Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram feeling devastated hearing Kapoor that he is Disha and Arav’s legal guardian. Kapoor asks Ayaan to tell Ram what will happen if he informs police. Ayaan says his bail will cancel. Kapoor says if he calls police, he will be behind bards, so it is better for him to leave from here. Ram sadly walks out. Ayaan tries to follow him, but Sudha stops him. He says he cannot see Ram so sad.

Arav asks Disha why did she send out papa even this time when even judge has agreed he is innocent. She asks him to keep quiet. Ayaan knocks door and requests her to open it. She opens door. He enters with icecream and asks Arav if he wants to have icecream. Arav says he is not in mood. Ayaan says his papa got bail and soon whole world will agree that he is

innocent. Arav asks even didi/Disha. He says yes. He gives ice to her and says he is celebrating for his first court hearing, but she says she does not want to eat. He asks Arav to convince her. She asks why don’t he celebrate with Ira and Yuvi. He says they are english type and will not mingle with him. He insists her to have icecream and she angrily pushes his hand. Ice falls over his face and body. She apologizes him. He says she can have his icecream. Arav laughs that he is looking like a joker.

Ram drinks alcohol in bar with Karan and angrily tells that Kapoor is his children’s legal guardian and will not let his children meet. He says he dragged Arav up and he could not do anything. Karan says he can meet Arav at his school.

Mallika feeds breakfast to his children who are playing mobile games. Arav comes and asks Yuvi if he can play with him. Mallika asks why he wants his children’s games and always behind them, asks him to get it from his murderer father. Kapoor hears that and asks her to behave with Arav as she is his maasi/aunt. She angrily leaves with her children. Kapoor asks arav not to feel sad as he will get him better gaming console than Yuvi. Arav says he will get it from his papa. Disha comes and asks Arav if he kept his maths book. He says yes. She shows book and jokingly asks if it is hers. he says her sorry and takes book. Arav greets bye naanaji and leaves. Disha also says bye nanaji, but then corrects as bye Mr. Kapoor and leaves for college. Kapoor gets happy hearing nanaji.

Kapoor asks Ayaan to follow them as he does not want Ram to meet them. Ayaan says Ram is their father and there is nothing wrong if he meets them. Kapoor says they came closer to him with great difficulty and when Disha called him nanaji, he felt as if Anu came back to him. this time, he does not want to get defeated by Ram, so he wants him to go and keep an eye on them.

Ayaan takes Disha and Arav in car to drop them to school/college. Disha asks why is he dropping them instead of driver. He says bade papa sent him to spy on her and stop her to fall for any loafer. She asks why will she and asks how was his court case. He says he won it. Arav congratulates him. Ayaan starts taunting Disha and she gets irked.

He drops her to college and asks her to go while he gets choc for Arav. She says he cannot take choc in college. Arav says he will eat it after school. Disha does not agree. Ram also signals Ayaan from behind. Ayaan jokes and sends her. Arav sees Ram and runs to meet him.

Precap: Kapoor says Manav that he is the biggest liability of his company. Ram gives Arav his phone number. Disha gets irked seeing Arav with Ram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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