Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mallika telling Kapoor that Ram had come for the party, but Manav sent him out. Kapoor thanks Manav. Manav says there is always a fear that Ram will come back and claim Aaru and Disha’s custody. Kapoor says he will not let it happen.

Disha comes and calls Kapoor with his name. He says if she is joking, he did not like it and he is her naana/grandpa. She says he was mr. Kapoor for her and will be always. He asks what happened. She asks if papa came to meet him and asks why is he separating her from her papa. Mallika tries to intervene, but Disha stops her and asks her not to interfere. Kapoor says Ram came to his office and lies that Ram does not want to accept his kids and requested to take care of him. He offered his money, but he rejected

his offer and left requesting again to take care of his children as he cannot take care of them. Disha asks him to stop lying and asks then why did papa come to party. Manav is shocked and says why did not he see him. Disha says he came as Santa claus. Kapoor says why did not he remove his mask, that proves Ram is shying away from his responsibilities. Disha does not believe him though. Ayaan silently hears all his lies and is shocked.

Ram watches Aaru’s party on TV and informs Barkha. By the time, she comes, news changes and asks what he is trying to show. She then says when he is so eager to meet his children, why don’t he meet them. Even they would be eager to meet him and Kapoor cannot give the love which he can give them. Ram says he does not want to talk about it.

Barkha calls Kapoor house and asks servant to inform Disha that her teacher Barkha has called. Disha in her room tells Ayaan that she does not believe Mr. Kapoor. He says bade papa is lying, if Ram wants to shy away from responsibilities, then why did he come often to meet them. Servant informs Disha that her teacher Barkha has called. Disha says she does not have teacher named Barkha. Ayaan reminisces Ram coming with Barkha and tells Disha about it. She rushes towards landline. Ram cuts call on time and scolds Barkha for interfering in his life. Disha tells Ayaan she has to findout where Barkha is to find out Ram. He says he heard Barkha telling Ram that she works in bar. Ayaan says he will search her in all bars of town. Disha says she will accompany him. He says she cannot as there will be goons and bewdas. She insists and he agrees.

Ram brings vegetables for Barkha and sees her tensed. He asks reason, she changes topic and says now he believes she is her good friend. She asks him to order food for himself as her treat tonight as she will come late. She gets a call again and tensely says she will come right away. He asks the reason and she ignores again.

Ayaan reaches bar with Disha, but bouncer does not allow Disha and says children cannot enter in. Ayaan says she is 25 years old, but looks kid. Disha says she is 26 now as she had her birthday just few days ago. Bouncer apologizes her. Ayaan asks her to wait outside while he goes in. She says she will also come with him as she feels papa is in this bar.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Naanaji how can u lie to your granddaughter about Ram, U ar a horrid of a man n this grandfather is actually a Psycho of a man, my word her is actually convincing himself tat her is protectiNg the kids frm their father, how can any person b this wickeD, UR deserve neveR to hav these kids in ur life, psychopath of a grandfather an Disha , a total hopeless !!!!! Of a daughter!!!!!!! And Ram how can u listen to tat Psychopath of a fatherinlaw??????? What’s ur problem ar u not man enuff to fight for ur children n hav become a puppet in ur fatherinlaws hands??????????? Wen do u all of a sudden agree to tat stupid man!!!!!!!!!! How can u make a deal with the Devil??????????? Then U shud hav left his daughter (Disha’s mother) to be wit her father rather than sufferin with U??????????? What did u not just end ur marriage?????????? U ar a weak man, RAM

  2. the most pathetic role and acting by ram kapoor, seen him in powerful roles, and he is actually a great actor as is totally coming across as a loser in this one…with that dumb drunk look.,..very convincing, but the show is going down the tube,
    one actor I like is ayaan…

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