Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the judge stating that it is not proved that Ram Ahuja killed his wife, he didn’t have any criminal record and has good behavior in the jail. Kapoor gets shocked. The judge grants him bail. Kapoor asks how can you give bail to him. Judge asks who are you to interfere in court proceedings. Kapoor requests him to get him rotten in jail. Judge says you can’t interfere, your behavior is against contempt of court. Suraj and Manav take Kapoor out. Ayan hides his face. Ram looks on. Judge grants him bail on 20000 bond and asks him not to go anywhere. Everyone is happy. Ram smiles.

Manav tells Kapoor that Ram’s case is still on. Suraj asks Kapoor not to increase his BP. Kapoor says Ram shouldn’t be bailed under any circumstances. Ayan comes out. Manav asks

from where you are coming, as Ram’s case was going inside. Kapoor asks you were doing inside. Manav asks are you fighting Ram’s case. Just then a lawyer Ratnakar Shetty comes and says he is a kid. I fight that case. Kapoor holds his collar and threatens him. He says I will get Ram get the punishment. Ram comes out and looks at Kapoor. Kapoor and Manav eye him angrily with hatredness.

Disha asks Arav to have food. Arav says Judge might have punished the dad. Disha looks on. She calls Karan, who informs him that Ram has got the bail by the court. She is shocked and informs Arav. Arav gets happy and says he will inform everyone. Disha refuses and asks him to eat food. Arav eats the food. Disha says she will be back and goes. Kapoor calls Commissioner and says how can Ram gets a bail. He says it is a matter of his daughter’s death. He asks him to appoint competent lawyer and Ram’s bail should be cancelled. Manav instigates Kapoor against Ram. Ratnakar Shetty tells Ayan that you said right that Kapoor got very much angry. Ayan says that’s why he was afraid. Suraj asks Ayan to sit in the car and he would drive off. Ayan smiles.

Ram is still in jail and asks why I am here after getting bailed. Other jail inmate explains to him about the proceedings. Ram says so I have to stay here for one more day. Other prisoner says it will take 4-5 hours. Ram looks hopeful.

Suraj is happy as Ayan got Ram bail. His wife asks Ayan to work in Kapoor’s office. Ayan says his practice has just started and he can’t leave honestly. He says Disha hates Ram and I wants her to unite with her dad. He says can’t you be happy seeing them united. His mum says what about Kapoor. Ayan goes.

The Inspector gives the bail papers to Ram and asks him to sign on the terms and conditions. Ram signs. The Inspector says you are strange. Ram says you won’t understand. He says may be I will get my kids today. I don’t need anything else.

Precap: Ayan tells Disha that Ram may prove innocent in the court. He asks her to have icecream which she refuses. Icecream falls on his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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