Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Barkha getting tensed seeing her mangalsutra on floor. Ram does not notice mangalsutra and leaves apologizing her for entering her room. Door bell rings and Ram goes to check. He is surprised to see Disha who comes in crying and asks him to hit her for not trusting him. She says she was cursing him when he needed her the most. He says he is not angry on her and cannot be. She asks then why did not he come to meet them. Barkha interferes and asks her to sit and calmly talk to her papa.

Mallika’s children tell her that they are fed up of Disha and Aaru and asks when Ram will take them from here. Mallika says soon he will and asks them not to talk about it in front of Kapoor/naanu as he will get irked. They say nowadays naanu does not even look

at them. Kapoor comes and asks if they saw Disha and Aaru. Mallika says Disha has not returned back and is still with Ayaan. He calls Ayaan and asks if he knows what is the time now. Ayaan says Ram is found and Disha is with him now. Kapoor is shocked and drops his phone. Manav asks what happened. He tells him what Ayaan told.

Disha asks Ram why is he shying away from his responsibilities and not taking them from Kapoor’s house. He says he cannot take care of their responsibilities, so he wants them to stay with Kapoor. Barkha says Kapoor has totally brainwashed him and made him realize that he is a waste body. Ram says he is. Disha says Kapoor’s house is strange for them and they cannot stay there. He reminisces promising Anu to take care of children and says Disha she is right, he is shying away from responsibilities, now they will stay with them and says he needs 3 days to get house and settles things down before he can take them with him.

Mallika asks Kapoor how did Disha find out Ram. Manav says that means Ram broke his promise and will take Disha and Aaru with him. Kapoor says he will not let Ram take Disha and Aaru even if he has to go to any extent. Disha enters and asks what is his extent and his plans to keep them away from papa. Het is not planning anything and was trying to reunite her with Ram, and she did wrong by not bringing him here. Disha says if he comes here, he will brainwash him again. She says even if he does not remove his mask, she realized his true face. He is ruining his own daughter’s house. Mallika tries to interfere, but Kapoor stops her and tells Disha that she is in a big misunderstanding. She says she was but not now, how can he stoop to such a low level that he is stopping them from meeting their father. He is a big lier. He agrees that he is a lier and says he wants to give them a better future which Ram cannot give. Disha says he is just lying and is doing this to satisfy his ego and does not want feel defeated in front of Ram. She does not need his bungalow and lavish life, why don’t he understand that parents are most important for children. She says Ram is coming to take them from here.

Aaru comes running and asks Disha if papa is found. She says yes and he is coming to take them tomorrow. He asks where did she find papa and why did not he take her. She says she will inform him in room and takes him from there, leaving Ram fuming.

Barkha tells Ram that finally he is reuniting with his children. She asks him not to break his children’s trust this time and everything will be alright. He says he will not. She gives him money for his house expenses. He says he is already under her burden. She says she is her friend and is just lending him money and will take them all, says she is giving it for his children. He accepts and says in this world, nobody can be like her and thanks her. She thinks this is repaying her husband’s sins.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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