Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts Kapoor telling Ram that sessions court pronounced him innocent, but high court reject that judgment, so he is still a murderer now and court has given children’s custody to him. Ram says he cannot snatch his children from him and with his revelation, he is making Disha and Aaru hate him more. Kapoor says let them hate, at least they will get a better future. Ram asks what future he is talking without a father. Kapoor says he trapped his daughter in his fake love and married her. He is a loser and does not even have a single paisa in his pocket. Disha gets irked and asks him to stop insulting his papa. Kapoor repeats that her papa is a loser and says he selected Manav for Malvika and he made his company’s worth from 300 crores to 1000 crores. Disha

says her papa is very talented and not a ghar jamai like Manav who used his money to make profits. She challenges that her papa will reach success with his talent and write his name in music industry’s sky. She will wait for him until then. Ram asks her to not be too emotional. Disha says she will become 18-year-old in a few months, then Kapoor cannot hold her at all. Ram says he knows, but why this challenge. She says she wants to see her papa successful and wants to teach Kapoor a lesson. Kapoor accepts challenge. Disha asks Ram to go now and return only after getting successful. Ram silently leaves with Barkha.

At Barkha’s house, Ram tells her that Disha was so confident, but how will he get successful. Barkha says Disha is and asks if he does not want to be successful. He says he is. She asks then to prove himself.

Suraj tells Disha that with her challenge, she will not be able to meet Ram for years. Ayaan asks her to stop her ego and fight with Kapoor. Disha says she wants to see her papa successful and teach kapoor a lesson. Suraj says Kapoor is a big name in music industry and nobody dares to challenge him. Aaru asks her to forget her challenge as he wants to live with papa. Disha says she will make her papa successful at any cost. Ayaan asks how will she. She keeps silent.

Suraj with Ayaan reaches home and sees Sudha tensed. She says she is worried seeing Disha’s behavior and wants them stay away from her, else Kapoor will kick them out of here.

Disha calls music company owners, but cannot reach anyone. She then calls Dadlani’s office, but receptionist says Dadlani does not accept calls directly like this. Kapoor hears that and tells her that lakhs of strugglers try her way, but 90% don’t cross reception. Even if Ram passes reception, nobody will give him job as nobody is dare to challenge him. He asks her to accept her defeat and happily live here with her brother, he will get even Ram a small job with which he can lead his life peacefully. She says it is good he did not consider himself as good and says just wait and watch.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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