi it’s u who is changing the topic, now tell me what happened.)
Sona- Dev mujhe nahi pata ki aap is baat ko kaise lenge, par mein galat irrade se nahi keh rahi. Mein bas apni feelings keh rahi hoon. Mujhe nahi pata aap mujhe samjhenge ya nahi, mein toh bas…..( Dev I don’t know how u will take this thing. I am just expressing my feelings. I don’t know u will understand me or not. I just……)
Dev interrupts her
Dev-(Uske kandhe par haat rakh kar, pyaar se) Mein tumhe samajhta hoon Sona. Aur tum aisa kyun keh rahi ho? Mein jaanta hoon ki tumhara man kitna saaf, kitna sachha hein toh mein tumhari baton ko galat kaise le sakta hoon? Aur vaise bhi tumne hi mujhe batein shate karna sikhaya aur tum hi mujhse apne dil ki baat share nahi kar rahi.( He puts his hands on her shoulder and, with immense love)[I understand u Sona. And why are u telling like this? I know that u have a very pure heart, how true it is than how can I take u wrong? And anyways u only taught me to share feelings and now u are only not doing so)
Sona- Dev, yeh baat bas dimag mein utha ek galat sa sawaal hein jo manko ghutan sa mehesoos karwa raha hein.( Dev, this is just a stupid feeling which arose in mind and the heart is suffocating.)
Dev- Achha, toh aisa karo apne is ghutan ko bahar feik do.( then do one thing throw this suffocation away.)
Sona- Dev, mein aapke vishwaas ko galat nahi keh rahi par mujhe nahi lagta ki aunty ji mujhe apne hone waali bahu ke roop mein pasand karti hein. Aur mujhe aisa bhi lagta hein ki unhone mujhe sirf aapki khusi ke liye swikaara hein.( Dev I don’t have any doubt on ur trust but I don’t think that aunty ji has accepted me as her daughter-in-law. And I also feel that she accepted me just for the sake of ur happiness.)
Dev- Nahi Sona aisi koi baat nahi hein. Ma tumhe Apni Dr. aur apni hone waali bahu dono ke roop mein pasand karti hein. Aur dekhna voh tumhe mujhse bhi jyaada pyaar karengi.( No Sona its not like that. Mom likes u as ur Dr as well as ur future daughter-in-law. Aud u will also realize that she loves u more than me)
Sona-(in her mind) Dev aap jaisa keh rahe hein vaisa hi ho aur yeh kambakth dil bhi aap ki baat maan jaiye.( Dev what u think come true and my instincts be false.)
( Sona and Dev both go to thein respective houses)
Idhar Radha Rani ko pata chal chuka hein ki Ishwari is risthein ko Swikaar nahi kar pa rahi hein. Toh phir voh moke par choka kaise na mare……( Here RR has come to know that Ishwari hasn’t accepted this relation with her full heart. So, she will surely do something fishy……)

Sochiye ki Rahdha Rani Ishwari ko kya kahegi aur Ishwari us baat ko kaise legi…….( Think what will RR do to brain wash Ishwari’s mind and how will Ishwari take it)
Toh aap log kya sochte hein in dil ki baton ke f aisle kya dimaag se liye jayenge……
Padhte aur har k story ke sabdhon ko imagine kartein jaiye aap ke pyaare Devakshi ki kahaani DIL KI BAATON KE RAYE KYA AB DIMAAG DEGA?
Hey guys its me Tina aka Sharica. Hope u liked the first part of my feelings for KRPKAB please mention your feelings in the comment section and keep rating these fictions on ten every time u read so that I would be able to improve.
Bye, Adaaf, Sastriyakaal And see u next time. Have a good day ahead.

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