Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram going to meet Dr. Trehan who after checking Anu’s reports tells tells Anu’s changes of survival are very grim. Ram says he has 80% success rate. Doc says his wife is in remaining 20% rate.

Arav asks Anu why is she having so many pipes around. Anu smiles and asks him not to fight with Disha at home. Disha says she hid such a big issue from her. Anu consoles her, says now that she knows the truth, she has to take care of everything, and asks them both to smile. Ram’s friend karan asks Ram to stop hoping high.

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Ram goes back to Anu’s room. Disha and Arav

ask him what did doc say. He says he will have to finish paper formalities and asks them to go home with Karan. Karan says he will drop them home and get food from his house.

Disha looks at Anu’s bought painting from their Jodhphur vacation. Arav tells mamma said this… Disha asks him to sleep, goes out in hall and reminisces her happier moments spent with Anu and gets emotional. She imagines Anu everywhere in house, goes to her room and reminisces she and Arav fighting for mamma/Anu. She looks at Ram and Anu’s pic and reminisces Anu asking to take care of everything in her absence.

Anu tells Ram that when god has made her life short, how can Dr. Trehan lengthen it. Ram says Dr. Trehan can do anything. She asks what will be the expenses. He says 8-10 lakhs. She asks him to take a guarantee note from Dr. Trehan and says medical science can do anything but cannot stop death and she knows her cancer is at last stage. He asks her to stop. Nurse comes and asks Ram to rethink about the treatment. Ram yells at her that she is frightening patient instead of encouraging her. Anu says nurse is right and says Dr. Trehan cannot guarantee even 10 days of life and asks from where he will get money. He says for her, he will get even 10 crores. She says she wants to cool her mood and asks him to bring cassata ice cream. He says she always demands and says he will bring her cassatta.

Disha sees Ram at home and asks why is he here instead of being with mamma. He says Anu fights with her a lot. She says he is at mistake always. He asks from when she is taking mamma’s side. She says until mamma gets well, she is mamma’s dearest and asks the reason for their fight. He says it is their usual fight. She asks him to tell what doc said. He says doc demanded 10 lakhs. She asks how will he arrange such a big amount. He says he will bring even 10 crores for Anu. She says he is the best. He asks if ice cream shop is open. She asks why. He says Anu asked cassatta icecream. She says a film can be made on their love story. He smiles.

Precap: Anu removes all her life support thinking she cannot trouble her family more. Ram is seen walking towards her room with ice cream box.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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