Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ayaan with Suraj entering Kapoor’s home and seeing Kapoor tensed and Mallika asking him to stop raising his BP. Ayaan asks Arav that they should make bade papa laugh. Arav asks if he has any idea. Ayaan murmurs idea in his ears. Arav says he will make naana laugh, goes to Kapoor and asks him to play with him. Kapoor says not at this time. Mallika asks him to stop disturbing kapoor. Arav sadly says nobody wants to play with him. Kapoor says he will play and asks servant to bring carrom. Arav invites Mallika and Manav to play with them, but they make weird angry faces. He asks Suraj and Ayaan to join them. Suraj says he cannot as he is servant. Kapoor permits him and he joins. Arav asks what is the meaning of adab. Kapoor says respect. Arav says

we will play with respect then. They all start playing.

Disha comes home and sees Arav playing. Suraj leaves asking Disha to play. Disha tries to walk towards her room when Ayaan says Arav that his didi is afraid to play. Disha joins them and start playing. Ayaan and Arav win first round. Suraj comes back and gives Disha ideas to play and says she should save naanu’s pride. Disha wins and happily hugs Kapoor that she saved his pride. She then gets conscious. Mallika and Manav get jealous seeing this.

Ram enters Kapoor house while gaurds try to hold him. Kapoor and everyone get angry seeing him and Ayaan and suraj get tensed. Kapoor asks why did he come here. Ram says that he got bail and wants his children back. Disha goes near him and says though law gave him bail, he is guilty for her always. He says he will explain her everything. She says he himself told her that he killed her mamma and that truth still has not changed. Kapoor asks Ram to stop his drama and get out. Arav says he wants to go with Ram and asks Kapoor to leave him. Kapoor asks servant to take him from there. Disha asks Ram to stay away from her brother. Ram asks waht happened to her, how can she keep Arav away from him. She says just like she is away and it is better Arav also stays away, he is small and will soon forget him. Manav asks Ram to stop his dramebaazi and get out as Disha does not want to go with him. Ram asks him to shut up and tells Disha that Ayaan is his lawyer and knows everything. Ayaan gets afraid.

Maan asks what will Ayaan tell. Sudha also interferes and says her son went to watch argument and does not know anything. Manav says Ram that he got a very competent lawyer who got him bail with lies. Ram tells Disha she is his family. He says family is made by mother and he took her mother, crying. Ram asks her to stop crying. Kapoor says Ram that he is Disha and Arav’s legal guardian now. Ram asks their father is still alive. Mallika says he is a criminal. Disha says Ram he does not have any right even legally now.

Precap: Kapoor asks Ayaan what will happen if he informs police that Ram is trobling her. Ayaan says his bail will be cancelled. Kapoor asks Ram to get out now. Ram meets Arav in school.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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