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The episode starts with Ayaan asking nurse to give Anu’s letter. She says she posted it to Anu’s home. Kapoor at home enjoys lighter moments with Mallika’s children. Suraj brings Arav home with dirty clothes after a fight. Mallika’s children taunt him that he goes to a low class school where kids fight. Disha asks them to have a sense. Kapoor scolds them and asks Arav what happened. Arav says senior student taunted him that his father is a murderer, so he fought with him. Mallika says his father is a murderer, so he should not feel bad. Kapoor scolds even her.

Ayaan checks Anu and Ram’s house letter box and does not find Anu’s letter. He says his boss that it must have reached Ram’s close friend here. Neighbor says he is Ram’s

close friend but did not get any letter. Karan says it must have reached Disha.

Ayaan reaches Kapoor mansion and sees Disha cooking kheer with his mom. He taunts her that she must have added salt intead of sugar as they both are white. Mom asks him not to taunt Disha. Ayaan reminisces Karan’s words, he starts praising Disha’s family that they are lively people and says he met Karan today who identified him as Kapoor’s driver’s son and asked if Disha got any letter. Disha gets irked and walks out asking him not to interfere in her family. He says he will as he has to save her papa. Kapoor comes there and Ayaan gets tensed. He asks whom he wants to save. Ayaan says his client as his first hearing is tomorrow. Kapoor wishes him all the best and leaves.

Ram’s cell mate tells him that he should be happy that he will be free to meet his children after tomorrow’s hearing. Ram says it is because of Ayaan who being under Kapoor’s favors is going against him to fight his case. Cell mate asks him not to worry As Ayaan will get him out of jail soon.

Ayaan gets ready for his court hearing. Suraj gives his blazer and wishes him good luck. Sudha asks him to leave this case. Suraj asks her to wish him good luck instead of frightening him. She says she wants always her son to win. He takes their blessings and says he will take even Kapoor’s blessing. Sudha asks him not to meet Kapoor as he may question him. Suraj asks him not to worry and sends him to take Kapoor’s blessings.

Ram’s cell mate wishes him good luck and gives him tips how to behave in front of judge. He says he will lend him money for his bail. Ram asks if he will get bail. Cell mate says his lawyer will bail him out. Ram asks if Disha will forgive him. He says she will. Ram says he wants Disha to forgive him, he does not need anything else.

Kapoor calls Arav’s school management and scolds them for not taking care of Arav when his senior bullied him and says he will sue them if this behavior continues. Ayan enters to take his blessings. Kapoor says he will accompany him to court to see him fighting and asks Suraj to take out car. Ayan says it is a simple case. Kapoor says even then he wants to see him fight for the first time. Sudha says it will be very dusty and crowded in court. Mallika says he should not go. Ayan says his hearing may come late. Kapoor says he wants to see how his naught boy fights case for the first time.

Precap: Ram’s neighbour calls Disha and asks her and Arav to attend Ram’s court hearing. Kapoor tells Manav that he wants to see Ram punished in court, walks out of house and tells Ayan that he is ready now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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