Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Manav ordering his associate to release music album of his prepared music scratch (Ram’s) ASAP and he is making him music director of it. Associate asks why is he in a hurry. Manav shouts at him to do what he orders.

Disha with Ayaan comes to Kapoor’s study room and asks him why did he steal her papa’s music file. Kapoor asks what nonsense she is talking, why she thinks he will steal ram’s file and why he should. She says just like he stole DVD and even deleted copy from recording studio. He says she can think whatever she likes. Disha continues yelling at him. Ayaan interferes and asks her to leave bade papa/kapoor’s room and stop insulting him. Disha is shocked seeing him taking Kapoor’s side. She asks where

is the file then. Suraj enters and says he has the file and tells Manav stole it and he wanted to release music album in his name and tells the rest of events. Disha tells Kapoor her mamma Anu selected Ram, but he calls Ram as loser, what about thief Manav whom he chose, will he call him thief and if he knew about it long ago. Kapoor feels devastated hearing Disha’s taunt and Manav’s true colors.

Disha calls Ram and asks him to reach Dadlani’s office soon. He asks if the meeting is on and asks what is happening. She asks him to forget everything and reach Dadlani’s office soon.

Barkha holds alcohol bottle and reminisces Kapoor ordering her to make Ram bevda/alcoholic again. Ram enters her room and says he is going for meeting. She says she is thinking about Amit and asks if he could do anything for Anu, even murder. Ram says he could and asks why is she asking it. She says nothing and asks him to have alcohol. He asks if she has gone mad and leaves.

Manav signs cheque and orders his associate to release album with his name as composer, director, etc. He goes to pick file but does not file it. When he questions peon, peon says Suraj had come and took red color file from there. Manav fumes and leaves towards home.

Disha with Ayaan and Ratnakar reaches meets Dadlani. Ratnakar requests Dadlani to listen to this Disha’s papa’s music and give him a chance. Dadlani tells Disha he remembers meeting her somewhere. She says he met in a party where Vidya Balan had come. Dadlani says he must have met her papa then. Ayaan says Ram is her papa who was alleged of stealing his bracelet. Dadlani asks if she wants a thief’s music to be promoted. Ratnakar says Ram did not steal, else why would he keep bracelet in front pocket. Dadlani says if he gives chance to Ram, he will be rivalling Kapoor, but he will take that risk. Disha thanks him.

Manav reaches home angrily and slaps Suraj for stealing file from his office and asks how dare he is to betray his owner. Suraj says Kapoor is his owner and says he stole Ram’s file from Disha’s room instead, so he returned it to Disha. Kapoor enters and Manav yells that Suraj stole file from his cabin. Kapoor says he knows even he stole it from Disha’s room and asks him to apologize Manav. Mallika shouts Manav did right by stealing Ram’s music, else he will become successful and instead of scolding Suraj, he is scolding Manav. Kapoor says Suraj is his most loyal servant and he will not anyone insulting him.

Precap: Dadlani sees Ram missing and shouts when Manav does not respect time, he cannot give him a chance. Manav leaves home with family telling Kapoor he cannot tolerate him trusting servants than family members.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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