Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with inspector coming to arrest Ram on govt doc’s complaint. Ram says his wife is unconscious due to cancer third stage, but doc does not want to come and attend her as he is busy reading magazine. Inspector sees magazine on table and says doc if he does not attend Ram’s wife, he will arrest him on medical negligence charges. Doc goes and checks Anu and tells Ram he is a general physician and not a cancer specialist, so he should get his wife to a mumbai cancer specialist and suggests Dr. Trehan’s name. Disha is shocked to hear about Anu’s cancer. Ram asks her to relax and says he will explain her later.

Ram brings Anu Mumbai’s hospital and admits her in ICU. Disha reminisces all the incidents, starts crying and asks Ram why

did he hide such a big issue from her when he always tells she is his brave daughter. Ram says Anu did not want her children to be in distress and says they have to become Anu’s strength. Nurse comes out of ICU and says patient is awake now and only 1 person can see her. Ram says Disha he will go inside first, she and Arav have to be strong and stop crying. Anu wakes up and sees oxygen mask and vital signs monitor leads on her fingers. She removes them. Ram asks why did she remove it. She says she already told him she wants to die peacefully as she does not like soffocation. He says treatment is necessary. She asks if there is guarantee that she will be cured. He says there is no guarantee, but she has to undergo treatment. She says her whole family burns when 3000 mg drug run in her blood. She wants to live the rest of her days happily and does not want to see anyone sad. She says she wants him to fulfill her 3rd wish. He asks what is it. She asks him to let her go. Ram feels devastated and reminisces her telling she will ask her 3rd wish when time comes. She tells she lived her life to the fullest because of him and now wants to go, he should fulfill her 3rd and last wish.

Ram says he will take appointment with Mumbai’s no 1 cancer specialist Dr. Trehan and will not listen to her. Nurse informs Ram that his appointment with Drr. Trehan is fixed. Ram asks Anu to do as he says. She shows him thumb and then starts crying reminiscing their happier days. A sad song….s splays in the background..

Ram goes out. Disha asks if she can meet mom. He asks her not to cry and go calmly, till then he will meet Dr.Trehan and come back. Disha wipes her tears and gets in with Arav. Anu smiles seeing them and signals to come near her. They both run and hug he. She reminisces hugging them before happily and starts crying.

Dr. Trehan checks Anu’s reports and tells Ram that his wife’s case is very risky. Ram asks his success rate is 90%. Doc says yes and his wife comes in remaining 10%. Anu consoles Disha and asks her to stop crying, else she will cry. She says she is fine and asks them to smile. They smile and hug them.

Precap: Disha and Arav complain Anu that Ram prepared them burnt food. Anu tells Ram medical science can win over cancer but not life. She then asks him to get her an ice cream.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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