Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mallika brainwashing Kapoor that earlier Anu eloped with loser Ram and now their daughter Disha is in love with servant’s son.

Suraj tells Sudha that he will meet Sirji/Kapoor before leaving his house. Sudha asks if he is still not satisfied and wants to be insulted more. Ayaan says dad is right, even he will someet bade papa/kapoor once. Sudha says if the are adamant, even she will accompany them.

Suraj enters Kapoor’s house. Mallika and her joker husband Manav ask how dare he is to enter. Suraj thanks kapoor for all the favors he did till now and walks. Kapoor stops Ayaan and says he would have forgiven him for fighting Ram’s case but will not for trapping Disha in his love. Mallika starts that he should be ashamed to betray

Kapoor. Ayaan says he is did not betray him and did right by taking Ram’s side. Kapoor asks him not to call him bade papa as he lost that right. Ayaan says he will be his bade papa his whole life and says he is an egoistic man and instead of thinking of Anu’s happiness, kicked her out of his life as she hurt his ego. He keeps Anu’s letter on table and continues that he is so egoistic that he likes only people who praise him and not who say him he is wrong. He lost Anu because of his ego and now will lose even Disha and Aaru. He continues showing Kapoor a mirror and then leaves. Kapoor reads Anu’s letter and starts crying so vigorously that letter gets wet.

Ayaan keeps bags in taxi and asks Disha how is she feeling being a driver’s son’s girlfriend. She says just like waitress feels seeing her driver boyfriend. He says he liked her witty reply. Sudha reminds Disha of Ram’s recording today. Disha says it is scheduled today. Suraj asks Ayaan to accompany Disha. Ayaan says how will he search new home alone with somany bags. Suraj says he got his friend’s house and says though he did not earn money, he earned many loyal friends. Sudha asks Disha to tell Ram to record his album well and soon get so successful and hire Suraj as his driver. Disha smiles.

Kapoor reminisces Ayaan’s words. Mallika comes with Manav and asks him not to pay heed to Ayaan’s words as he was trying to hide his mistake. He thought of Anu’s future and wanted her to live a good life, but she did not want to and chose loser Ram. Manav says he will punish Ram and his associates and says Ram is recording his album for Dadlani’s company. He will call Dadlani and warn him not to.

Barkha feeds choc to Ram and wishes him best of luck for his recording. He says he is missing Anu. She says Anu is always around him and just like Aaru said, whenever he wants to see Anu, he should look at brightest star in sky. Ayaan enters with Disha. Ram apologizes him for his family’s problem because of him. Ayaan says it is okay and asks him to concentrate on his recording.

Manav calls Dadlani and warns him not to release Ram’s album, else he will have to face Kapoor.

Precap: Dadlani tells Ram and family that he cannot record his album as he cannot oppose Kapoor. Kapoor enters and asks him to record Ramm’s album.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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