Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram coming to Anu’s room and seeing her without wig, crying. He asks her to wear her wig back and asks her to sign on FD documents. She says it is her gift for her children, how can he break them. He says once she is saved, he will make a bigger FD. She does not agree and says her life is short and she does not want to die with a burden. He angrily goes out and meets his friend Karan who says Anu is right and Dr. Trehan is not guaranteeing her life. He says he does not want to live with a guilt of not saving Anu. Karan asks how will he get 10 lakhs. He says he will sell his composition.

Ram comes to a restaurant to meet a music director to sell his composition. Manav clashes with him and sees his composition on floor. Their argument starts.

Manav asks if he will sell his composition. Ram says yes and 10 lakhs. Manav says 10 lakhs is too costly. Ram says he will earn crores from it. Manav goes to bring money. Karan asks Ram why is he selling his hard work to his enemy. Ram says he does not have any other go.

Anu sees nurse hearing a song and hears it. She says it is Ram’s music. Nurse asks if her husband is a singer. Anu says he is an all rounder, singer, composer, director, etc.

Dad tells Mallika that Manav’s compositions did not give any hits at all and he needs to find some new talent. She says Manav has given many hits before. Manav comes and says he will give him a hit now and says Ram was selling his composition to a music director, what if they buy it. Dad gets irked and asks if he is new to this house. Manav says they will buy Ram’s music and will not give credit to him. Dad says he knows Ram well, he will not sell his composition. Manav says he will buy them for 2.5 lakhs and has spoken to him.

Dad says he cannot believe Ram is selling his music for so cheap. Manav says he must want to buy second-hand car. Dad says there is something else and why will even Anu let him sell. Manav says what difference it makes, he will get a big singer and will earn crores from Ram’s music. Mallika asks why is so concerned about Ram. Dad says he hates Ram even now, but cannot digest Ram selling his music for such a cheap amount, something is wrong.

Anu murmurs Ram’s music. Ram comes and asks why did she ask Disha to bring his composition here. She says just like he broke her FD. Ram tells Anu about him selling his composition for 10 lakhs. She says she will not let him sell his dreams. He says she is still same. She says her body is ill, not her mind. He requests to let him sell his music for 10 lakhs and says these are his composition and has right to do whatever he likes. She says she is part of his music and he made music first on their first meeting, then marriage, first anniversary, her pregnancy, her chemotherapy, etc., his composition is part of their lives. He says without her, what is he use of his composition. She says she will live in his music. He picks composition and says he will not let her die. She says if he breaks her oath, she will die, he will not see her alive after coming back from selling music. He stops.

Precap: Disha calls Anu’s dad to inform him about Anu’s cancer. Anu tells Ram she wants mukti/peaceful death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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