Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha leaving her house with Arav, giving keys to neighbor and asking him to give it to house owner. She reminisces the Anu telling she loves this house and would like to buy it, their happier moments, playing cricket, etc. Arav asks how will papa find out now. She says she left new address with neighbour and he will find us once he returns.

Kapoor happily waits for Mallika and Manav to come home with Disha and Arav. They both come and tell Disha insulted them and told she will never come and stay with kapoor. He gets irked and says she should at least think of her younger brother and know that her mom is dead and her dad is eloping from police. Mallika says if he wants she will ask requests Disha again. He says no need, let her stay in poverty,

she will realize the value of money.

Disha and Arav reach girl’s hostel. Arav says this is girl’s hostel, how will he stay here. She asks him to stay outside while she gets her room keys. She goes to warden and tells her teacher sent her. Warden says she is sad to hear about her mom’s death and asks where is her brother. She asks if he can stay with her. Warden says this is girl’s hostel and boys are not allowed. She would have to meet him outside hostel. Disha says he is outside but then says outside in her uncle’s house. Disha reaches her room and throws cloth rope from balcony to drag Arav into her room. Arav holds rop.e Warden comes there sense someone. Disha picks him half way and asks him to throw ball. He throws ball other side. Warden moves ahead to check. She drags him in. Arav says he was afraid, but she dragged him in on time. He asks if she will be with him always. She says she will as he is the only family she has now. He says mamma must be watching us now. She says yes and says he will take care of Arav always.

Suraj’s wife speaks to her son Ayan and asks him to come back soon from his law school. She gets happy hearing he will be home in 1-2 days. She informs Suraj, but he is engrasped in thoughts. She asks what is he thinking. He says he is thinking about Ram, he cannot believe he killed Anu. She says police cannot lie and says he must have killed Anu. Kapoor calls Suraj and asks him to go to his Pune office. Wife asks when will be back. Kapoor says 5 days. She says Ayan is coming home in 2 days and he would feel bad with Suraj is not at home. He gets happy, asks Suraj to stay back and asks Manav to go to Pune. Manav hesitates but agrees. Kapoor asks Suraj to bring Ayan to him as soon as he comes. Suraj says okay and leaves. Irked Manav asks Kapoor why is he giving so importance to servant. Kapoor says Suraj is his loyal employee since 40 years and even his dad was his driver, so he does not like him to talk about about Suraj or his family.

Disha bathes Arav in hostel’s common bathroom. He sings song loudly. She asks him to stop singing. He says he gets dreams that warden caught him. Cleaner comes and asks to open door. Disha says she is bathing. Cleaner asks her to use less water and leaves. Disha says Arav to get ready soon as she has to take bathe. Arav asks her to bathe in girl’s bathroom. She says this is girl’s bathroom and asks him to wear clothes. He says he is a boy and will wear clothes himself, says his pant is in room. She goes out to bring pant from room. Cleaner sees her going out, gets into bathroom and shouts seeing a boy bathing.

Precap: Warden assembles all hostel girls and asks who brought by with her, orders watchmen to search each room. Disha gets afraid and sees Arav’s foosteps towards room. Ram comes home and asks neighbour where did his children go. Neighbour says nobody knows where they went. Disha is caught stealing food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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