Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mallika telling Dad that she did not see him worried for Ram so much till now. He says Ram’s value is zero in his eyes and will always be and asks dare not to tell that. Manav gets Karan’s call who tells that Manav will not sell his composition. He says he will pay him double, but Karan cuts call. Dad says he told Ram will never sell his music.

Ram while preparing food reminisces Dr. Trehan telling his wife’s case is very critical and he should get 10 lakhs for her operation, Manav offering him 10 lakhs for Anu’s operation, Anu telling if he sells his composition, he will see her death. Arav asks him to stop burning food. Disha says dad is worried for mamma. He says his friends told cancer patients die. Disha says his friends

lied and says pappa will save mamma. He says shhe is right, his friends lied. He smells vegetables burning and informs Ram.

Disha sees Anand Kapoor/Anu’s dad’s pic in magazine and calls calls his landline. Servant picks call and asks who is she. She says it is urgent. Servant gives phone to dad, who says many singers call him, so he will not pick anyone’s call. Manav asks to cut the call. Disha turns back and gets afraid seeing Ram. Ram asks why did she call Mr. Kapoor. She says he is trying hard to gather money, but is unable till now, till when he will burn vegetables and says only naana can give him money to save mamma, naana’s heart will melt hearing mamma’s illness and she does not care where money comes from. He says he is happy she is concerned about Anu and says he will arrange money somehow. He then Anu fighting that her dad is 60 years plus and should not be troubled. Arav asks if naana loves her, why don’t he come to meet her. Ram asks to reply her son. she says her papa is a big business man and is very busy. Disha asks why don’t she go and meet him Anu gets sad. Ram asks to keep it till jokes and not make mamma sad. Disha apologizes Anu and asks if naana loves her just like sheloves him. Anu says love is not forced and says whenever she will need her papa, he will come and stand in front of her.

Ram goes and stands in front of dad’s car. Guards catch him. Dad does not hear his pleas. Ram pleads that Anu is dying and he needs 10 lakhs. Mallika says he is very shamless and came back again. Suraj tells dad that Ram looks tensed, so he should listen to him. Dad asks him to start the car. Ram runs behind him but in no avail.

Anu sees a man and his daughter’s pampering and reminisces her childhood with her dad. She then reminisces meeting her dad recently and he asking to stop and telling he did not cry when her mom died, but she made him cry. She starts crying. Nurse asks who else are there in her house. She says husband and 2 children. She asks what about saas sasur. She says they died long ago. Nurse asks what about her papa. She says he is alive. Nurse says why did not he come to meet her. Anu says he is angry on her and would not toelarate seeing her in this condition. Ram comes with injured hand. She asks what happened. He says he got injured unknowingly. Nurse says he should get tetanus injection. He says it pains a lot with needle, but stops seeing her. Nurse goes to bring injection.

Anu asks why is he looking at her like this. He says he is so afraid of injection, but she is tolerating chemotherapy for his and children’s sake. She asks what about her third wish, he cannot tolerate one needle, but she gets 1000s of needles pricked and says chemotherapy is very painful and she cannot live so cunningly and wants mukti/relief, says nobody hears her at least he should. Ram looks at her helplessly. Anu says he wants he children live a better life, and for that, she has to die and he should let her die.

Nurse comes back with injection and says accounts people are calling him. He goes out and meets accountant who says he did not deposit money since 2 days. Ram says he does not have money and will get it soon. Accountant says either he has to get money or take out patient from here. Ram gets angry and asks him to buy his kidney, liver, or anything and get him 10 lakhs. Anu panics hearing that and starts coughing up blood. Ram hears her and rushes.

Precap: Anu asks Ram to leave her. Arav inssits to meet Anu. Suraj tells dad that after 18 years Anu and Ram came and now Ram came alone, something is wrong. Dr. Trehan asks Ram to take back Anu home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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